Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 72

As soon as this word was said, everyone’s complexion changed.
Gu Dongchen is going to turn his face with Bai Guangyi?
“What do you mean? Do you know who our Young Master Bai is?” Wang Jiang pointed at Gu Dongchen and scolded. The black boss of a prefecture-level city dare not put Young Master Bai in his eyes. How to write words!
“I care about you, young white and black young, dare to beat Miss Xu, I will make you dead young!” Gu Dongchen said coldly. Since he has already decided to offend the Bai family, there is nothing terrifying about him. It can be pushed onto Chen Feng. If Chen Feng is not able to stop him, he will have a big deal to pack up and run away.
“Do you want to die!” Bai Guangyi was full of anger and stood up from the sofa. Gu Dongchen knew his identity and even dared to be disrespectful to him. This is not a death-seeking thing!
“The surname Bai, this is Cangzhou, not your Jinling, if you want to show off your prestige, go back to Jinling for Laozi!” Gu Dongchen squinted his eyes and shouted with a gloomy expression.
“Good! Very good!” Bai Guangyi clenched his fists, his eyes faintly filled with killing intent.
“Young Master Bai, let’s go first. The heroes don’t suffer from immediate losses. When we return to Jinling, let’s let these buns know what life is better than death!” Seeing that the situation is not good, Wang Jiang wanted to pull Bai Guangyi out of the box.
Although Bai Guangyi was unwilling, he was on someone else’s territory after all. He was unfamiliar with the place in his life, and for a while, he really couldn’t find help.
“Dare you let Lao Tzu know your name?” Bai Guangyi stared at Gu Dongchen and asked fiercely.
Gu Dongchen snorted and said, “Your grandpa’s name is Gu and Dongchen, remember it!”
“Gu! Dong! Chen! Okay, I remember it!” Bai Guangyi gave Gu Dongchen a deep look before leaving.
“Wait, I want to go now?” Gu Dongchen smiled playfully and stood in front of Bai Guangyi.
“What do you mean?!” Bai Guangyi’s eyes spit fire, he has already taken a step back, Gu Dongchen still doesn’t want to let him go!
“You beat Miss Xu, just leave like this. I can’t justify it.” Gu Dongchen said lightly. Of course he wanted Bai Guangyi to leave if he could, but if Chen Feng came and saw Xu Feirong being beaten, he did nothing. , Chen Feng still had to peel him off.
“This slut doesn’t respect us, Young Master Bai, what’s wrong with beating her?!” Bai Guangyi didn’t say anything yet, but Wang Jiang spoke for granted.
Gu Dongchen’s face suddenly became cold: “I’m talking to your master, you are a dog, what are you talking about here!”
“Zhou Jinlong, palm mouth! One hundred times!”
“Yes, Lord Chen.” Zhou Jinlong sneered forward. He had long seen Wang Jiang displeased. He was obviously just a dog, but he barked more happily than the owner Bai Guangyi.
“What! I warn you, I belong to the Bai family…”
Before Wang Jiang had finished speaking, Zhou Jinlong had already slapped Wang Jiang’s fat face with a slap in the face.
With a slap, Wang Jiang’s two teeth were shot, which shows how much force Zhou Jinlong used.
“Shao Bai…” Wang Jiang covered his face and asked Bai Guangyi for help.
Bai Guangyi’s expression is ugly: “Gu Dongchen, don’t deceive people too much!”
“You have deceived people too much before your mouth is finished?” Gu Dongchen smiled contemptuously and said.
“Jinlong, continue.”
“Yes, Chen Ye.” Zhou Jinlong nodded excitedly.
Bai Guangyi shook his fist, but did not stop.
“Said Lao Tzu is a bun?”
“Say we are Xiaoyou?”
“Say our Lord Chen is a cat or a dog?”
Zhou Jinlong made people hold Wang Jiang, and the big eared Koon threw Wang Jiang’s fat face without money.
At first, Wang Jiang would beg for mercy, but when he fanned, Wang Jiang was silent, and he was directly fainted by Zhou Jinlong.
Two minutes later, Zhou Jinlong took a breath, looked at Gu Dongchen respectfully, and said, “Master Chen, no more, no less, exactly one hundred strokes.”
“Well, it’s not bad.” At this time, Wang Jiang’s face was swollen like a pig’s head, with no human appearance at all. Gu Dongchen smiled and nodded, very satisfied.
“The surname Bai, I have already taught you your dog, now we should talk about the matter between you and Miss Xu.” Gu Dongchen looked at Bai Guangyi and said.
“How do you want to talk?” Bai Guangyi asked, gritting his teeth.
“You kneel down to apologize to Miss Xu, and then slap yourself until Miss Xu forgives you.” Gu Dongchen wrote lightly. He felt that he was kind enough. If he changed to Chen Feng, I am afraid that Bai Guangyi would have to leave at least two. The hand is here.
“Gu Dongchen, you can kill a scholar and don’t be insulted!” Bai Guangyi’s face flushed, and he asked him to kneel down on a woman and slap himself in the face. What is the difference between killing him? If things go out, Bai Guangyi will have it all his life. Don’t even think about raising your head.
“Oh, I’m still dragging text here with Lao Tzu, whose surname is Bai, you really don’t dare to kill you?!” Gu Dongchen raised his brows and said.
Xu Feirong pursed her red lips, and felt that Gu Dongchen might have gone too far. It’s not that she felt sorry for Bai Guangyi. In fact, she had the heart to kill Bai Guangyi now. She was worried that Gu Dongchen would offend Bai Guangyi. Too ruthless will cause Bai Guangyi’s crazy revenge.
Gu Dongchen may not be able to resist this revenge.
Bai Guangyi’s face was blue, and his teeth clenched.
“Kneel, or die? The surname is Bai, hurry up and choose, if I don’t choose, I will choose for you!” Gu Dongchen said impatiently.
“Gu Dongchen, I will make you regret it!” Bai Guangyi gave Gu Dongchen a bitter look.
Then he knelt in front of Xu Feirong with a thud.
“I’m sorry!” Bai Guangyi gritted his teeth.
After speaking, he raised his hand and slapped his face with a slap.
“Grass! Can’t you work hard? Didn’t you eat!” Gu Dongchen said, kicking Bai Guangyi’s face.
The strong sense of humiliation almost fainted Bai Guangyi.
“Master Chen, forget it, let him go.” Xu Feirong sighed and said. Gu Dongchen talks broadly in this way, I am afraid there is no room for maneuver.
“Since Miss Xu has spoken, then you go away.” Gu Dongchen waved his hand, like driving a fly.
Bai Guangyi didn’t speak harshly anymore, but gave Gu Dongchen and Xu Feirong a bitter look, then turned and went out.
When he returns to Jinling, he will make Gu Dongchen pay the price!
After Bai Guangyi left, Xu Feirong asked puzzledly: “Master Chen, did Mengyao tell you that I was here?”
I am afraid that only Xia Mengyao is the one who can let Gu Dongchen come forward, but when did Xia Mengyao have such great energy?
“Um, Miss Xia asked me to come.” Gu Dongchen hesitated for a moment and said, Xia Mengyao may not know Chen Feng’s true identity, so he dare not say that it is Chen Feng.
Xu Feirong didn’t say anything, Gu Dongchen was obviously lying like this.
Then there is only one possibility. Chen Feng asked him to come, and Chen Feng didn’t let him talk.

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