Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 741

Wu Zhizhou did not keep knocking on the door, but called the waiter over and asked the waiter to open the door.
The door opened and Tianying was lying on the bed. There was still blood flowing out of his leg, and even the sheets were stained with blood. It looked a bit miserable, but Tianying didn’t care about all this, but his eyes were blank and straight. Hooked up at the top, like an evil spirit.
Seeing this scene, Wu Zhizhou sighed inwardly, and sat on the side of the bed and said, “Tianying, don’t think too much. I know how much suffering you are in your heart at this moment. You are the pride of the Tianshan faction, and this time you will represent China. I know your thoughts. You wanted to play against Chen Feng in the semifinals. Now that you have lost to Dongying Zuozhu, you are not reconciled. You ask yourself that you will go further on the next road!”
“But what does one fail once? If you have never experienced one failure, then your martial arts road will be narrow, and life will be no fun!”
Wu Zhizhou paused for a moment, staring at Farbi through the window, showing reminiscence, and slowly said: “Back then, Master Yan Huang was accepted as a disciple. I thought back then that my qualifications were far inferior to your master, Ji Wudao, Fang Zheng The master and Chen Feng’s master, but I did not give up, but kept all the unyielding and unwillingness in my heart, and worked hard to practice martial arts until later I reached the same height with them, even surpassed them!”
Tianying heard Wu Zhizhou’s words, sat up, his face flushed, and said: “I didn’t lose confidence in the future, but I feel that today’s game was too useless and awkward to lose!”
As soon as the voice fell and the door was opened, Chen Feng walked in and saw Tianying’s appearance at the moment. He did not move and said: “Dignity is important, but it is different from life. Tianying, you want Knowing that as long as you are alive, you have a chance. If you are like you, and you will be decadent when you encounter a setback, then there will be few people in this world who can show a wonderful life!”
Tianying’s mind was shocked, and Chen Feng’s words moved his mind and remained silent at this moment.
But Wu Zhizhou stood up and left the room silently. He thought it would be better for Chen Feng to untie Tianying’s heart.
When Wu Zhizhou left the room, Chen Feng said again: “All the words Zuo Zhu said today are stimulating you. If you can’t hold back your life and accept the battle of life and death, then you will be caught in his trap. Enraged by the opponent, without a life and death battle, this is already your victory!”
“I…I know, but…but I!” Tianying didn’t know the other party’s conspiracy, but he felt that he was too aggrieved.
Chen Feng saw Tianying’s expression in his eyes, and then said: “I know what you think in your heart, who is not a bloody man, and there are times when I can’t help but explode, but when you want to do all this, You have to make sure that you can completely destroy the other party. If you don’t have this certainty, act rashly, it’s just a foolish man!”
“This this……”
Originally Tianying wanted to say that he had confidence in Zhan Zuo Zhu to defeat the opponent, but thinking of the scene in the game, if he was dazzled by anger, then there was only a dead end waiting for him.
Chen Feng was silent for a moment and said: “Tomorrow I will fight Zuo Zhu, I will not kill him, nor will he abandon his martial arts!”
Chen Feng’s words really made Tianying a little puzzled, staring directly at Chen Feng, waiting for his next words.
“I will leave Zuo Zhu to you, and wait for you to become successful in martial arts, and pay back the grievances and humiliations you suffered today ten times, one hundred times!” Chen Feng said in his heart.
“it is good!”
Tianying was excited, and there was no more frustration, replaced by endless excitement.
“Let’s go, you don’t need to see a doctor for your injuries. Otherwise, you will not only be unable to practice martial arts, but even your normal life will be affected!”
“Thank you!” Tianying said softly.
Chen Feng smiled and said, “You don’t need to be so polite between you and me, I’ll see you outside!” Chen Feng turned and left the room before he could say anything.
From beginning to end, Chen Feng didn’t help Tianying. He left his hope Zuo Zhu to Tianying, his hope to him, and finally his dignity to Tianying.
In contrast, Tianying understood in his heart, and couldn’t help feeling sour.
In the afternoon, Tianying took the initiative to contact the hospital. Although his bone was broken, it was not difficult to treat the injury with the medical technology of this hospital.
For Chen Feng’s persuasion, the elder Cangbo was full of gratitude.
Without Chen Feng’s persuasion, Tianying’s heart knot could not be opened at all, which would be extremely detrimental to his future path, and if Tianying did not go to the hospital, then Tianying, who had lost one leg, would completely bid farewell to his former pride.
The words are divided into two parts. Ruma from the Indian tribe was seriously injured because of a previous battle with the martial arts genius Charlie of the Eagle King. Therefore, William won the game with four in one. William won without a fight.
When Ruma quit the game, the news was spread out immediately. Although everyone thought that Ruma would quit the game, one was severely injured, and the other was that he did not survive the match against William. Two reasons must be given to Ruma. Will admit defeat, but when the result came out, everyone was really shocked.
At the same time, the world-class martial arts organization issued an announcement: “After consultation with the Vatican World Class Martial Arts Competition, it was agreed that Ruma would withdraw from this competition, and William will advance to the semi-finals. In addition, all admission tickets for this competition will be refunded. !”
The announcement of this announcement made everyone less susceptible.
This incident has just subsided, and another incident has been pushed to the forefront.
“If Hua Guo Chen Feng loses to me, then Hua Guo Tianying will judge himself in the face of everyone!”
Dongying Zuozhu suddenly released this explosive news.
As soon as this news came out, water droplets were usually dripped into the oil pan, and everyone was watching and talking.
The reason Zuo Zhu said this was because he had an antagonism with Chen Feng. He was afraid that Chen Feng would retreat without a fight, so the news came out and Chen Feng had to fight.
The audience knew about this, and they speculated about how Chen Summit expressed his position.
But until the next morning, there was still no news of Chen Feng.
In the face of Zuo Zhu’s provocation, everyone is watching and wanting to see how Chen Feng responds, but Chen Feng has never expressed his position. If it hadn’t been for news of Chen Feng’s retirement, everyone thought Chen Feng would surrender without a fight. Up.
You must know that Chen Feng’s character will never show weakness, and he has not responded for so long, which is not in line with his character.
Who is Chen Feng, he killed decisively, never procrastinated, and created shocking legends one after another. How could such a strong person show weakness, but after Zuo Zhu released his words, Chen Feng has never responded, and he couldn’t help but let it go. Everyone thought about it.
In this way, a little bit of time passed. The stadium just opened the next day, and many spectators could not wait, and so on, the stadium was already crowded and overcrowded.

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