Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 786

All of this should originally belong to him. It is precisely because of this idea that Arthur can’t wait to eat his flesh, even with regard to Pope Zeus and Saint Tiffany. Also full of hatred.
“Dear guests, this is the banquet hall, and the pope and saint are waiting!”
Lukaku gave a one-handed cue and invited Chen Feng to enter.
“Thank you!”
Chen Feng nodded and walked away.
There are guards guarding the castle, and everyone who enters will be searched and inspected. However, due to the explanation of Pope Zeus, Chen Feng was not physically taken.
The door of the banquet hall was pushed open, and Chen Feng walked in. The room is not big, much smaller than some ordinary state banquets. The decoration of the room is very simple and there is a long table in the center. There are candles on the table.
Perhaps it was because the door was pushed open, bringing a gust of wind away, and the candlelight swaying with the wind seemed a little strange.
Pope Zeus and Saint Tiffany are already waiting. The pope is wearing a black robe with a cross on his neck, and his expression is not angry or pretentious.
Saint Tiffany, wearing a white robe, looked at Chen Feng with a shy expression on her face.
When Chen Feng walked in, Pope Zeus and Saint Tiffany stood up at the same time.
“Mr. Chen, welcome to come here as a guest!” Pope Zeus invited Chen Feng into his seat with a smile on his face.
“Mr. Chen, it’s nice to meet you!” Saint Tiffany said to Chen Feng with a smile on her face, except that this smile still showed a hint of her daughter’s shyness.
“His Majesty the Pope, Saint, I am honored to receive your invitation!”
Chen Feng smiled slightly and said to the two of them.
When Chen Feng took his seat, four nuns immediately set up the dinner table with their dinner. One of the nuns poured the wine to Pope Zeus, Chen Feng, and the saint respectively.
“Mr. Chen, I like the culture of China very much. I still know some of the wine culture. There will be wine at the banquet. Although this is Eagle Country, Mr. Chen is a guest. Tonight, according to China’s rules, you and I will be the first Have a drink!”
While Pope Zeus was talking, he raised the wine glass, the saint also raised the wine glass, and Chen Feng also took the glass, and all three of them took a sip.
The banquet has already begun.
Pope Zeus invited Chen Feng to have a meal with one hand. Chen Feng picked up the knife and fork and took a few bites. He could feel the beautiful eyes of Saint Tiffany flashing across from him, carefully observing Chen Feng.
“This second glass of wine, congratulations to Mr. Chen for winning the World Martial Arts Competition!”
While speaking, Pope Zeus raised his second glass of wine.
“Thank you!”
Chen Feng responded politely, and he pondered for a moment. Chen Feng continued: “I’m sorry, in the World Martial Arts Competition, I injured the captain of your country’s guard!” Chen Feng’s words were full of apologetics.
“Mr. Chen don’t care, there are too many warriors falling on stage in this game. Besides, life and death will inevitably happen in martial arts competitions. If my Holy See pursues such a thing, wouldn’t it make people laugh!”
Pope Zeus waved his hand and explained very generously.
“Thank you, the Pope!” Chen Feng responded with a smile, but his heart moved. I don’t know what the Pope intends.
After Chen Feng’s words came out, the scene fell into a brief silence.
“Mr. Chen, what do you think of Saint Tiffany!” a little pope said to Chen Feng.
Chen Feng was stunned and looked at the saint Tiffany on the side. An absurd idea emerged in his heart, but Chen Feng did not show it but smiled: “The saint has noble temperament, elegant, and even has an enviable face, like an angel. general!”
Hearing Chen Feng’s praise, Saint Tiffany’s face rose red, and her heart was as sweet as struggling honey.
“Oh? Does Mr. Chen really think so?” Pope Zeus asked again, and Chen Feng nodded.
“In this case, if the saint Tiffany marries Mr. Chen, I don’t think Mr. Chen will object!” After Chen Feng’s confirmation, the pope finally asked the core question of the banquet.
As soon as she said this, Saint Tiffany blushed like an apple, but she still looked expectantly at Chen Feng.
However, Chen Feng sat on the chair like five thunders, with an unbelievable expression on his face.
“Your Majesty, did you kid me?” After a brief astonishment, Chen Feng spoke in disbelief. He never thought that the purpose of the Pope calling him today was to marry the saint Tiffany to him.
Even if he had guessed the country in his mind before, but now he was affirmed by the pope, he still couldn’t believe it.
After all, Tiffany is the saint of the Holy See, and her identity is among the best in the world.
Those who want to marry her may be able to line up from the end of the Vatican city to the other end of the city.
As the spokesperson of the Holy See, Tiffany’s identity can be said to be noble and unimaginable.
Although in terms of land area and national strength, the Vatican is not prominent on a global scale, and it can even be said that the Vatican ranks very low in all countries.
However, many big countries, including the United States, Tsarist Russia, and China, dare not despise the Vatican, to be precise, they dare not despise the Holy See!
Because the Holy See has more than one billion believers, their believers are all over the world, and they are very religious.
No one can imagine what earth-shattering things these believers would do together, and no country would dare to let such things happen!
And apart from the distinguished identity, Tiffany also has a peerless face, a devil’s figure and noble temperament, and is a warrior in the early days of the God of War…
All of this can be used to describe Tiffany as perfect.
But now, Pope Zeus wants Tiffany to marry Chen Feng, how can he not shock Chen Feng?
After hearing Chen Feng’s words, Pope Zeus’s face became gloomy: “Chen Feng, do you think I would make fun of you about Tiffany’s marriage?”
Chen Feng was dumbfounded. It is indeed impossible for the Pope to make fun of Tiffany’s marriage. After all, the Pope is the master of the Holy See.
Seeing that Chen Feng did not respond, the Pope continued: “Tiffany was attracted to you the first time she saw you. She thought you were very special. Later, after you won the Global Martial Arts Championship, she was completely satisfied With your heart, just yesterday, she told me that she likes you.”
Hearing the words of Pope Zeus, Tiffany’s pretty face inevitably turned red. She lowered her head and buried it between her legs, not even daring to look at Chen Feng.
“In addition, apart from Tiffany’s reasons, I also feel that you are a very good man. You are completely worthy of Tiffany. It can be said that you and Tiffany are a match made in heaven.” Pope Zeus added, these words They are the truest thoughts in his heart. As he said, Chen Feng at this moment can indeed be called the best young man in the world.

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