Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 764

Moreover, Chen Feng’s move breaks the sky and is completely the same as Zuo Zhu’s Breaking Waves and Arthur’s God of War sword, and it incorporates some of the characteristics of ants.
As we all know, ants can lift objects that are thousands of times their own weight, so Chen Feng consulted a lot of information about ants and wanted to find an opportunity.
Chen Feng is not a martial arts genius. Otherwise, he tried to create martial arts moves many times before without success. This time he has put a lot of effort into watching a lot of contestants’ games, giving each one the advantage first and then looking at each other. Can the advantage of this help me?
Since the start of the World Martial Arts Competition, Chen Feng has secretly observed the moves of no less than a dozen strong men. Among them, Zuo Zhu’s and Arthur’s tricks are somewhat similar, and they are extremely powerful. After finding the target, Chen Feng used this Research and analysis.
In the sun, Chen Feng clenched his fist, his inner strength surged to produce a whirlpool, and then nearly half of his body’s power was integrated into the fist. This is Chen Feng’s strongest move so far. This move is created by him. It combines many advantages.
The last two tricks failed to move Arthur, so can this one defeat Arthur?
Chen Feng’s fist rushed towards Arthur with a whistling force. The force of this fist was too strong. Before the fist approached, Arthur could feel the wind of the fist.
“Not good!”
Arthur trembled, and a sense of crisis appeared in his mind. I don’t know if it was an illusion. Under this punch, he felt that there was no way to go back and he could not stop.
But Arthur was not an ordinary person. At this moment, the danger came, and Arthur quickly tightened his mind, preparing to face Chen Feng head-on with the God of War.
It’s just that Arthur’s reaction was still a bit slow, because Chen Feng had already calculated the time when he used the break, and at this moment, in a panic, Arthur had no time to use the killer move of God of War.
Chen Feng’s fist collided with Arthur’s sword, and Arthur only felt a burning pain in his palm. The two collided internally, and a storm swept through them centered on them. The power was extremely terrifying.
Arthur retreated involuntarily, but Chen Feng’s momentum remained undiminished. After hitting Arthur’s palm, he broke through the opponent’s defense and hit his shoulder with a punch.
“Ah!” Arthur let out a scream, his body lost control, and he flew backwards, while his arm was shattered by Chen Feng’s punch, blood spurted out of his mouth, and his arm broke.
One punch, just one punch, broke Arthur’s arm.
The audience was silent at this moment, no one spoke, and even the picture seemed to freeze at this moment.
Everyone in the audience watched this scene intently, and most of them had an unbelievable look. As Arthur’s body was thrown up, and slammed on the ground fiercely, it made everyone awake.
After Arthur landed on the ground, he spouted another mouthful of blood. Because of his strength, he couldn’t bear it even on the concrete floor, and the ground was smashed into a deep hole.
At this moment, Arthur’s body was suffering from severe pain. This kind of pain was really worse than death. Arthur did not have the calmness just now, but was extremely embarrassed at this moment.
“Why… how could this happen!”
After the dust on the court dispersed, everyone on the court could clearly see what Arthur looked like. At this moment, Arthur was lying on the ground with his white armor stained with blood.
And Arthur was lying on the ground with a broken arm, which was extremely miserable.
This scene happened so quickly that the audience has not yet reacted to it.
At the beginning of the game, Arthur was like an invincible God of War, crushing Chen Feng all the way, and Chen Feng did not have the slightest strength to fight back, but now it was only an instant that Chen Feng reversed the situation and defeated Arthur, Bing and Broke the other’s arm.
The audience present were a little unbelievable, let alone Arthur himself.
At this moment Arthur was dumbfounded, and the scene seemed dreamlike. He thought he was dreaming, but it was a nightmare.
“Nice work!” After a short silence, deafening shouts erupted on the court, and the audience pulled their necks and shouted.
To say that the most exciting person here is Ji Yun. At this moment, Ji Yun stood up and danced and shouted.
For him, this scene is too enjoyable and too relieved.
Not only Ji Yun, but Tianying, and even Master Fang Zheng, Ji Wudao, and Cang Bo were all very excited. At this moment, they stood up one by one, looking at Chen Feng on the field with a cheerful expression.
Ye Nantian was equally excited. Although he was inconvenient to move at the moment, his excitement was beyond words.
At this moment, the voices of the audience continued, shouting loudly to express their feelings, their voices became one piece, overshadowing all the voices at the moment.
“How… how is it possible, how did he do it all!”
Modric, Secretary-General of the World Martial Arts Organization on the VIP table, staring at everything that happened on the court at the same moment, the words just now seemed to mutter Talking to himself, as if asking the Pope Zeus on the side.
No one answered Modric’s words. At this moment, Wu Zhizhou, Ye Nantian, Pope Zeus, Saint Tiffany did not speak, all of them were excited, and Pope Zeus was thinking about Chen Feng’s punch. What kind of supernatural power is it?
In the game, Arthur stood up hard with one hand on the ground, this time his injury was too serious.
As Arthur stood up, all the audience stopped shouting and gradually calmed down.
“Just now…what kind of technique did you use just now!”
Arthur gave a light cough, his face was pale, at this moment, he didn’t have the insignificant appearance before, but asked bitterly.
Arthur simply couldn’t make this move. He crushed Chen Feng all the way in the early stage of the game, but he did not expect to lose to this move in the end. He wanted to know what Chen Feng’s punch was.
“Broken mountains and rivers, third style, breaking the sky!”
Chen Feng looked calm, and walked towards Arthur in the middle of words.
“Baotian ?” “Huh, Huaguo martial arts circles have never heard of this kind of kung fu!”
Arthur snorted coldly . He thought Chen Feng was perfunctory and didn’t tell the truth.
“Hua Guo’s martial arts is extensive and profound, and martial arts is even more numerous. How can you understand it comprehensively!” Chen Feng calmly reprimanded.
Arthur showed anger. This time he was seriously injured. Not only did he break an arm, but his internal organs were also severely damaged. Even if Chen Feng stopped using Shatian, he couldn’t do it again. It is Chen Feng’s opponent.
“It looks like now, who of us is a trash?” Chen Feng exclaimed, the sound was earth-shaking, and Chen Feng rushed towards Arthur very fast when the words came out.
This Arthur deceived people too much. He and Arthur had fought three times before, and each time was very dangerous. At this moment, he rushed to Arthur and slapped him.

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