Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 789

Augustus was very quick, and Chen Feng came to the junction of the Vatican and Rome. This was when Chen Feng came to attend the banquet. He had already checked the map and found out about this place.
There are no entrances and exits here, and there are walls of almost five or six meters high all around. Guards are standing guard on the walls, and soldiers wearing armors are patrolling below from time to time.
When he walked out of the banquet hall and saw a horse-drawn carriage parked not far away, Chen Feng decided to come and turn the tiger away from the mountain. He wants to leave the Vatican City from this place with no entrance and exit, and then use the time bought by the carriage for him to return to the Vatican Hotel as soon as possible.
Just as Chen Feng was about to get up and leave here, he noticed a strange breath. This breath was looming, and he felt it since he left the banquet hall.
So Chen Feng turned around, came to a hidden corner, tightened his mind and observed carefully.
However, nothing happened, and the strange breath also disappeared. The surroundings were still shrouded in darkness, and the footsteps of patrolling soldiers could be heard in the distance.
“Could it be my illusion? Or is it the breath of ancient history from the ancient buildings here?”
Chen Feng did not get the result.
The carriage had already traveled a distance, and there was not much time left, and Chen Feng decided not to hesitate anymore. Clever use of body skills, easily passed many guards, overturned the guarded wall, and disappeared into the night.
Ten minutes later, he successfully left the junction of Vatican City and Rome and walked on a pedestrian street in Rome.
This street is very lively, with brilliant lights everywhere, endless streams of vehicles, a dazzling array of goods, dazzling, dizzying, and the undulating hawking of each other is endless.
Taking advantage of the turbulent crowd here, Chen Feng quickly hit a car. After handing the driver some money, the car drove in the direction of the Vatican Hotel.
After half an hour, Chen Feng finally arrived at the Vatican Hotel safely.
After getting off the bus, Chen Feng looked around the hotel and found nothing unusual. Hanging in the mid-air heart, let it down a little bit.
Even though it is safe, Chen Feng still feels wrong, and the road goes too smoothly. It was this point that made Chen Feng faintly uncomfortable. It seemed that there was a bigger crisis waiting for him.
With perplexed doubts, Chen Feng did not rush back to his room, but knocked on the door of his senior brother Ye Nantian.
Ye Nantian opened the door, and Chen Feng greeted Wu Zhizhou as he was there. Then I told them what happened tonight.
“Pope Zeus is a heavyweight. Not only is he willing to let the saint marry you, but he also promises you the pope in the future.”
Wu Zhizhou had to sigh: “A hero is a boy!”
Then Wu Zhizhou added: “I just don’t know what wishful thinking the Pope is making, Xiaofeng, you have to pay attention.”
“Yes, Xiaofeng, Wu Zhizhou is right at all.” Ye Nantian also echoed at this time: “Although you cleverly used the Holy See as a cover for you tonight, your journey back here is too smooth, so smoothly for me. I feel uneasy.”
Ye Nantian frowned and looked at Chen Feng with worry. He didn’t want Xiaofeng to follow in his footsteps.
“Whether it goes well or not, the important thing is that Xiaofeng has returned safely now.” Wu Zhizhou said with a relaxed expression, “Furthermore, the leader of Luo Haotian will fly to the Vatican tomorrow morning. At that time, whether it is a flood or a beast. , You have to detour.”
Luo Haotian! That man whose name alone is enough to make people retreat. Ye Nantian’s eyes flashed hard to detect and felt sad. However, he immediately relaxed.
But Chen Feng was still lost in thought, where did this trace of anxiety come from?
In a place in the Vatican, the Pope’s office.
Zach left Chen Feng from the banquet hall and reported to Pope Zeus in detail about using the Holy See as a cover.
“Ho ho, I will play with some clever little guys!” The pope chuckled twice, and then asked Zach, “What do you think of this matter?”
“Return to His Majesty the Pope, to be honest, Chen Feng is a very clever boy who knows how to combine the right time and place to create momentum for himself. He expected that the three of Miyamoto Takeno should be afraid of our Vatican. First, they used the carriage to cover, then turned around. The junction with no entrances and exits cleverly created a time difference, making him retreat without any risk.”
Zach paused and said, “However, on the side of the carriage, unexpectedly, it was also unimpeded. Therefore, in my personal judgment, Miyamoto Takeno and the others have no intention of making a move.”
Pope Zeus nodded in agreement, “However, the three of Miyamoto Takeno hate Chen Feng, and you said before that when you pick up Chen Feng, the three of Miyamoto Takeno will stay outside the hotel. Chen Feng dared to leave the hotel, I am afraid they will soon be frustrated by them.”
“Then why are they not doing anything tonight?” Pope Zeus wondered.
Zach shook his head, saying that he didn’t know the reason for Xiazhong.
“Could it be that Miyamoto Takeno and the others know that Luo Haotian will be back tomorrow, so they dare not act rashly? Or, Luo Haotian has already arrived?” Pope Zeus’ eyes flashed with a sharp light.
“In return to the Pope, I think it is unlikely that Luo Haotian will arrive early, and it can even be said to be almost zero. With the character of Luo Haotian as an upright gentleman, he simply disdains and hides his whereabouts as a villain.” Zach denied the Pope’s speculation. Then he said something that shocked the Pope.
“Could it be that Augustus has come?”
Zac’s words made the face of Pope Zeus very ugly.
Augustus? The man who showed his talent for scary martial arts in the early days of the martial arts world. At that time, he was recognized by the entire martial arts world as the person who had the most chance to step into the legendary realm.
none of them!
One can imagine how enchanting Augustus’s talent is.
Not to mention Augustus, who has now stepped into the realm of God of War.
Before stepping into the God of War realm, it was only as long as Ye Nantian could compete with Augustus. Unfortunately, Ye Nantian was later calculated and besieged and disabled.
However, Augustus is an increasingly enchanting evildoer. After stepping into the God of War, he did not seek revenge on his enemies, but disappeared for several years. Then he suddenly appeared during a competition among many God of War realms, and defeated the power of several God of War realms on the spot.
Moreover, Augustus used the martial art he created for several years, “Hades Fist”. The powerful “Hades Fist” shocked the entire martial arts world. At the same time, it also made a name for itself in the underground world, controlling the entire dark world underground organization in one fell swoop. Self-proclaimed title-King of the Underworld.

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