Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 728

“It seems that only one person between Hong Yi and Chen Feng has stepped down alive!”
Hearing what Hong Yi said on stage, the surrounding audience, including warriors from all over the world, had such an idea in their hearts.
At this moment, Hong Yi was enjoying the joy of the winner. He looked at Chen Feng who wanted to hurt the other party a few more words, but he didn’t dare to say it because he saw Master Wu Zhizhou and Fang Zheng leaving the VIP table.
Hong Yi stepped back subconsciously, for fear that Wu Zhizhou or Fang Zheng would attack him, and killing Hong Yi with their strength would be an instant video.
At this moment, Hong Yi’s master, Hong Tianba, obviously also saw this scene. He leaped to the arena and said in a deep voice, “Founder, Wu Zhizhou, are you violating the rules of the game!”
Seeing the Master’s arrival, Hong Yi secretly breathed a sigh of relief, and suddenly he wailed again, with an arrogant and hungry smile on his face, enjoying the feeling that everyone was watching.
When Hong Tianba’s words came out, Wu Zhizhou and Fang Zheng ignored him, and went straight to the injured Sanjie.
Hong Tianba’s hanging heart was also let go, and he was scared enough just now.
“Boy, good job!” Looking at his apprentice, Hong Tianba was not overjoyed. He had been waiting for too long this day.
“Master, this is nothing, the main event is behind, then Chen Feng will undoubtedly die!” Hong Yi’s words are full of confidence, but his confidence is extremely stupid in the eyes of a caring person.
After the game is over, in accordance with the regulations, the players need to rest for a day before the game.
In the distance, Chen Feng, Ji Yun, Tianying and other three also rushed to the arena.
At this moment Sanjie was still lying on the ground, but Master Founder and Wu Zhizhou did not lift him up, seeing Chen Feng’s heart gloomy.
“How is Sanjie?” Chen Feng couldn’t help asking.
In Wu Zhizhou, Master Fang Zheng had a gloomy expression, and their expressions were not lightly hurt.
“San Jie suffered internal injuries, you can’t touch him easily, you need to wait for a professional doctor to come and deal with it!” Wu Zhizhou said slowly.
Master Fang Zheng nodded. If they had special medicine for general injuries, they could shorten the healing time and the effect was very good. But at the moment, it is different. Three precepts cannot act rashly if they suffer internal injuries.
Of course, the World Martial Arts Organization has been fully prepared for this kind of thing. Three minutes later a medical car drove up. The medical staff carefully carried Sanjie onto the medical car and then left the venue.
And Wu Zhizhou, Master Founder, Chen Feng and others also followed the medical car, all the way to the best hospital in the city.
As soon as he arrived at the hospital, Sanjie was sent to the emergency room for rescue. Time passed, Chen Feng, Wu Zhizhou and others waited in the corridor.
If the light on the emergency room goes out at 8:30, everyone gets up quickly, the door of the emergency room opens and the attending doctor walks out.
“We have checked the injuries of the injured, most of them are skin injuries, but his main internal organs are damaged. At this moment, he has not left the life-threatening period. As for the follow-up situation, it remains to be seen!”
The attending doctor explained the injury of Sanjie in detail.
Because the attending doctor speaks Italian, it can only be listened to by Chen Feng’s translation.
At this time, the Chinese warriors in the hospital were Tianshan Pai Cangbo, Ji Jiaji Wudao, Master Fang Zheng, Wu Zhizhou, and Chen Feng.
Hearing Chen Feng’s translation, everyone’s expressions became more and more ugly, and they didn’t expect the three precepts to be injured so severely.
It’s just that there is only one way at this moment, and that is to ask the hospital for treatment first, and then they use the ancient secret recipe to repair the injury of the three precepts.
“Thank you very much, I beg you to do your best to treat my friend, thank you again!”
Chen Feng quickly thanked the attending doctor.
“It doesn’t have to be that. Healing the sick and saving people is our own business, and your friend’s physique is far from ordinary. With this physique, he may be able to overcome difficulties with his own recovery ability!”
The attending physician explained to Chen Feng with a smile on his face, and then left with his assistant.
Chen Feng translated the words of the attending physician and the others, and everyone was relieved after hearing this.
“Hong Yi, this beast, actually went to death in the contest!”
Ji Yun angrily rebuked that his relationship with Sanjie had been getting along very well during this period of time. At this moment, seeing Sanjie hurt in this way, he was very angry.
Although Tianying didn’t speak, the clenched fists snapped loudly, and he looked at Chen Feng.
With Chen Feng’s character, if the Three Precepts were injured like this, he would never sit idly by, and the reason why the Three Precepts were injured like this has something to do with him strictly speaking.
“Elder Wu, Master Fang Zheng, San Jie’s injuries this time will be recovered when I fight Hong Yi!” Chen Feng said in a deep voice. At this moment, his killing intent is extremely strong and will kill Hong Yi.
The seniors present nodded, and then Wu Zhizhou instructed: “Behind Chen Feng, you and Hong Yi should not be taken lightly. According to our understanding, Hong Yi has also been injected with genetic drugs. Rise to a terrifying level!”
Wu Zhizhou understands Chen Feng’s strength, but the competition is ever-changing, and the truth cannot be ignored.
“Well, I know!”
Chen Feng just had some speculations about the effect of this gene medicine. It seems that Li Changxi and Ron are so confident that it is probably because of the injection of the gene medicine.
At this time, Hong Yi, his master Hong Tianba, and a few strong players all went to the hotel. There will be no competition tomorrow, a rare free time.
After returning to the room, Hong Yi couldn’t wait to ask, “Master, is the little monk of Hua country dead?”
“It shouldn’t be there, but it’s not over the dangerous period yet!”
Hong Tianba is very optimistic about this apprentice’s approach. It can be seen from the words, Hong Tianba continued: “This time the battle is very good, but your goal is behind, that is, Chen Feng!”
“I know Master, but if the monk dies, that would be great!”
Hong Yi first responded, and then added another sentence.
The duel between Hong Yi and Sanjie had achieved his goal. He was shameful for his master and severely trampled the warriors of the Chinese nation under his feet, but Sanjie did not die. This made Hong Yi somewhat unacceptable because he and San In the duel of Ji, he almost exhausted all his strength. Of course, he didn’t use genetic drugs to improve combat effectiveness.
But he thought that his strength was already very strong, and he didn’t expect the Three Precepts to be tough.
Hong Tianba saw the apprentice’s thoughts and slowly said, “Xiao Yi, don’t forget the important goal, others are not important!”
Hong Yi did not speak. The failure of the Three Precepts was nothing. As a leader among the younger generation in China, if Chen Feng could defeat him or kill him, then Hong Yi would have gained both fame and fortune, but he didn’t know. Why is Hong Yi lacking in confidence at the moment.

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