Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 754

Then Pope Zeus left here without looking back.
“Is it impossible?”
Saint Tiffany seemed to be taken away from the strength of her body, and she slumped on the chair, feeling uncomfortable in her heart.
She won’t talk about it here for the time being, it’s in the Eagle Kingdom’s palace thousands of miles away.
Princess Anne was humming a little tune at the moment, and walked to the banquet hall accompanied by the maid, in a very good mood.
Tonight’s banquet was specially held for the royal family member Charlie who represented the Eagle Country in the World Martial Arts Competition.
In order to congratulate him on his achievements in the game, the king notified several members of the royal family to congratulate Charlie.
Annie is here!
Someone in the banquet hall shouted, and Anne hurriedly saluted: “Your Majesty the King!”
“Anne looks very happy today, let me walk with me!”
King Charlton smiled and dismissed the maid and the guard.
Annie nodded nicely.
“You are so happy today because Chen Feng from China achieved good results in the World Martial Arts Competition?”
King Charlton laughed.
“Yes, father!”
Annie said bluntly without hiding anything.
“Hey, Annie, even though Chen Feng from China has entered the semi-finals, don’t be happy so early. He will fight against Captain Arthur of the Guard of the Holy See!”
Charlton sighed and continued: “I talked to him a few words after Charlie came back. I heard that Arthur was the best among the younger generation, especially the strongest blow. Charlie admitted that he would take it. No less than this trick, and according to him, Chen Feng of China is not much better than him!”
King Charlton expressed his concerns.
Annie frowned, with a worried expression on her face, and asked: “Father, do you mean that Chen Summit lost to Arthur?”
“If only losing the game would be considered a good result, I’m afraid he will lose it. Fate, hey, so you have to be mentally prepared!”
Charlton’s tone is very firm. He has his own intelligence organization. The intelligence shows that after defeating the secret weapon of Tsarist Russia, Arthur showed hostility to Chen Feng, and this hostility is very high. deep.
Annie was completely stunned at this moment. The worries in her heart became stronger and deeper. She couldn’t believe the result. Although the game had not started yet, she knew her father and his father would not easily draw conclusions. Because of this, She was worried. She hoped that Chen Feng could create miracles again.
At night, the bright moon hangs high, and the holy moonlight puts several layers of mystery on the palace of the Holy See.
As usual, Arthur still guarded the door of Pope Zeus.
Arthur did not meditate on martial arts, but was looked at the room of Saint Tiffany in the distance with both hands. At this moment, his eyes were full of anger, which was extremely obvious.
Although he defeated the secret weapon of Tsarist Russia with one move, he also felt the change of Pope Zeus’s attitude towards him, but the saint Tiffany remained the same, ignored him and did not watch his game, which made Arthur’s heart angry.
“Ting !” The phone rang, and Arthur glanced at the call from his brother Caesar, and Arthur pressed the answer button.
“Brother, congratulations on entering the semi-finals!” Caesar took the lead in congratulations as soon as the call was connected.
“Congratulations!” Arthur said lightly.
“Yes, that’s right, the strength of my brother was originally tenable!”
Caesar was a little embarrassed, of course the truth should be spoken to his brother.
“Are you looking for me for Chen Feng in China?” Arthur knew this brother very well, and said straightforwardly at the moment.
“Yes, brother, the strength of the Chinese monkey is beyond my expectation, and it has also advanced to the semi-finals, and I heard that many people have died in the hands?”
“Are you worried about me, or want to stimulate? I’m going to fight him?”
Arthur was not polite, so he told the whole story. He knows his brother too well, and this brother is too hypocritical.
“Brother, I’m honest, I have both!” Caesar, a hypocritical gentleman, no longer pretends.
“Hmph, how can you compare me with that Chen Feng, he may be very strong in the eyes of others, but in my eyes, he is nothing!”
“The day after tomorrow’s game, I will let him know how good I am, he lives But at night!” Arthur was full of confidence in his words, extremely arrogant.
Hearing what his brother Arthur said, Caesar was taken aback. He didn’t expect that his brother would kill Chen Feng. When he called that day, Arthur told Chen Feng some lessons, but he didn’t expect to kill him now.
“Brother, what’s the matter? Did the Huaguo monkey provoke you!”
Caesar asked the question in his mind, but there was a beep on the phone, and Arthur had already hung up.
“Huh, the day after tomorrow, the day after tomorrow I will let His Majesty the Pope and Saint Tiffany know who is the strongest among the younger generation, what is Chen Feng, and how can it compare with me!”
Arthur made up his mind, he wanted to use Chen. Feng’s blood and head made a name for himself, and stepped on the opponent’s bones to reach the peak.
Hua Guo, Xia Mengyao came to the company early in the morning.
Xia’s bodyguard saw Xia Mengyao approaching and hurriedly bowed in greeting.
“Uncle Qin, I have said many times, don’t be so polite to me!”
Xia Mengyao sat on the sofa with a smile on his face, and continued to ask: “Uncle Qin, what happened to what I dragged you to do?
” Miss Hui, the results are already there!”
Qin Jun thought about it and said, “I have sorted out the information I collected. So far, except for the mysterious William, who has not shown true strength, both Arthur and Chen Feng have exposed their strength! ”
Judging from the current situation, Arthur is the strongest, followed by Danny, and finally Chen Feng. Although William did not show his strength, he is definitely better than Chen Feng!”
“How far is Chen Feng from them?” “Xia Mengyao frowned.
“This… you are not a martial artist, this gap is not easy to explain!”
Qin Jun hesitated and continued: “Through the gaming company’s data, the above shows that Chen Feng is not optimistic, and his data is at the end! ”
Xia Mengyao didn’t say anything, but instructed to go on. First, check how much funds the company has that can be mobilized, and check with the gaming company to see what the limit for no bets is.
Xia Mengyao didn’t know much about martial arts, but Qin Jun knew the content well, so he asked, “Uncle Qin, what is the chance of Chen Feng winning this time?”
Qin Jun hesitated and said, “It should be less than ten. One part!”
Xia Mengyao frowned, her expression worried, Chen Feng and Caesar had a conflict, he already knew, and Caesar is Arthur’s brother, then this game Arthur must do his best.
In this game, both Arthur and William, who did not show their strength, had a feast with Chen Feng. As a result, Chen Feng’s situation was extremely dangerous, and he would lose his life if he was not careful.

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