Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 771

“What’s the matter? Don’t you want it? It seems that I really underestimated our saint. Since you look down on Chen Feng and don’t want to give it to him, then let this matter go!”
Pope Zeus suddenly said.
“I’m willing… I’m willing!”
Saint Tiffany’s face changed and quickly responded.
“Hahaha, okay!”
Pope Zeus laughed. He was just teasing Tiffany just now. Seeing the other party so panicked at this moment, Pope Zeus couldn’t help laughing.
“Don’t be happy too early. If Chen Feng wins William again and wins this championship, then I will marry you to him!” Pope Zeus said, turning away.
“He will definitely win the championship!”
Saint Tiffany looked into the distance, her eyes full of hope.
Heidi was an intelligence officer of the William Blood Killing Organization. At this moment, she came to the Vatican and found William who was in retreat.
The world-class martial arts competition is coming to an end, and the competition is about to end. Many players will leave, but some players and spectators have not left, but wait for the final result of the competition to see who is the world martial arts. The winner of the competition.
William has been in retreat in the room, Chen Feng and Arthur’s match, he did not watch.
At about one o’clock in the afternoon, William will play against Morty to decide who will play against Chen Feng.
Heidi came to the room where William was, and William had just finished.
“Leader, why are you in retreat for so long, I’m really afraid you will miss the afternoon game!”
Heidi joked, and then continued with a straight look: “The match between Chen Feng and Arthur is over. Chen Feng won the match, and Arthur not only lost the match, but also broke an arm. The internal organs also suffered. When it comes to the impact, whether you can continue to practice martial arts in the future is still a matter of two!”
“Huh? Could it be that Hua Guo Chen Feng broke through to the middle of Huajin in a short time!”
William frowned slightly, this result was indeed beyond his expectation.
“No, it’s still the early stage of Huajin!”
Heidi has already understood that the Huajin stage is the same as the God of War stage, but the title has changed.
“Then how did he win the game!”
William’s expression changed slightly. In his opinion, Chen Feng did not have Arthur Qiang at all in his time. If Chen Feng broke through the middle stage of Huajin, it could be explained, but Chen Feng did not. Breakthrough, this came as a surprise to William.
Originally, William had watched Chen Feng’s several matches and thought he had some understanding of Chen Feng’s strength. Now it seems that he still underestimated Chen Feng.
It was not a simple matter for Chen Feng to defeat Arthur in the middle of Huajin with his cultivation base in the early stage of Huajin.
Arthur’s strength William also has some understanding. It is by no means Ron. Li Changxi can compare with him, even Zuo Zhu can’t.
Listening to Heidi telling William about the match between Chen Feng and Arthur in detail, William narrowed his eyes and fell into thought.
Such a strong man eventually lost to Chen Feng.
As a result, William couldn’t help but become very interested in Chen Feng.
“How the leader? Is it possible that the current strength of Chen Feng from China can threaten you?”
Heidi asked with a worried look, because she had never seen William with such an expression.
“Hmph, if he breaks through the mid-phase of transformation, he might be able to pose a slight threat to me, but now it is still easy for me to kill him!”
William’s words were full of confidence. Even though Chen Feng was a little surprised by Arthur’s defeat, Chen Feng still couldn’t pose a threat to him.
From the beginning of the competition to the end, Chen Feng worked hard this way and defeated many strong men. Everyone known as the strong warrior was defeated by Chen Feng.
It’s just that William doesn’t think that those people are strong. In William’s view, these warriors have a false reputation and are not strong or even weak.
Even Chen Feng, William still did not pay attention to Chen Feng.
This is a life-and-death battle. The competition becomes more intense as it reaches the end. In the final competition, only one person can leave the arena alive and become the champion of the world-class martial arts competition.
William showed deep thought and looked far away.
The battle between Chen Feng and Arthur has ended for a day. In this short day, the elites and warriors from all over the world have already known the outcome of the game.
“Chen Feng is worthy of being hailed as the first person among the younger generation. He is really too tough. Killing a warrior of the same rank can be done by hand. This is not something ordinary people can do!”
“Chen Feng is indeed strong, and I have his strength. Understand, it is incredible to break Dongying’s seal with one person alone and rescue the beloved, and then kill the strong in the gods list!”
“Hmph, I am not. In this way, Chen Feng’s previous deeds are suspected of being exaggerated. Although he defeated Arthur this time, the competition is not over yet. Can he win the championship of this world martial arts competition or two things?”
Everyone is talking about Chen. Some people think that this person is extremely talented and powerful. He has beaten many warriors through all the obstacles, which is remarkable. Of course, some people think that Chen Feng is just a coincidence. After all, the game is not over.
“Who can win the championship in this world-class martial arts competition? Will it be William, Denny or Chen Feng?”
“When everyone talked about Chen Feng, they couldn’t help but turn their attention to the duel between Danny and William. After all, both of them are not weak. It depends on who can enter the finals to compete with Chen Feng for the championship!”
“About 1 pm, William and Deng The duel between Nepal is about to begin. Although it is not a final, it is also a duel for the advanced finals. Therefore, the audience is also very much looking forward to whether the two of them can enter the finals!”
Time flickered. At 12:30 noon, the venue except The VIP seats and other seats are already full of spectators.
The big screen in the middle of the venue is not idle, but playing video of William and Deney’s previous game.
In William’s duel, all of them did not leave behind, and killed the opponent with one blow. The players who faced William had no chance to admit defeat or surrender.
Unlike him, Denny, who is a martial idiot, treats his opponent as a sandbag in every duel and beats him severely.
The audience called Denny a lunatic, and William killed people like hemp and was called the devil. This was a duel between a madman and a devil.
At one o’clock, Dunney took the lead to play. Like the previous few times, he appeared early in each duel, looking forward to the start of the game.
Every time Dunney appeared, he wore a cassock with a smile on his face, which made him feel like a master monk.
Not long after Dunney appeared, William still wore a ghost mask, stepped on his boots and dressed in a black cloak, and walked towards the arena.
“I’m a little puzzled, why do you always wear a mask!”
When William appeared, the referee also appeared, Dunney hesitated and asked the question in his mind.
Dunney’s English is a bit non-standard, but it is enough for others to understand.

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