Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 727

He is a swordsman. Although he doesn’t have a sword, he uses his arm instead. He has shown great strength. With the last move, he successfully won the game and advanced to the top 16.
Tianying dragged his injured body back to the viewing area, Sanjie quickly stepped forward to support him.
“Brother Tianying, you are amazing, congratulations!”
Sanjie couldn’t help but praise, that the last move to cut Tianshan was too powerful.
“Brother Skyhawk. Congratulations!”
When Ji Yun spoke, he also stepped forward and helped Tianying sit down.
“How? Do you want to heal?”
Chen Feng frowned slightly, looked at Tianying’s injury, and asked quickly.
“It doesn’t matter, it’s never too late to go after the three precepts are over!”
Tianying shook his head and said that it was okay. He did not suffer too much injury. It was just that too much physical strength and energy were consumed during the game, which made him exhausted.
He won this game, and he will play against Zuo Zhu in the next game. Zuo Zhu killed his opponent in the previous game.
The situation is a bit compelling, Tianying must use the fastest time to recover his strength, so that he can deal with Zuo Zhu’s duel next, and the three ring game has not yet started, how can he go.
Hearing Tianying’s words, Chen Feng didn’t say anything, and didn’t ask for the Three Precepts.
On the other side, Hong Tianba told Hong Yi: “Remember that your opponent is Chen Feng, but you can’t be careless if you learn from the past.”
“Don’t worry, Master!”
Hong Yi’s eyes showed killing intent, and he slowly said, “How could I make the mistake of Egypt’s supreme Baka, that monk in China, I will definitely blow him up to wash away the shame of Master!” He wants to defeat three. After quitting, he was promoted directly to a duel with Chen Feng, using the opponent’s head to make a name for himself.
The competition in the ring has not yet started, Hong Yi’s momentum has already climbed to a terrifying level, at this moment, his ordinary God of War returning from the battlefield, the battle will spread all around.
When the three precepts appeared, his eyes immediately looked at the opponent, his aura was invisibly locked to the three precepts. At this moment, Hong Yi had only one thought to defeat the opponent or kill him.
“You are the third monk of Hua Elementary School? Today my purpose is to shame my master. The competition has not yet started. If you kneel down and beg me, I can’t help but spare you a dog!”
Hong Yi’s words are more arrogant than his momentum, and it can even be said that he is extremely arrogant at the moment.
For Hong Yi, the purpose of this visit was to shame Master, so if the three precepts of the Chinese nation voluntarily surrender, it will have a better effect than killing the opponent.
“I have no interest in this so-called competition, but if you want me to be a shame to the Huaguo martial arts academy, you have miscalculated, and you are Chen Feng’s enemy, I won’t let you do it!”
Although Sanjie is a disciple of the Buddhist world, he rarely gets angry. At this moment, seeing Hong Yi’s virtues and not getting angry, he will take this game seriously.
“Things that do not live or die, then you can die!”
San Jie squinted his eyes slightly, showing bad expression in his eyes.
“The next game officially…begins!”
Seeing that the two had started to quarrel, the referee was a little speechless, and simply announced the start of the game, and there would be another life and death battle in the province.
“go to hell!”
Hong Yi shouted, the speed reached the extreme in an instant, leaving a shadow on the spot.
He decided to kill the three precepts with the fastest speed, in order to shock everyone.
It’s just that the three precepts are not easy to provoke. His martial arts physique can be said to be a genius among geniuses, but he is not interested in comparison, but even so, it is not easy to provoke.
At this moment, his aura is no longer in a hurry, and the two of them hand in hand instantly, and each of them shows their unique skills.
It’s just that this scene didn’t last long. Hong Yi had already put a lot of effort into martial arts, and the three precepts still couldn’t stand it.
After dozens of moves, Hong Yi blasted out with a punch, San Jie did not stop being hit, and the figure quickly retreated.
Chen Feng, Sanjie, Ji Yun, and even Wu Zhizhou in the VIP table trembled.
Hong Yi knew the rules of the game, so he didn’t step forward to kill Three Rings.
At this moment, the referee was on the court and wanted to check Sanjie’s injuries, but he didn’t expect Sanjie to stand up with a carp.
San Jie’s complexion was pale, and a ray of blood came out of his mouth. With Hong Yi’s punch just now, even though he had resolved most of his strength, a ray of blood rushed into his body and caused damage to his body.
“Three Precepts, don’t try your best, give up!”
Chen Feng in the watching area couldn’t help reminding him that he didn’t want Sanjie to lose his life for himself.
From the short battle between the two people just now, it can be seen that Sanjie is not Hong Yi’s opponent. At this moment, he has been injured and his blood is unstable. If it continues, it is inevitable that accidents will happen.
“Big brother, don’t worry, brother, although I am inferior to you, it is not my character to surrender without a fight!”
The corners of San Jie’s mouth rose up, still looking cynical, but underneath it there was a determination not to admit defeat.
As soon as the voice fell three precepts, he took the initiative to attack Hong Yi.
It’s just that Sanjie has been injured and is not Hong Yi’s opponent at all. He was hit by Hong Yi again, and several ribs in his chest were directly broken, and blood was vomited.
“Three Precepts!”
Chen Feng shouted, Ji Yun, Tianying and even Wu Zhizhou all stood up, looking at the appearance of Sanjie, Chen Feng and others clenched their fists.
San Jie did not answer with blood flowing in his mouth. At this moment, he had no fighting ability, and he couldn’t even stand up.
“give up!”
The referee said just one sentence to Sanjie, and then announced the result of the game without waiting for Sanjie to answer.
“This game is over, Hong Yisheng?”
Hearing the referee’s declaration, San Jie’s heart movement once again affected the injury in his body. He was a little unwilling to lose to Hong Yi.
It’s just that the game is over, even if you are not reconciled, it is impossible to continue.
“Hmph, I didn’t expect you to have some strength in this trash, thank me, thank me for not using all my strength!”
There was a voice from Hong Yi standing in the distance. He regretted it. He thought that this blow could kill the opponent, but he didn’t expect the life of Sanjie to be so hard.
Hong Yi’s words hit Sanjie’s bottom line like a knife cut. At this moment, his anger was attacking, and even the words were unsatisfactory. Perhaps because of the serious injury or Hong Yi’s words, Sanjie passed out.
Seeing Sanjie fainted, Chen Feng’s heart trembled, his fists clenched loudly.
“Chen Feng, don’t worry, this rubbish is not dead. I saved his life. I can’t use my strength for this rubbish!”
Hong Yi’s murderous aura scattered to Chen Feng in the distance and drank: “Enjoy your short life. When you meet me, I will make you end worse than him. I want to prove that the Hua Guo martial arts world is young. One generation is a bunch of wine and rice bags!”
“Really? I can tell you now that you have violated my bottom line. I will not let you die so easily. I will make you worse than death. The pain of the three precepts, I will let you repay ten times!”
It is rare for Chen Feng to say that much. This Hong Yi has completely angered him. Seeing San Jie’s unconsciousness, his murderous aura is already overwhelming.

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