Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 740

“What’s the matter? The weak and poor Chinese man, dare not accept my challenge? I can give you a hand!”
Zuo Zhu sneered, mixed with contempt, and stretched out his left hand and gestured, trying to anger Tianying and force the opponent to challenge.
Tianying is also a strong man among the younger generation of Chinese warriors, the pride of the Tianshan faction. Hearing Zuo Zhu humiliating him in front of so many people at this moment, how can he bear it, almost subconsciously he will speak up.
It’s just that he finally defeated his impulse with reason, thinking of Chen Feng’s words, Tianying took a deep breath, and suppressed the dissatisfaction in his heart.
“What’s the matter? Are you so persuaded?”
“Challenge, don’t you just die, don’t drop the price!”
“It’s such a scumbag. People have given you a hand. You still dare not fight. You really got home!”
“Tianying, if you dare not fight, hurry down, let’s watch Chen Feng’s match!”
Seeing Tianying’s silence, the audience was anxious one by one. Some of the people who stood up and couldn’t speak, and watched the excitement were not too big to be a big deal.
“Hold, hold back, don’t be impulsive!”
Tianying’s complexion was ugly to the extreme, his fists clenched and his nails were already in the flesh. He kept telling himself not to be impulsive and never agree to a life-and-death battle.
The sun was shining on Tianying’s twisted face, and he was extremely aggrieved at the moment, and closed his eyes casually. If it weren’t for Chen Feng’s words, how could he endure this humiliation? He would have fought a battle long ago, and how afraid of death.
Seeing that Tianying was unmoved, Zuo Zhu continued to mock: “Your Chinese people have been bullied in this way since the last century. Do you know why? It’s because you are so weak and incompetent!”
This sentence completely broke through the defense line of Tianying’s heart, and saw that Tianying opened his eyes fiercely, and the whole body exuded the intention of killing.
At this moment, the referee suddenly said: “The game is just beginning!”
“go to hell!”
Before the referee had finished speaking, Tianying roared, his momentum rose to the peak, and he rushed directly to Zuo Zhu. He had already endured to the limit.
Tianying is good at using swords, but without a sword, he is already very strong. He has turned his arm into a sharp sword, and at this moment went straight to Zuo Zhu’s head.
Zuo Zhu avoided Tianying’s attack with a sneer, and then a hand knife went straight to Tianying’s neck.
Tianying’s expression changed and he used his combat instinct to evade Zuo Zhu’s attack hastily, but although he did, he revealed many flaws. Zuo Zhuna was willing to let go of this and immediately launched an attack.
Zuo Zhu only used a hand knife to attack Tianying, but Zuo Zhu’s speed was too fast, one after another, Tianying was overwhelmed and remained passive.
After more than twenty beckonings, Zuo Zhu withdrew his hand knife, found the flaw and kicked Tianying in the calf.
At the critical juncture, Tianying dissipated most of the damage with True Qi in the body, but there was still a part of the damage. It rushed in and destroyed the leg tissue. Even the bones were also hit. Tianying’s body involuntarily flew back. Smashed heavily to the ground.
At this moment, Tianying’s leg broke.
Just now, Tianying was so angry that he lost his reason and made a blind move. Zuo Zhu caught the flaw and directly destroyed his leg.
This kind of piercing pain made Tianying calm down a lot.
Almost at the moment when Skyhawk fell to the ground, the referee quickly approached and asked: “Can you continue playing Skyhawk?”
Tianying was sweaty because of the pain. When the referee asked, he shook his head.
“Well, Dongying Zuozhu won the game this time!” After Tianying expressed his opinion, the referee directly announced the result of the game.
“Weird that the Hua Guo Tianying is so weak, how did it defeat Zarago?”
“I was pretty optimistic about Tianying, but I didn’t expect him to be so vulnerable.”
“In my opinion, it might have been Zarago’s exhaustion that day or some other reason that led to his final defeat to Skyhawk!”
“The reason is that the game will be very exciting, but I didn’t expect it to end like this. It’s really disappointing!”
When the referee announced the result of the game, there was an instant loud noise in the originally quiet arena, most of which were sarcasm and irony of Skyhawk.
Regarding the audience’s words, Tianying watched and heard the ugly words. He endured the pain and left the arena with one leg.
He wanted to escape, this game was his disgrace, he didn’t want to stay any longer.
It’s just that Tianying wants to leave, but some people refuse to do so.
Immediately after Tianying stepped down, Zuo Zhu suddenly appeared in front of him and stretched out his hand to block the way.
Seeing this scene, the referee immediately said in a deep voice: “The game is over, Zuo Zhu, do you want to break the rules of the game?”
The refereeā€™s true energy is flowing in his body at this moment. If Zuo Zhu takes a shot against Tianying, he will control the opponent in an instant. You must know that although both seniors are present, if Zuo Zhu dares to rule, he will take the shot immediately. It is China.
Tianying looked gloomy and stared at Zuo Zhu coldly.
“I really can’t imagine how rubbish like you represented China in the war?” Zuo Zhu didn’t kill Tianying in the ring. He was unwilling. At this moment, he continued to sarcastically: “If I were you, I would have no face. Get off the ring alive and decide on the spot!”
Faced with Zuo Zhu’s verbal humiliation, Tianying was not as excited as before but said calmly: “I hope you will be so arrogant tomorrow. If Chen Feng loses in the battle tomorrow, I see that I will judge myself in front of everyone! ”
Tianying was a little different. He was an orphan and an abandoned baby. When his master Cangbo found him, he was with the wolves.
Since he can remember, he has been studying martial arts in Tianshan. Day after day, year after year, martial arts is boring, but Tianying persisted.
Perhaps it was a long time to retreat and practice martial arts, Tianying’s personality was a bit withdrawn, except for some words to the master, but little to other people.
In this way, he walked from an obscure disciple all the way, was favored by the head, and prepared to let him inherit the position of head, but unlike other descendants, Tianying was never arrogant and approachable.
Although Tianying has no arrogance, it has pride and dignity.
It’s just that in today’s game, all his dignity was destroyed by Zuo Zhu in an instant. He has never been so embarrassed for so many years.
When the game was over, he had to be sent to the hospital, but he refused to enter the hospital. Instead, he returned to the hotel room alone, with the door locked.
As Tianying’s master, Cangbo knew this apprentice too well. He enlightened Tianying, but Tianying locked himself in the room and didn’t respond from beginning to end.
“Hey, let me try it!”
Wu Zhizhou sighed and said to communicate with Tianying and open the other side’s heart.
Bi Cangbo nodded.
Wu Zhizhou came to the door of Tianying’s room and knocked softly, but no one in the room responded.

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