Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 775

The Dark Council originally planned to use ginseng liquid to heal his injuries, but he did not expect that he still underestimated the efficacy of this ginseng liquid. He did not expect not only to heal his injuries but also to restore his physical strength. Elevated to a height that has never been seen before, this kind of physical power is not available even in the middle of Huajin. The most important thing is that if Chen Feng wants to break through the middle of Huajin, it is now extremely simple, and it can be said that Chen Feng can break through at any time.
It’s just that Chen Feng is not in a hurry to make a breakthrough.
Chen Feng understands Wu Kun’s personality. This person is sinister and cunning. He is very scheming. If he lets the opponent know that he has broken through the mid-phase of transformation, then it will be difficult for the opponent to participate in the life and death battle. Even Wu Kun will refuse to fight him. In this case, the plan was disrupted.
A few hours before the game, Chen Feng got up and stretched out. At this moment, his body was a little slimy and very uncomfortable. During the retreat, Chen Feng stimulated the remaining ginseng liquid, and some enough dirt was removed from his body. .
So Chen Feng prepared to go into the bathroom and rinse his body, wash off the dirt on his body, put on clean clothes, and then cleaned up and left the hotel room.
When Chen Feng came downstairs, Wu Zhizhou, Ji Yun, Master Fang Zheng, Cang Bo and others were all waiting.
Seeing Chen Feng coming, several people got up.
“Haha, Brother Chen Feng, how have you been in the past few days of retreat? Has your strength improved? I heard that Wu Kun is more powerful than Basser!” Ji Yun stepped forward and laughed.
“It should be no problem!” Chen Feng smiled slightly.
“Huh, really?” Ji Yun’s expression changed slightly, a little unbelievable.
Although Chen Feng won Arthur in the last match, it was not as simple as it seemed. Chen Feng defeated Arthur with his extremely rich combat experience.
But this time is different. Wu Kun’s strength is even stronger than that of Ashur, and his combat experience is also extremely rich, not inferior to Chen Feng. With such strength, Chen Feng said that there is no problem, how can Ji Yun be calm.
Not only Ji Yun, but even Wu Zhizhou, Master Fang Zheng, Ji Wudao, Cang Bo, and Tianying all changed their faces.
“Chen Feng, your aura is a bit strange now. It’s definitely different from before. I thought you had already broken through, but now it seems that you are still in the early stage of the transformation. It is a bit strange!”
Tianying was silent for a moment, and asked the doubt in his heart.
“Now it is inconvenient to tell, but you will know!”
Chen Feng smiled and said, he didn’t distrust these people in front of him, but Chen Feng was cautious and would not reveal his true strength.
“That’s it!” Tianying nodded, and the others were all peeking at each other. I don’t know what Chen Feng’s trick is. Chen Feng didn’t say before, and the few people stopped asking.
When everyone was silent, Sanjie actually came here. At this moment, his whole body was wrapped in a bandage, and he limped in front of them.
“Huh? Sanjie, why are you here? If you are not in the hospital to recuperate, what are you doing here!”
Seeing Sanjie coming, Master Fang Zheng greeted him and scolded him.
“Then I need to say, I’m here to look for you, besides, today is my brother’s final, how can I not come!” Sanjie said with a smile.
“Brother, you should take care of your injuries!” Chen Feng smiled bitterly.
“Brother, don’t you know, I met the Vatican fool who was defeated by you in the hospital this morning, and he kept saying that you shame him, and although he has lost an arm now, his martial arts has been preserved. !”
Sanjie breathed a sigh and continued: “The fool of the Holy See also said that you will be killed by Wu Kun. Of course I don’t want to, so I quarreled with him. This time I want to witness you kill Wu Kun. I think What dare the idiot of the Holy See say!”
Listening to the words of the three precepts, everyone was speechless, and imagined three precepts arguing with Arthur in the hospital with bandages.
“By the way, my big brother, you won’t let me down!”
San Jie suddenly remembered something, staring straight at Chen Feng and asked.
“Don’t worry, I’ll let Arthur down!” Chen Feng’s expression became clear.
Lunduo, the Eagle Country, thousands of miles away.
In the gaming company’s office, an assistant respectfully reported the situation in recent days.
“Recently, we obtained Arthur’s game video through some means. After the video was released, it attracted the attention of some gamblers, but there was not much money to enter the company!”
“The opposite is Chen Feng. Many gamblers bet on him and have a lot of money. I don’t understand why these idiots believe that Chen Feng can win the game!” The assistant shook his head and couldn’t figure it out. The problem is here.
“Hmph, those are not gamblers, most of them are relatives and friends of Chen Feng in China!”
Compared to assistants, the boss of the gaming company is extremely calm, after all, he has seen too many worlds.
“By the way, how much money has been put in now!” The boss asked, remembering something.
“There are 1.2 billion funds that have entered the company so far. The ratio of Chen Feng to William is four to six. At first, Chen Feng’s odds and William were one to nine, but later it rose to two to one!”
Before the assistant’s words were finished, he was interrupted by a loud noise.
The boss looked gloomy and slapped the table with a slap. The assistant shrank his neck, not daring to say anything.
Just then the phone rang and the boss picked up the phone.
“I have already contacted the Dark Council here. The Dark Council is that William will definitely kill Chen Feng. In this case, Chen Feng’s odds will be increased appropriately!”
A voice of vicissitudes came from the other end of the phone, and the boss of the gaming company hurriedly said yes, not daring to rebel.
On the other end of the phone is the real boss behind this bookmaker, even in the world, he is very famous.
Vatican, hotel.
When Wu Kun finished washing and was ready to meditate, the phone rang.
“Master Merlot, do you have any instructions?” Wu Kun asked respectfully.
This Merlot is the second figure of the Dark Council, Augustus’s assistant, and the rank of the Dark Council’s military division. Many orders are conveyed by Augustus through Merlot.
The most important thing is that when August Las, the best in power of the Dark Council, retreats, all the affairs of the Dark Council are controlled by Merlot.
Even though Wu Kun is the god son of the Dark Council, he still has to respect this Merlot.
“Well, William, the latest command from the leader. During this period of time, after learning about Chen Feng in China, this man is a great talent in martial arts circles, and he is strong. The most important thing is that he recently began to besiege Ye Nantian. If this person grows up, he will definitely threaten the Dark Council. The leader means that you will behead him!”
Melo’s voice was low and she revealed unquestionable orders.

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