Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 784

Before the words of King Charlton of the Eagle Kingdom finished, Princess Anne’s face had become very pale.
Annie came up with a rebuttal, but she didn’t know how to express it, because she knew that her father was right, and she knew it in her heart, but she didn’t want to admit it.
“The chances of you and Chen Feng of China getting married are very small. If you only talk about Chen Feng’s feelings for his wife, this point can be ignored. The most important thing is that there is another important reason. This reason may be your last hope. Kill it completely!” King Charlton hesitated for a moment and said slowly.
“Father, what’s the most important reason?”
Princess Anne asked subconsciously, because she faintly noticed something wrong in her father’s tone and expression.
“The most important reason for this is that Chen Feng of China may be killed in Huangquan, and even this moment is about to come. It is not an exaggeration to say that maybe it will be tonight!”
Eagle King Charlton’s eyes flickered, and there was wisdom in his eyes. He continued to meditate a little: “Chen Feng of China has offended too many people, the head of the Hong Clan, the Solo family, the Mafia, and Dongying Mountain Pass Formation, Dongying’s martial arts world!”
“Furthermore, Chen Feng beat the heirs and heirs of these forces to death in front of all the audience more than once, indicating that he would never die with them. In this case, how do you think the other forces will retaliate against Chen? peak!”
King Charlton of the Eagle Nation did not hesitate to analyze the cause and effect of the incident.
“If I belong to several forces, then I will definitely remove Chen Feng and then quickly. It is absolutely impossible to wait for Chen Feng to grow up before doing it. Moreover, this kind of hands-on is not an ordinary hands-on, but a joint effort with other forces. Join hands to put Chen Feng to death!”
Upon hearing her father’s analysis, Princess Anne’s face was gloomy and worried, and from just a few words from her father, Princess Anne had already sensed the fatal danger.
But what should she do and what can she do?
“Father, when do you think they will do it?” Although Annie didn’t want to ask, she blurted out for Chen Feng.
“I think the fastest, just today, just tonight!” King Charlton paused and said.
Princess Anne was silent, her pale face could be seen in the light. From the joy at the beginning to the worry and panic now, Anne has not been able to react until now.
The setting sun has set, and the night has shrouded the earth. The streets of the Vatican are no longer lively during the day. They are a bit quieter. They are located in the churches of the Vatican.
“Look at this dress?”
The Saint Tiffany of the Vatican turned and asked the nun on the side. Saint Tiffany was very happy. Since the end of the game, Saint Tiffany has left the arena and returned to the room to clean up.
The nun looked confused. Since returning to the room, the saint Tiffany took a shower and then put on a light makeup, and then she started to clean up and was very busy.
“Saint, you are so beautiful today!”
The nun praised from the side. Although she was a little wondering what happened to the saint today, she did not dare to ask.
“Thank you, go down!”
Hearing the nun’s praise, Saint Tiffany looked content and waved to the nun to step down.
The nun bent down to salute, and then left the saint’s room.
When the nun left, Saint Tiffany sat on the sofa and looked at the wall clock on the wall. There was still an hour before the dinner, but Saint Tiffany felt that this hour was too long.
“He has promised the Pope to come back to attend the wedding banquet, then he will definitely come!” Saint Tiffany secretly said inwardly, looking forward to the evening banquet.
In another place, in the hotel prepared by the Vatican for the martial artists, Chen Feng listened to Ye Nantian’s teaching with a solemn expression.
“Xiaofeng, in my opinion, you don’t have to go to the evening banquet. Although you don’t know what is the meaning of Pope Zeus asking you to participate in the banquet, based on the current situation, if you leave the hotel, it will be very dangerous!” Ye Nan Tian also warned with caution.
“Well, brother, I know what you are worried about. It is Hongmen Hong Tianba, Dongying Miyamoto Takeno, Solo and others!” Chen Feng naturally knew what Ye Nantian worried about.
Regardless of the previous or recent matches, Chen Feng has beaten to death the descendants of these three forces more than once. Under such circumstances, they will never give up.
And these three people may join hands against Chen Feng regardless of reputation.
Ye Nantian nodded and continued: “They will definitely take action against you. There is no doubt about this. The reason why they haven’t done it yet is because the sky is not dark yet. If they are seen by others, they will inevitably be embarrassed, so There are some concerns. Second, the hotel here is within the scope of the World Martial Arts Organization. They dare not do anything to you here. If you do it, you will provoke the World Martial Arts Organization. In other words, if you stay here, it is safe! ”
“Can’t leave the hotel? Brother, then how do we get to the airport?” Chen Feng frowned. He knew that Senior Brother Ye Nantian was right, but if that was the case, he would not be able to leave here and return to China. Well, even if you board the plane of the meeting country, you may be hit by a cannonball.
After all, this is a lesson from the past. If the time comes, if you find any reason to say that it was an air crash, it will be hard for China to say anything.
“You don’t have to worry about this, you can wait, and the leader of the Chinese Armed Forces League will come here to participate in the general meeting of the World Martial Arts Organization!”
Ye Nantian paused and continued: “You must know that the leader of the king has reached the level of grandmaster with half his feet. It is far from Miyamoto Takeno and Hong Tianba, Solo and his like can resist!”
Chen Feng nodded. Just as he was about to say something, there was a knock on the door. Chen Feng turned and opened the door. Outside the door was Wu Zhizhou.
“Master Wu, do you have anything to do?” Chen Feng asked.
“It’s such a small peak. I was worried that you would go to the banquet, and I specifically asked your brother to persuade you to give up the banquet, but now it is no longer necessary!”
Wu Zhizhou closed the door after entering the room.
“Master Wu, what do you mean?” Chen Feng stunned, not understanding what Wu Zhizhou meant, even Ye Nantian looked at Wu Zhizhou.
“Pope Zeus has sent Zac, the former Archbishop of the Holy See, to come and pick you up for the dinner!” Wu Zhizhou said with a smile on his face.
Although Chen Feng didn’t understand who the archbishop was, but from Wu Zhizhou’s tone, he must be very strong, and his strength should be higher than Hong Tianba, Solo, and Miyamoto Takeno.

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