Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 783

The gaming company blows up most of the warriors in the audience. At this moment, ordinary jackals see lambs. If it weren’t for the rules, they would besiege Chen Feng together and snatch genetic drugs. know.
“Thank you, Your Majesty the Pope!”
Chen Feng politely bowed to Pope Zeus.
“By the way, I will host a banquet in the Vatican. You must come to the banquet!” Pope Zeus invited Chen Feng.
“Okay, I will definitely go to the banquet!”
Chen Feng responded with a smile on his face, but he was thinking about other things in his heart. He has already taken the 100-year-old ginseng liquid. Would it be useful if he took genetic medicine again?
Or whether there is any conflict between the two, the result is unknown.
The news that Chen Feng killed Wu Kun and won the world martial arts championship has been spread, causing a storm in all circles.
There was a rush of footsteps in the William Gaming Company building, and the secretary speeded up his pace to shuttle through the building, looking at him as if something big had happened.
Not long after he came to the boss’s office, instead of knocking on the door, he pushed open the office door and entered.
“what happened……”
The boss of William’s Company raised his head violently with an unhappy expression. Obviously the secretary did not knock on the door, which aroused his dissatisfaction.
“Old… boss, something went wrong, the world martial arts competition is over, Chen… Chen Feng won the championship!”
The secretary may be out of breath because of the violent exercise just now, but Haolai expressed the central idea.
Hart, the owner of William Gaming Company, got up from his office chair with a squeeze. His eyes were full of shock, and he seemed to be unable to believe the result.
In order to ensure the final result of the game, their gaming company contacted the Dark Council in particular, and the final conclusion was that Wu Kun would definitely win.
Hart, who was waiting for the good news, didn’t expect to wait for the bad news, and Chen Feng won the game and won the championship.
“Go to his uncle, didn’t the Dark Council say that he will definitely win the game? Didn’t it mean that Chen Feng of China will lose? How could this be!” Hart muttered to himself with disbelief.
“It was not difficult to defeat Chen Feng in the early stage of Huajin with Wu Kun’s strength, but when the game was about to begin, Chen Feng actually broke through the middle of Huajin and defeated Wu Kun in one fell swoop!”
The secretary shivered aside and told the whole story.
“Yes…Is that so?”
Hart suddenly raised his head and looked at the secretary beside him. Hart heaved a sigh of relief after getting the secretary’s affirmation.
So it seems that in the middle of the game, Chen Feng broke through in the middle of the game. This is something that no one expected, and it was the big man behind the bookmaker who instigated ordinary people to bet on Chen Feng.
From this point of view, even if the bookmaker pays more in the end, it has nothing to do with him, and the responsibility of the big man behind it is now the most important division of responsibility for Hart.
“Old… boss, what shall we do?”
The secretary knew that the gaming company had lost money this time.
“Small bets are paid first. As for large amounts, don’t move on your own for the time being, wait for my notification!”
Hart deserves to be the boss. He understands that even if he loses all his assets, it is impossible not to pay for it. The best thing is to stabilize the gambler’s mentality.
“Then what reason do we use to convince those big gamblers?” the secretary asked cautiously.
“You can figure it out!” Harry rubbed his forehead and motioned for the secretary to go out.
After the secretary left the office, he looked back and sighed inwardly and said, “Those big gamblers are basically hundreds of millions. Why can I fool them?”
The news of Chen Feng’s victory has spread all over the world, and at the same time, it is very lively among the underground gangs in China.
“In my opinion, Mr. Jia’s eyes are like a torch, and he can see the essence at a glance!”
“My eyes are like a torch. The main reason why I can guess the end of the game is that I have witnessed all the deeds of Mr. Chen along the way. I am full of confidence in him!”
Mr. Jia did not conceal, but said truthfully, with pride in his words.
“Knowing that Mr. Jia’s eyes are like a torch, then we will vote more so that we won’t have to worry about no business!”
At this moment, a certain gangster in the northwest region opened his mouth and sent out a self-deletion idea in the group.
“You can’t say that. As the saying goes, small gambling is good, big gambling hurts the body, just right is the best!
“If you say that Chen Feng, Mr. Chen will fly into the sky if he does not fly. If he does not cry, he will be a blockbuster. This time the world martial arts competition can be said to be a brilliant show. Not only did he play his reputation, he also brought us to China. The national martial arts academia has also been promoted to the world, which can be said to have contributed a lot!
Mr. Jiang, the big man of Nangang, expressed his opinion in the group.
For a while, everyone was silent and felt that this statement was reasonable. Chen Feng alone changed the pattern of martial arts circles.
In the distant Eagle Country Lundo, William Gaming Company has ended a long meeting.
At dusk, the setting sun had already set, and red clouds appeared on the horizon.
After the meeting, the gamblers who made this bet will be compensated one by one.
In the Royal Palace of Eagle Country in London, Princess Anne walked towards the palace where her father was.
Chen Feng won the final championship. She already knew the news.
“Father, I was right, Hua Guo Chen Feng won the championship, you lost!”
When Princess Anne came to her father’s place, she said to her father with a proud face.
“Haha, congratulations, you won this bet!” Princess Anne’s father, King Charlton of Eagle Country, said with a smile on his face.
“Huh? So my father has complied with our gambling agreement, so he won’t regret it?”
Princess Anne couldn’t figure out her father’s tone, so she couldn’t help but asked in a low voice.
“Oh? Is it possible that your father is an unbelieving person in your eyes? Repent? Why repent!”
The Eagle King Charlton laughed.
“Father, what you mean is that even if I want to marry Hua Guo Chen Feng, you will not stop it, is that true?”
Princess Anne seemed to be able to hear her heartbeat, and she continued to ask.
“It’s like this, even if so, it’s impossible for your ideas to be satisfied!”
In the words, the Eagle King Charlton, who had a smile on his face, instantly put away his smile and responded with a serious face.
“You! What do you mean?”
Princess Anne asked involuntarily, a bad feeling emerged in her heart, and her smile was also put away.
“Whether you went to China to find him or he came to our Eagle Country, you showed your love for him in this country, but Chen Feng was unmoved, did he?”
The Eagle King Charlton sighed and continued: “Also, Chen Feng already has a wife. Although his wife is an ordinary person, in my opinion Chen Feng loves his wife very much!”

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