Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 73

“Young Master Bai, someone is here, run away.” Wang Jiang with a swollen nose and swollen nose rushed in. Following Wang Jiang, a few big men with strong stature.
Xu Feirong’s beautiful eyes widened and her face was inconceivable, because she knew the first of the few big men who broke into the door.
It’s Zhou Jinlong!
The one who molested her here last time was only beaten up by Gu Dongchen.
Why is he? !
Xu Feirong had a hundred thousand whys in her mind. She couldn’t think of it. Zhou Jinlong would be the one who came to save her.
“Who let you in? Get out of me!” Bai Guangyi roared with an iron face, and he was almost able to ride Xu Feirong under the crotch, but Zhou Jinlong broke in and broke. His good deeds.
“Get out?” Zhou Jinlong looked gloomy, and sneered: “Boy, do you know who’s territory here, dare to let me get out?”
“I’m in charge of your place! Within a minute, you will either roll or die!” Bai Guangyi said with a serious threat. Although the Bai family behind him is only the second-line family of Jinling, Jinling is the ancient capital of the Six Dynasties, even more so. The capital of Qiannan Province, it is no exaggeration to say that the second-tier families in Jinling are definitely much stronger than most first-tier families in small places like Cangzhou!
Therefore, Bai Guangyi is very confident. He doesn’t think anyone in Cangzhou can threaten him!
Zhou Jinlong’s face changed, this kid seems really emboldened?
“Tubaozi, do you know the Bai Family of Jinling?” Wang Jiang on the side screamed at the right time, with an indescribable mockery.
Jinling Baijia?
Zhou Jinlong was stunned, he really didn’t know, but listening to Wang Jiang’s tone, the Bai family was obviously not easy.
“Hmph, I don’t even know the Bai family, so I dare to bring people to trouble. I think you are tired and crooked.” Wang Jiang sneered coldly. Although he is just a dog of the Bai family, there is a saying, but It’s called a dog fight!
Who dares to offend Bai’s dog?
Zhou Jinlong suddenly had a hard time riding a tiger, Xu Feirong, he knew, had a lot to do with Chen Feng, maybe she was Chen Feng’s woman. But the background of this white-haired young man is obviously not simple. Even Gu Dongchen is not necessarily offended.
Chen Feng and the white-haired youth, who is more awesome? Zhou Jinlong was a little bit troubled.
“Let’s let your boss get here, you little guy, you don’t even know the Bai family, and you are not qualified to stand in front of our young Bai.” Wang Jiang disdainfully said, although he doesn’t know who Zhou Jinlong’s boss is. However, in Cangzhou, there is no one who can carry the banner of the underground world at all. No one is afraid of coming to the Bai family!
Zhou Jinlong’s complexion turned blue and red. Although he was humiliated face-to-face, he didn’t dare to say anything, so he had to call Gu Dongchen muffledly.
“It’s from the Bai family?!!!” Gu Dongchen who was coming was also shocked. Zhou Jinlong didn’t know the Bai family, he still knew that the Bai family was a second-line family in Jinling, and it was quite well-fed in the political circle. Several standing committee members in Cangzhou , And the Bai family are inextricably linked. It can be said that this kind of family is the last thing Gu Dongchen wants to face.
Since ancient times, black and white have been incompatible. If you offend the Bai family, he will be called in for tea in minutes.
“Master Chen, what should I do?”
“Don’t do it first, be respectful, and wait until I come over.” Gu Dongchen’s head suddenly became very big. At this time, Bai Guangyi didn’t dare to do it because he couldn’t offend the Bai family, but Chen Feng…
He can’t afford to offend even more!
Gu Dongchen called Han Long again.
“Is it okay?” Han Long thought that Gu Dongchen had already saved him.
“Master Han, people are fine, but they are not in my hands now.” Gu Dongchen smiled bitterly.
“what happened!”
“The person who detained Miss Xu came from the Bai family in Jinling…” Gu Dongchen said.
“Jinling Bai Family?” Han Long sneered and said: “Gu Dongchen, just a small Jinling Bai family can make you scared like this?”
Gu Dongchen was taken aback. Why did Han Long speak so loudly that even the Bai family dared not take it seriously?
You know, even if he tied the two together and confronted the Bai family, it was absolutely dead and dead.
“Gu Dongchen, to tell you the truth, if you offend the Bai family, you may still have a way to survive, but if you offend Chen Shao, hum, you won’t be able to protect you even if the Lord Yan comes!” Han Long said coldly. He heard that the Bai family wanted Walking around, but now, he is Chen Feng’s dog, not to mention one Bai family, there are ten Bai family standing in front of him, his brows are not frowned.
Gu Dongchen’s expression was uncertain. Listening to Han Long’s tone, Chen Feng’s background was clearly above the sky.
“Master Han, where did Chen Shao come from?” Gu Dongchen still wanted to know Chen Feng’s background, otherwise he would really offend the Bai family, but Chen Feng could not save him, and he had to cry to death.
“Ask yourself.” Chen Feng said that he kept it secret, and Han Long naturally did not dare to go beyond.
Gu Dongchen frowned. He is now probably facing the most important choice in life, whether to stand at Chen Feng or stand at Bai’s house. If you choose a good one, you will be prosperous and wealthy. If you choose the wrong one, you will die!
“Fuck me, let’s fight it!” Gu Dongchen gritted his teeth, and finally lost his heart.
He chooses Chen Feng!
He didn’t believe that the man who could make Han Long surrender would be inferior to the Bai family!
At this moment, in the box, Bai Guangyi was sitting leisurely on the sofa with Erlang’s legs upright, with a cigarette still in his mouth.
Wang Jiang stood aside with his hands around his chest, looking at Zhou Jinlong with disdain.
“Tubaozi, when will your boss arrive? I won’t hear the name of our Bai family, so I am so scared that I dare not come?” Wang Jiang said strangely.
Xu Feirong frowned slightly. The situation Wang Jiang said was really possible. After all, the Bai family could crush Gu Dongchen’s existence. If she were Gu Dongchen, she would definitely not offend the Bai family for a woman.
“Our Lord Chen… will be here soon.” Zhou Jinlong said bitterly. He had asked someone to inquire about the Bai family just now. After understanding clearly, his current calf is weak, but fortunately he didn’t talk to Bai Guangyi just now. Otherwise, he might not survive tonight.
“Oh, all kinds of cats and dogs these days can call themselves masters, masters are really worthless.” Wang Jiang laughed and mocked, Zhou Jinlong and his younger brothers were flushed, but they dare not speak.
At this moment, Gu Dongchen arrived.
“Master Chen…”
Zhou Jinlong and a few people hurriedly greeted him, Gu Dongchen faintly responded, and then turned his eyes to Xu Feirong: “Miss Xu, are you okay?”
Xu Feirong shook her head and said with a strong smile: “I’m fine.”
Although Xu Feirong said so, Gu Dongchen still noticed the blood on Xu Feirong’s forehead.
“This shit Chen, you should care about yourself first. She’s okay, but you are going to have something.” Wang Jiang looked at Gu Dongchen proudly.
“Oh? I have something to do?” Gu Dongchen’s tone was indifferent, and the joy and anger on his face did not show the slightest.
“Huh, idiot! Offended Young Master Bai, do you think you can still be safe?” Wang Jiang sneered.
Bai Guangyi didn’t look at Gu Dongchen from the beginning to the end. In his opinion, if Gu Dongchen was smarter, he should kneel down and apologize to him immediately.
“Young Master Bai?” Gu Dong laughed, then his face suddenly turned cold: “What a majesty!”

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