Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 725

Obviously, Chen Feng didn’t have the slightest interest in the so-called martial arts champion this time. His only purpose was to kill Fang’s enemies who had besieged Ye Nantian.
The audience was shocked by Chen Feng’s purpose, but the surrounding martial arts experts did not expect Chen Feng to confront Solo.
Although they knew that they were besieging Ye Nantian by several forces, eventually leaving Ye Nantian disabled for life.
Although Solo’s strength was not better than Ye Nantian’s back then, he was also considered a powerful player on the famous side.
Not to mention that now Augustus, Solo are already world-class powerhouses.
Such a peerless powerhouse, let alone ordinary people, even if the World Martial Arts Organization wants to take action against them, they have to think twice. If they are not careful, they will suffer heavy losses.
And now Chen Feng actually said in front of so many people to kill Augustus, Solo’s level of power, what kind of explosive news is this.
“What…what? Hahahaha!”
Solo was shocked for a moment, then laughed, making no secret of his mockery of Chen Feng. In his opinion, this was really the funniest joke in the world.
Not only Solo’s disdain, but even the distant Toyo Miyamoto Takeno and Hong Tianba of Hongmen couldn’t help but laugh out at this moment. In their opinion, Chen Feng is really reluctant to live and die, and the light of fireflies competes with the bright moon. .
“Chen Feng, Chen Feng, I have to say now, you are really a life and death thing, you better pray now that you can die in the game, otherwise you will fall into my hands and you will die!”
In Solo’s words, Chen Feng didn’t pay attention to Chen Feng at all. In his opinion, he was nothing more than a bigger ant. After all, the ant was unable to turn the waves.
And what Solo meant just now, whether Chen Feng can survive the end of the game or not.
“Solo, don’t worry, you don’t have to worry about this ants, my heirs are more than enough to solve him!”
At this time, a loud voice spread everywhere, and everyone stared blankly at the owner of the voice, who turned out to be Hong Tianba of Hongmen.
“Our martial arts genius Zuo Zhu is also very happy to kill Chen Feng, but looking at the situation, let you get ahead!”
Before Hong Tianba’s words came to an end, the Shenyin Miyamoto Takeno from Dongying spoke up. In his opinion, Chen Feng was bound to die. The difference was who did it.
“Very well, I just hope that your descendants will not be like Ron. They started out with great momentum, but in the end they were beaten into dead dogs. Don’t give up at that time!”
Faced with a few people being hungry and provocative, Chen Feng made no secret of contempt for their descendants.
Chen Feng has made up his mind. Hong Yi and Zuo Zhu are the ones he will kill, but he is afraid that the two of them will retreat halfway. If the two of them are in front of the door to fight for life and death, it is best to sign a life and death contract. .
“Chen Feng, in the ring tomorrow, I will take your life!”
Hong Yi’s words were full of confidence. Although the scene of Chen Feng beheading Ron just now had a certain impact on him, since Hong Tianba said that he could deal with Chen Feng, Hong Tianba must think he has this strength. Thinking of this, Hong Yi rekind hope.
“Humph! It’s just a bunch of rubbish, since you want to fight, then come now, killing you rubbish is easy…Which of you two will go first?”
Chen Feng’s voice blew up on the ground like thunder, followed by a strong killing from his body, and there seemed to be a flame burning in his eyes. He didn’t want to wait for him, and now he wanted to kill this group of reckless waste.
The setting sun shines on Chen Feng, adding a different feeling to him.
At this moment, Chen Feng’s words became the only voice in the audience, overshadowing everything, resounding everywhere, everyone didn’t know what to say for a while.
“it is good!!!”
“Good job, let’s fight, and compete!”
After a short silence, the audience burst into deafening shouts. The audience did not expect that today’s game could be described as one after another. Just after the life and death battle with Ron, Chen Feng challenged Hong Yi and Zuo Zhu.
“Now that you are looking for death, I will give you a ride!”
Hong Yi shouted and rushed into the stage quickly, as if he couldn’t wait to use Chen Feng’s head to make a name for himself.
“Huh, take your life!”
Zuo Zhu also moved, extremely fast for fear of being snatched by Hong Yi for this wonderful moment of fame.
Although there were only two people, they overwhelmed the audience’s shouts at this moment, resounding throughout the world, everyone fell silent, and saw the strong man of the martial arts organization shouting out the words just now.
Seeing everyone calm down, he continued: “Everyone must not violate the rules of the game, and they must not make private appointments. Offenders must be investigated!”
He also saw a middle-aged referee during the speech. If the referee hadn’t organized the life and death battle between Chen Feng and Ron in time, the situation would not get out of control at this moment.
The referee seemed to have noticed, and he lowered his head and dared not say anything. It was indeed his problem just now, and he knew it very well.
“Zuo Zhu, stop!”
“Hong Yi, come back!”
When the strongman of the Martial Arts organization announced the regulations, Hong Tianba and Dongying’s Miyamoto Takeno quickly spoke out to prevent them from attacking Chen Feng.
You must know that the strong man has already announced the rules. At this time, if you attack Chen Feng, you will undoubtedly have an antagonism with the World Martial Arts Organization. In this way, Hong Yi and Zuo Zhu will be disqualified without starting the match. Not only that, but also will be punished. , Such a result is obviously unbearable.
When Zuo Zhu and Hong Yi heard the words of their elders, they quickly stopped.
At this moment, Chen Feng also regained his calmness. He cleaned up his killing intent, and bowed his fist to the strong man of the martial arts organization, saying, “The junior is rude!”
“Hmm! Be careful next time!”
The strong Merck nodded and looked at Chen Feng, but said nothing, did not pursue his recklessness just now.
Besides, the life-and-death battle just now was approved by the middle-aged referee. The two talents were engaged in it. Chen Feng was not responsible, and even if he was held accountable, he could not start.
Chen Feng nodded, turned and left, his figure gradually disappearing.
Seeing Chen Feng’s distant figure, Solo gritted his teeth in hatred, really wanting to slap his opponent to death, but it is obviously impossible at this moment. Not only here, but before this world-class martial arts competition is over, he can’t tell Chen. Feng shot, or the result would be from the martial arts organization.
Thinking of this, Solo took a deep breath, gave up the idea, turned and walked towards Ron, collecting his body for him.
“Hey, it’s a pity, it’s a pity that I can’t see a wonderful game today!”
“Don’t be discouraged. I can’t see it today, and I can watch such exciting things tomorrow. The more you go, the more you feel.”
“Chen Feng has already qualified. From this point of view, Hong Yi should have no problem. The battle between the two of them cannot be avoided!”
Just now because of the strong word of Merck, everyone did not have the opportunity to see this wonderful matchup today, but as the audience said, this wonderful and exciting matchup will become more and more flavorful in the future.

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