Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 724

The two of them frowned. Obviously, Chen Feng killed Ron just now, and the impact on them was not small. It also proved that Chen Feng’s strength far exceeded their expectations.
Not to mention the two of them, even the elders behind them, Hong Tianba and Dongying Shenyin’s Miyamoto Takeno, looked ugly at this moment.
As for Solo, Ron’s master, his face was as dark as the bottom of the pot, and he couldn’t speak for a long time. Ron’s death had too much impact on him.
You must know that Ron’s own strength is not weak, plus the injection of genetic drugs can better break out combat effectiveness, as long as Ron does not underestimate the enemy, there should be no difficulty in killing Chen Feng, but I didn’t expect…
At the beginning of the game, Chen Feng took the initiative with a thunder and a blow, and then pressed forward step by step, attacking Ron one after another, without giving her a chance to breathe, eventually causing Ron to panic, lack of energy and blood, and died on the spot. The result was beyond Solo’s expectation. Looking at Ron’s body at this moment, his murderous aura was exposed.
At this moment, I wish I could jump onto the ring and smash Chen Feng’s bones.
It’s just that all this is just imagination. If he makes a move, let alone whether Chen Feng is an opponent, Wu Zhizhou, the representative of Huaguo’s martial arts circle, will definitely attack him, and even if he completely violates the rules of the game, then he To bear the anger from the World Martial Arts Organization.
In fact, it was true. When Ron died, Wu Zhizhou didn’t look at the situation on the court and fixed his eyes on Solo. Although the possibility of the opponent’s shot is a little small, things are fickle and have to be guarded.
Not only Wuzhizhou, but even the powerful men of the World Martial Arts Organization, looked at Solo from time to time.
Under the circumstances in his heart, where did Solo dared to make a move, tightening his mind to suppress the anger in his heart, and at the same time loosening his clenched hands.
On the ring, Ron was still lying there, with one hand and one foot broken, very miserable, but it was his own fault.
Contrast Chen Feng didn’t look at him any more, and turned to Fedido, as if to collect his body.
“At this moment, in this situation, if you could be there, how good would it be!”
Wu Zhizhou sighed inwardly and couldn’t help but think of Ye Nantian’s face. Chen Feng was here not for the so-called champion, but to avenge Ye Nantian. Ron’s death was not the end, but the beginning of the road to revenge.
Looking at Feiddo’s body, Chen Feng sighed and said, “Ron has been killed by me. Rest in peace, I can’t help you!”
Then Chen Feng picked up Feiddo’s corpse and went to the outside.
Seeing this, the Pakistani team quickly ran a few steps to Chen Feng’s eyes.
Seeing the leader of Pakistan came before him, Chen Feng looked low and apologetic.
“Your Excellency Chen Feng, this is not your fault. You can avenge Fedido. We are grateful to you. You don’t have to be like that!”
The leader of Pakistan took a few steps forward, gave Chen Feng a light support, and then took Fedido’s body from Chen Feng.
Looking at Fedido’s face, the Pakistani team leader trembled in his heart, unable to hide his sadness.
Fedido is the king of soldiers in Pakistan and a titan of the military. Although his strength is not very strong, he is also an important force in Pakistan. His death is a loss to Pakistan.
Originally, Chen Feng felt bad for Fedido’s death. Hearing the words of the leader of Pakistan made Chen Feng even more uncomfortable. He wanted to say something, but at this moment, Solo in the distance left. To the spectator stand.
Chen Feng narrowed his eyes: “You take Fedido out of here first!”
Chen Feng did not say any more polite words, and urged the Pakistani team leader to leave here quickly.
“Okay, then you also be careful!”
The Brazil team leader also saw Solo, knowing that this is not the time to speak, and quickly left the game with Fedido.
Chen Feng nodded, watching Solo walking step by step, secretly using his inner strength.
Solo walked step by step, seeing his direction towards Ron’s corpse, but his eyes did not leave Chen Feng, his eyes did not hide his killing intent.
“Solo, what do you want to do? I warn you not to forget to play the game!”
Wu Zhizhou has already come to the competition area. Seeing Solo leave the spectator stand just now, he immediately came to him when his heart moved, to guard against Solo’s dog jumping the wall.
“What? What kind of thing are you? Where did the savage dare to speak to me like this!”
Originally because of Ron’s death, Solo was already very angry, coupled with his inability to shoot Chen Feng, which made him extremely frustrated. At this moment, after hearing Wu Zhizhou’s words, he couldn’t help but cursed.
Before Wu Zhizhou could say anything, Chen Feng cursed: “Then where are you from the indigenous people and what are you?”
“Little bastard, you say one more thing!” Solo’s eyes almost burst into flames. At this moment, the idea of killing Chen Feng became more and more serious, so that he changed his previous thoughts and looked at Chen Feng as if he wanted to make a move.
“I warn you once again. This is a World Martial Arts Competition, and I represent China and a member of the World Martial Arts Organization. You are not allowed to shoot against our players!”
Wu Zhizhou came to the front of Chen Feng during the discourse, facing Solo’s gaze, the aura in his body slowly rose, like Solo as long as he dared to make a move, he would definitely fight.
“Hmph, do you want to use the World Martial Arts Organization to suppress me?” Solo sneered.
“Oh? Isn’t Lord Solo going to risk the world’s ill will to sabotage this martial arts competition? And listening to your tone, did not put the world martial arts organization in the eyes?”
When the words came out, a strong man from the World Martial Arts Organization walked from the VIP table. This strong man was very dissatisfied with what Solo had just said. At this moment, even his eyes were a little cold.
Seeing this man’s arrival, Solo frowned, and his expression changed. If Wu Zhizhou and the Martial League behind him were pure, they would not be afraid of Soto’s strength, but the World Martial Arts Organization was different.
We must know that there are many powerful people in the world of the World Martial Arts Organization. There are many powerful people in the organization. It can be said that offending this organization is tantamount to being branded with death. Even if he runs to the end of the world, he will be chased and killed, waiting for him. The result is death.
“Okay, little beast, wait for death!”
Solo hesitated for a moment. He really didn’t dare to take such a big risk against Chen Feng. Besides, he was not in a hurry for revenge.
At this moment, Solo is tantamount to killing Chen Feng in front of everyone. Even if there is the support of the World Martial Arts Organization today and unable to shoot Chen Feng, then Solo will definitely find a way to kill Chen Feng after the game.
This situation is clear to everyone, and they are all looking at Chen Feng at this moment, not knowing what he will do.
“After I debuted, there are too many people who want to kill me, but they are all dead. Even if they are not dead, they will be soon?” Chen Feng was not afraid of Solo, and counterattacked: “I think you remember your apprentice How rampant Ron was before he went on the court, looking at how miserable he is now, and this time I came to the game to avenge my brother Ye Nantian. All the enemies, I will kill you myself!”
Before Chen Feng had finished speaking, Guangyong in the field exclaimed that it was obviously the first time he knew Chen Feng’s true purpose.

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