Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 746

Huh! ! ! Chen Feng escaped this killer move extremely dangerously, then retreated violently, and once again opened the distance between the two people, Zuo Zhu’s eyes widened, and he approached again with murderous intent.
At this moment, the two of them played their speed to the extreme, and the audience could not see the two players on the field at all, and they could not even see them.
Only a few people here can see it, like warriors can’t see it, even the slightly weaker mid-level warriors can’t see it. Only William, Arthur, Denny and others can see Chen Feng and Zuo The figure of Zhu.
And the predecessor Ji Wudao, who is stronger than them, clearly saw the two people’s move of coming and going, which can be described as extremely dangerous.
Ji Wudao saw that Chen Feng had evaded deadly attacks many times, and couldn’t help smiling at this moment: “Thanks to Chen Feng, this kid traveling abroad, he can have such a wealth of combat experience. If not for this battle, it would be really mysterious!”
“Well, yes, I think Chen Feng is deliberately delaying time now, until the little devil’s physical strength and internal energy return to normal, it is time for him to take action!”
Cang Bo echoed his voice from the side. As for Master Fang Zheng, he did not speak, but he nodded his head with a smile.
Ji Wudao, Cang Bo, and Master Fang Zheng all saw the pros and cons of the battle, and Miyamoto Takeno was considered the strongest of their generation, and he also saw it.
Miyamoto Takeno was anxious in his heart. At this moment, there was no certainty of victory, because he knew well that time had passed and Zuo Zhu had not killed Chen Feng. If Zuo Zhu’s genetic medicine had lost its effect, Zuo Zhu would undoubtedly lose.
Miyamoto Takeno was sitting on pins and needles in the spectator seat, but he was anxious but could not do useful things, so he had to wait.
On the other side, Wu Zhizhou, but gradually let go of his heart, and he has already seen Chen Feng’s intentions with his strength. Although Chen Feng hides in surprise every time, Zuo Zhu’s physical strength far exceeds Chen. peak.
Moreover, as the fighting time lengthened, Zuo Zhu’s temper became more and more irritable, and he obviously couldn’t keep his temper, so the battle situation was extremely favorable for Chen Feng.
“Your Majesty, how’s the battle going?”
Holy See Saint Tiffany couldn’t help but ask, although she has been trained since she was a child, she has only recently reached the threshold of the middle stage of evolution, lack of experience, and the strength is similar to the general middle stage of the evolution.
“Well, now Chen Feng is faintly gaining the upper hand. The more time it is, the more powerful it will be against Chen Feng. In its current form, the winner of this game is 80% Chen Feng!” Pope Zeus smiled and responded to Saint Tiffany. Tao.
“That’s good!”
Although the saint Tiffany didn’t say these three words, it appeared in her heart. At this moment, she swept away the depression before and looked into the field with big eyes.
“Asshole, Shina bastard, trash, what kind of thing are you, would you just avoid like a mouse?”
“It won’t be people in your same line, all of them are useless, stupid, bullying, afraid to face it!”
As Wu Zhizhou expected, as time went on, Zuo Zhu could no longer control his emotions. At this moment, he was scolding while fighting, but his attack power at the moment was slowly declining, and the threat to Chen Feng was also increasing. small.
“Huh, poor self-deceiving bug, if you hadn’t been injected with genetic drugs to improve combat effectiveness, you would have died at this moment!”
Chen Feng sneered, and said sarcastically: “Even so, what can you do to me? I will still kill you when the medicine fails!”
“Trash, die!”
Chen Feng’s words were just like ordinary swords. Zuo Zhu couldn’t stand this. With a roar, his speed increased in an instant, and he went straight to Chen Feng, and used Wave Breaking Slash again.
It was almost the same as before. The hand knife was almost slashed against Chen Feng’s back, but it did not cause any harm to Chen Feng. It was precisely because of this lack of accuracy that Zuo Zhu’s temper became more and more violent.
“that’s all?”
Chen Feng yelled, the sound was like thunder, and then he turned around, clenched his right fist and pulled it back like a spear. This move was shockingly killing in the mountains and rivers.
Just after Zuo Zhu used Wave Breaking Slash, his physical strength faintly couldn’t keep up with his recovery. How could Chen Feng miss this good opportunity? He suddenly shot.
With this shot, Wu Zhizhou, Cang Bo, Master Fang Zheng in the stands, even Miyamoto Takeno did not expect that Chen Feng would fight back, let alone Zuo Zhu.
Zuo Zhu couldn’t keep up with his physical strength, and his internal energy was not at his peak. At this moment, he saw Chen Feng coming fiercely, and he had no chance to escape. With instinct, he spread his hands and crossed his chest, blocking Chen Feng’s fist like a shield.
The fist and the palm of the hand touched together instantly, and Chen Feng’s normal internal strength broke the embankment along the fist and rushed to the left.
Zuo Zhu only felt that there was an overwhelming wave of air rushing, and the figure could not stop retreating. After a few steps, he had stepped out of the pit by him. This was caused by the unloading force, which shows that Chen Feng’s strength is strong. .
Zuo Zhu was shocked at the moment. Even though he used genetic drugs to improve his combat effectiveness, after all, it took so long and he was no longer at his peak.
This is not the main thing. At this moment, Zuo Zhu’s breath and inner strength are slowly declining. This discovery made his heart tremble.
“Little devil, realize it!”
Chen Feng yelled, and for a moment his roar overwhelmed all the voices in the audience. Some spectators or warriors who were close to the ring all had their ears buzzing at this moment, and some were timid even by Chen Feng’s voice. Roar fainted.
At this moment, everyone in the audience felt the anger in this roar.
That’s right, Chen Feng was angry, an anger he had never had before. He suddenly remembered something, some of the inverse scales in his heart. It was precisely because of this that Chen Feng was a little mad at this moment.
Chen Feng’s master Ye Nantian said that the reason why several powerful men such as Augustus would jointly besie him was precisely because the official power of a certain country leaked the news, which finally caused Ye Nantian’s legs to be disabled.
But the masters who besieged Ye Nantian back then did not have Dongying martial artists, and Zuo Zhu, a martial arts genius they so-called rare in a century, was injected with genetic drugs.
Anyone who is not too stupid can think about the cause and effect. It is precisely because Chen Feng has understood it clearly that he hates Dongying’s officials extremely.
But Chen Feng knew that this was a game, and he couldn’t be arrogant. Everything would be discussed after the game.
In the last match, Zuo Zhu and Tianying’s duel, Tianying’s leg was finally interrupted, and Zuo Zhu saw this cynicism, and his words were all insults to China. This matter made Chen Feng furious, and he wanted to immediately Kill Zuo Zhu and completely torture him.
It’s just that Chen Feng was still awake, if Chen Feng killed Zuo Zhu, he wouldn’t be able to let Tianying kill the enemy.
Chen Feng left Zuo Zhu to Tianying in order to arouse his fighting spirit and regain his confidence.

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