Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 791

Wang Quan is deep in the Mediterranean Sea, on an unknown island.
Melo was guarding the entrance of a cave with a few confidantes.
This is one of the branch strongholds of the Dark World Organization. Many years ago, Augustus took a fancy to it and turned it into a place for his secret retreat and practice. The “Pluto Fist” that shocked the entire martial arts community was born here.
Apart from Augustus himself, the only people who knew this secret place were the close guards trained by his confidants Melo and Augustus himself.
Suddenly, the door of the specially designed cave opened. Augustus walked out of it calmly.
Melo looked worried. The reason why Augustus suddenly retreats this time is because when he was trying to attack that realm, the internal energy in his body suddenly rioted. The fierce internal energy was like a wild horse running out of its body, and it was damaged. The tendons caused him to almost lose his mind and explode to death.
Augustus gave Melo a soothing look and said: “It’s okay. The damaged veins have been repaired with the genius treasure you sent over. The veins and veins are more plastic and tough than before, and can hold more. A lot of internal energy execution. Moreover, I have vaguely touched the threshold that all the strong are crazy about.”
Augustus now thinks of it, and he is a little afraid. If the last moment was not to grit his teeth, withstand the pain of damaged tendons, and forcefully suppress the out of control internal strength, I am afraid that he would have been torn apart now and burst into death.
At the same time, he was also fortunate that this time a blessing in disguise, he finally touched the threshold of the gods.
With the affirmative reply from Augustus, the boulder pressing on Melo’s heart finally disappeared. The worries on his face were gone, and the frowning brows were also relaxed.
“Mello, did the three of Miyamoto Takeno, Solo, and Hong Batian take the advice we gave them?” Augustus asked.
“The report chairman, Miyamoto Takeno, Solo, and Hong Batian gave up the interception of Chen Feng. They left Rome that night.” Merlot replied.
“Fortunately, the three idiots Miyamoto Takeno, Solo and Hong Batian did not act recklessly.” Augustus sighed and said, “Although our dark world underground organization is not afraid of the anger of the Holy See and Luo Haotian, our The biological gene experiment project is at an important juncture, and we cannot take risks because of it.”
Melo nodded, “President, I know. If we are caught up by the martial arts organization where the Holy See and Luo Haotian belong because of Chen Feng’s affairs at this critical juncture, it will affect the president’s plan to enter the realm of gods. It is even possible that in the battle with the Holy See, Luo Haotian, and others, we may lose the strong in our dark world organization, no matter what the situation is, it will be detrimental to us.”
Augustus glanced at Merlot with admiration: “The analysis is correct. It is indeed the brain of our dark world organization.”
Melo was a little flattered and saluted Augustus: “My lord, you are praised. For the long-term development of the organization, the subordinates should do it.”
“Okay, very good.” Augustus praised Merlot again, and then continued; “Mello, I was a blessing in disguise this time, and happened to have a glimpse of the opportunity to step into the divine realm. So I wanted to take the choice and continue to retreat. , Break through to the realm of God in one fell swoop.
When Augustus talked about God Realm, there was a touch of excitement in his eyes that was hard to hide.
After a while, Augustus’s excitement slowly calmed down.
“Mello, I will tell you two things now.” Augustus said suddenly.
“My lord, please! The subordinates must be done.” Melo lowered his head and knelt down on one knee.
The surrounding guards all knelt down.
“The first thing is that the genetic modification project has reached the final tense moment. In order to ensure that the experiment can be successful as soon as possible, I need you to launch a small-scale man-made war and use the battlefield as a testing ground. Let those experimental experts be on site. Get the genes of those people.”
“The second thing, as far as we are concerned, we have too little information about the Holy See in the Vatican, so that we are so secretly unable to really penetrate the inside of the Holy See in the Vatican. Our movement and overall strength of the Vatican, It can be said that it only stays on the surface. Therefore, I hope you can recruit the young man named Arthur from the Vatican and let him become our heavenly eye in the Holy See.
Augustus said to Melo who was kneeling.
“My lord, the first thing is easy to handle. As long as you spread a little rumors, you can promote small-scale wars among the governments in remote areas, and we can intervene and get the information needed for the experimental report.” Melo said. Difficultly, said: “The second thing is more tricky than the first. Arthur’s status in the Holy See is not low. To wait for him to join, for us, there are only advantages and no disadvantages. Because of this, It is not easy for us to recruit him.”
Augustus thought for a while, and gave Melo a way, “Let’s do it, isn’t he abandoned by Chen Feng? You convey it to him for me, as long as he is willing to become a member of our dark world organization. After the biological genetic modification project is successful, I will ask technicians to inject biological genes into his discontinued arm, so that his arm will be better than before and his strength will be improved.”
“The subordinates understand, the subordinates know what to do.” After listening to Augustus, Melo was confident about taking Arthur.
After all, in this world, is there no strong person who doesn’t want to become stronger? As long as you become stronger, you can get more things.
Augustus continued: “The Chen Feng who killed William, we don’t need to attack him for the time being. Now he is very sharp and offended many forces in the martial arts organization competition. Even if we didn’t make a move, he would jump. It won’t be long. Even so, his fate will be much worse than his senior brother Ye Nantian back then.”
Augustus’ words seemed to herald Chen Feng’s next destiny. In his opinion. Chen Feng’s young and energetic approach will surely attract people’s envy, and he will die sooner or later. So Augustus didn’t bother to compete with a dying man.
He wants all his energy to focus on the impact to break through the gods. Augustus’s eyes were shining brightly, and he looked at Huaxia’s direction.
In the early morning, the whole world is clear and bright, and the sunlight is gently sprayed on the streets of Rome through the faint clouds, giving this ancient city with a long history a unique and pleasing feeling.
At about nine o’clock in the morning, a business jet specially flying from China to Rome arrived on time and landed at Umicino Airport on time.

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