Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 726

“Three Commandments, did you hear that, the audience agreed that you would lose to Na Hong Yi!”
At the moment, Ji Yun in the watching area heard the comments from the audience and couldn’t help but ridicule Sanjie at the moment.
Hearing Ji Yun’s words, San Jie put a smile away and said with a serious face: “I was not interested in this game at all, but Hong Yi actually offended my brother and threatened to kill Chen Feng. How can I bear it? Give him a lesson to taste.”
Tianying and Ji Yun did not expect that the Three Commandments would say this. You must know that this monk has always claimed to be a Buddhist mentality. They did not expect to be angry at this moment. They got up and left and walked out of the venue with the audience.
Today, Hua Guo Chen Feng can be said to have made the limelight. He first killed Li Changxi in a second, and then fought a life and death battle with Ron, and finally beheaded his opponent, thoroughly proving his strength.
“Hua Guo Chen Feng has signed a life-and-death contract with Dongying martial arts genius Zuo Zhu, and the American champion Hong Yi signed a life and death contract. Who can have the last laugh!”
This news was posted on the Internet. For a while, warriors from all over the world knew about the explosive news, and Chen Feng’s name appeared in everyone’s sight again.
Chen Feng didn’t care about all of the outside world. After returning to the lodging place to eat something, his cell phone rang. Chen Feng picked it up and looked at it. It turned out to be a video sent by Xia Mengyao.
Chen Fengleng was just a moment, but she didn’t expect that she would video herself at this time, and then press the answer button.
In the video, Xia Mengyao still smiles like a sun, wearing a white shirt, her black hair is scattered naturally, walking on the campus at this moment, quite a youthful student feeling.
“Congratulations, you can enter the top sixteen and behead the enemy again. Congratulations!”
Xia Mengyao spoke first and said with a smile on her face.
“Huh? Who did you listen to?” Chen Feng was confused.
“Who else could have been, Huang Lao San was taken!” Xia Mengyao continued with a smile, “You are now the spotlight of everyone in the world of martial arts!”
Chen Feng was a little speechless, and smiled: “You know me, I won’t care about these so-called false names!”
“In spite of this, your current reputation has spread, the so-called gunshot!”
Xia Mengyao put away her smile, and said with a serious face: “You have to know that although you are being watched by everyone now, it is extremely dangerous. Do you know how many people want to kill you in order to make your name!”
“Haha, don’t worry, there must be a way to the mountain!”
Chen Feng smiled, the words were extremely relaxed. The reason why he did this was because he was afraid that Xia Mengyao was worried for him.
However, despite what Chen Feng said, Xia Mengyao was still very worried, because the game was just not long after the beginning, and all behind were strong enemies.
Chen Feng’s game on this day completely crushed the top three in the limelight, beheading Li Changxi, Ron then challenged Dongying Zuozhu, Hongmen Hongyi, it can be said that the limelight directly overwhelmed the front Arthur, William, and Deng. Ni.
This made Chen Feng just arrived the next day and attracted everyone’s attention.
Chen Feng’s match was finished ahead of schedule due to the starvation battle with Ron yesterday. He does not need to play today.
However, Chen Feng did not feel complacent about it. Instead, he still came to watch the battle, first to cheer for Tianying, Sanjie, and Ji Yun, but to learn more martial arts skills to consolidate his own broken mountains and rivers. .
Compared with yesterday’s game, today’s game is a bit interesting, because Arthur, William and Deney’s opponents all surrendered without a fight.
The people participating in the competition are not fools, which one of them is easy to provoke.
Xiaoxian talked about Arthur, who overwhelmed his opponent in momentum from the beginning, making his opponent afraid to make a move.
Then there was William, not to mention, he used bloody methods to kill all the players who fought with him and shock everyone.
Besides, although Denny said he was a monk, he was a martial idiot. Although he didn’t know how to kill, he chased his opponent and beat him violently, which was unbearable.
Knowing the strength of the three people, unless they are looking for death or are itching to be beaten, no one else will fight them.
I don’t know if it’s because of Denny’s. Ji Yun chased his opponent and beat him up in the game, and the game ended in a short time.
“What a bastard like Danny!” The player who lost to Ji Yun couldn’t help but complain.
As soon as he said this, not only the surrounding audience, but even Ji Yun couldn’t help laughing out loud. Xu felt a little embarrassed, and Ji Yun gave the player a fist.
But the player was already outraged at the moment, he didn’t appreciate it at all, and turned and left.
“My game is over, I have no chance to qualify, it’s up to you two!”
Ji Yun returned to the spectator stand to face Tianying beside him, San Jie said, seeing his expression a little depressed.
Ji Yun felt that he was a little bit back. If he was not assigned to the strong group, perhaps he would still have a chance to qualify, but the day was not fulfilled and he actually met Denny.
“I’m not interested in this. The only thing that interests me is Hong Yi. I must teach him a lesson!” Sanjie’s eyes flashed with war intent.
But Tianying still didn’t speak, his opponent was Supreme Baka, one of the sixteen strong men, the opponent was from Egypt, and his strength was very strong.
And this battle between the two of them is also the last battle of their group, it depends on which of them can win and qualify.
Regarding the duel between Supreme Baka and Tianying, most people are more optimistic about Supreme Baka, thinking that he will win. Of course, Chen Feng did not think so, and Tianying even more so.
“Relax, come on!”
Chen Feng looked at Tianying and encouraged.
“Well, I will do my best!”
Tianying nodded in response to Chen Feng. If they win this battle, then the next match will be a duel with Dongying Zuozhu. If they win again, they will be able to fight Chen Feng.
“By the way, if you fight against Zuo Zhu, you must be careful. There are three precepts, too. You must fight against Hong Yi. Don’t take it lightly!”
Chen Feng couldn’t help but think of Fedido. Fedido was implicated only after having had a few conversations with him. Now Tianying and Sanjie don’t have any surprises because of this.
“Well, I know!”
Tianying and Sanjie replied, they noticed the dignity of Chen Feng’s words. You must know that Chen Feng’s personality rarely does this.
Compared with the two exciting matches of Chen Feng yesterday, today’s match is almost meaningless. Almost all the players who played against Arthur, William, and Deney chose to surrender. In this case, the match seemed very boring, causing trouble. Less complaints from the audience.
It feels like a grass opera troupe suddenly returning to the village after showing his strength on a world-class stage.
This situation continued until the twelfth group of matches.
This battle was a duel between Tianying and Supreme Baka. At the beginning, the strength of the two people was somewhat similar. Tianying seemed to have played for a long time, and the final move was exquisite.

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