Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 713

The strong man in the third group is the Munir, known as the Jaguar, the secret weapon of the United States.
In this game, there was no suspense. Munir won the game easily, but he did not hit the killer. He only took one blow to defeat his opponent.
The game continued. In the second game of the three groups, the two players had a big difference in their choice of strength. One of them was selected later, which was considered a pool of places. In this case, he was not the opponent of the other player at all. , Was suppressed by the opponent at the beginning, and eventually lost the game.
“San Jie, are you sure that Martial Maniac is not as cruel as William and can’t kill?”
After the game, Ji Yun pondered for a moment and got up to play, but he was still a little worried and asked San Jie: “San Jie, my good brother, are you sure that Denny is not a bloodthirsty person?”
Hearing Ji Yun’s words, San Jie said in a speechless tone: “Don’t worry, Danny is just a martial idiot. He is just keen on martial arts and will not kill you!”
“But!” Sanjie paused.
“But what?” Ji Yun said to his throat suddenly.
“Although he will not be a killer, he will not be merciful. A beating is inevitable. How to choose is up to you!”
“Know it!”
Ji Yun’s face was gloomy. He didn’t have the slightest confidence in this game. After leaving the audience, he waited in the players area.
“Okay, the previous game was very exciting, and the next five groups of games, they are the successor of India’s Buddhism Denny, he is also one of the 16 strong, let’s see what wonderful performance he will have! ”
The host came to the stage again, and his words stirred the mood of the audience.
“it is good!”
Although the game went on for several games, the mood of the audience was still high.
Amid the cheers of the crowd, Denny, the descendant of Buddhism in India, took the lead in the stage. Denny was wearing a cassock and a Buddhist bead hanging around his neck. He looked kind and kind, with the feeling of a Buddhist monk.
After he came on the field, his hands folded to the strength of the surrounding audience, obviously his affinity won the audience’s favor.
Dunney walked towards the ring very easy-going, but Ji Yun’s face was pale, and his footsteps were a little unstable. Obviously fighting against Dunney made him retreat.
“Ji Shizhu, I am very happy to learn martial arts with you!”
When Denny saw Ji Yun stepping onto the stage, his eyes glowed and he was full of fighting spirit. He had been waiting for a long time. At this moment, being able to fight against others made his excited body tremble, and his eyes looked at Ji Yun full of war spirits. .
Listening to Denny’s words, coupled with his wolf-like eyes, made Ji Yun only tremble in her heart. Even though Denny is a martial lunatic, a lunatic martial artist, he is also a lunatic, not much better. He said: “The Master Denny, I am a good brother of the Three Precepts, a descendant of Buddhism in China, so please take care of you when you are fighting for a while!”
“Don’t think too much about Ji Shizhu, poor monks don’t kill!”
Although Danny spoke like this, his expression was strange, and this scene fell in Ji Yun’s eyes, making him shiver.
Denny may have noticed it and quickly said: “Ji Donor, we are just learning from each other, just click and stop!”
The reason Denny said this is that he saw Ji Yun’s panic. If Ji Yun was afraid of surrendering and surrendered, then he would be disabled, and he would be unable to play today. For his martial idiot, there is nothing better than impossible. The contest is more painful.
Ji Yun nodded suspiciously, but still didn’t know what to do.
During the conversation between the two, the referee came on the field, glanced at both sides and repeated: “Do you need to repeat the rules of the game?”
“No need, no need!”
Dunney spoke quickly. Seeing his appearance, he couldn’t wait to wait, and he wanted to do it right away.
“No need to!”
Ji Yun hesitated for a moment, and finally did not choose to retreat without a fight. If he concedes defeat, not only him, but even their Ji family will become a joke in the Chinese martial arts circle, which he cannot bear.
So he must fight, and as a descendant of the Ji family, his strength is not weak, he has that pride himself.
This is one point, and one more point is that the Three Precepts speak. This Denny will never kill. He believed in the words of the Three Precepts.
To live a humiliating life or a glorious death in battle, Ji Yun didn’t have to think about it, he must choose the latter.
Both expressed that they were familiar with the rules of the game and had no objections, and the referee was no longer wordy. He waved his hand and said in a deep voice, “The game…start!”
Denny was extremely excited at the moment, but he was still sober. He did not make a move, and wanted Ji Yun to make a move. He was afraid of hurting Ji Yun. This is not to say that he underestimated Ji Yun, but that he was extremely confident in his own strength. .
“Ji Shizhu, I think it’s better for you to do it first, and you’d better use your best!”
Hearing this, Ji Yun didn’t feel awkward. Now that Denny had said it, he didn’t hesitate anymore, his figure flashed and approached Denny very quickly.
At this moment, Ji Yun fully displayed the Ji family’s martial arts, and also used his speed to the extreme.
His figure appeared next to Denny in an instant, and he punched out as soon as he appeared.
This punch is full of strength, and the fist wind howls.
The fists were coming fiercely, but Denny was not moved, but stood tall and straight, his palms spread out, and he stretched forward to catch Ji Yun’s fists.
This scene changed Ji Yun’s complexion. His punch was extremely strong. He originally thought that Deney would avoid him, but he didn’t expect that the opponent would catch it, and he felt extremely relaxed looking at his face.
This time is not the main thing. The main thing is that after the punch was blasted, not only did it not threaten the opponent, but a strong counter-shock force came from Denny’s palm. Driven by this counter-shock, Ji Yun couldn’t control his body and burst back.
“The poor monk already understands Ji’s strength, so now it’s mine!”
Dunney still looked amiable, but as soon as his voice fell, his figure instantly disappeared from where he was.
Ji Yun’s face changed drastically, and he looked around quickly, but he still couldn’t see Denny.
In the next moment, Denny appeared silently behind Ji Yun, but Ji Yun hadn’t noticed it, but saw Denny clasped his claws with one hand and grabbed directly at Ji Yun. This trick seemed simple. But it is the famous martial arts dragon claw hand of Buddhism.
Ji Yun’s pupils shrank sharply, did not dodge, and fisted out again, obviously to touch Denny.
With a muffled sound, Deng Nylon’s claws clasped Danny’s fist tightly, and then violently pulled back to release the strength, and then spread the palm of the other hand and slapped Ji Yun’s chest with one palm.
This time, Ji Yun was too late to react, and the figure retreated violently. He couldn’t hold the force at all. He just stepped back seven or eight steps to stop the figure. Although he didn’t react well just now, he mobilized his true energy to protect the vitals. Injured.
Even so, Ji Yun breathed a sigh of relief at this moment. Obviously Sanjie didn’t lie to him, and Denny would not kill him.

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