Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 792

Luo Haotian, who is in white clothes, took the lead in rushing out of the crowd
In the waiting hall outside the airport passage, Wu Zhizhou was waiting there early. Waiting aside, there were Secretary-General Modric of the World Wushu Federation and Zach the Holy See. They also came to the airport early in the morning with Wu Zhizhou to wait for Luo Haotian’s arrival.
Modric represents the world martial arts joint organization. Zach represents the Holy See.
“Chairman Luo.” Wu Zhizhou and Modri ​​greeted Luo Haotian in unison.
“Your Excellency Luo Haotian, welcome to the Vatican.”
On the other hand, Zach made a ceremonial gesture to Luo Haotian to welcome the distinguished guests.
“Secretary-General Modric, Archbishop Zach, long time no see.”
Luo Haotian clasped his fists and responded with a smile.
The scene is very harmonious.
“Your Excellency Luo Haotian, since the last time I met you, your current strength has been further improved. It is estimated that you have touched the threshold of the legendary realm?!” Zach squinted.
Secretary-General Modric on the side also quietly looked at Luo Haotian.
Modric was surprised to find that Luo Haotian, who was more than half a hundred years old, still had black and bright short hair, and the panel was smooth and ruddy, like a boiled and shelled egg.
Both eyes are piercing, looking seriously, it seems that there are sparks jumping in it from time to time. It seemed that when the ruthless years faced Luo Haotian, there was nothing to do with him.
What surprised Modric the most was the surging blood in Luo Haotian’s body, like the billowing yellow river of Huaxia, the vitality never ceases, wave after wave. ”
“The realm of the gods has always been the realm in the legend. In the ancient notes or one or two books left by the ancients, later generations only saw a few narratives before they knew that there was such a realm. There is always no right path to give people a glimpse of the whole picture and uncover the mystery.”
Luo Haotian shook his head and smiled. Many years ago, he had already repaired the chain of internal energy in his body to the peak of Huajin. Although he knew the existence of the gods, he still had no way to take the most critical step.
Not only Luo Haotian, but in front of all the top powerhouses in the world, there is a sky that cannot be crossed by human power. This sky that cannot be crossed prevents them from advancing.
After so many years, no one can conquer this heaven.
Twenty minutes later, Luo Haotian came to the parking lot accompanied by Wu Zhizhou, Modric and Zac. An extended commercial vehicle had been waiting here for a long time.
“Elder Wu, is Chen Feng in the Vatican Hotel now?” Luo Hao asked Wu Zhizhou after getting in the car.
Also in the car, De Modric and Zac were taken aback. All reacted immediately.
Luo Haotian was going to see the young man Chen Feng.
“Yes, President Luo. Chen Feng and others are still in the Vatican Hotel.” Wu Zhizhou replied.
“Secretary-General Modric, can I trouble you to take me through the Vatican Hotel now?” Luo Haotian then spoke to the Holy See Dezac: “Your Excellency Zach, please allow me to go to the Vatican Hotel first, because I have something to do. Explain to Chen Feng. After I explain it to you, I will go back to the Holy See with you and visit your teacher.
Zach, who was sitting next to Modric, nodded, indicating that there was no problem.
Modric replied, “It’s okay, President Luo.”
This time Luo Haotian mainly came to participate in the general meeting of martial arts organizations around the world, and the person in charge this time was Luo Haotian. Modric is here to pick up the plane on behalf of martial arts organizations around the world, so Modric will have no objection to any arrangement made by Luo Haotian.
Half an hour later, the extended version of the commercial vehicle was brought to the entrance of the Vatican Hotel.
Under the guidance of Wu Zhizhou, Luo Haotian soon came to the door of Chen Feng’s room.
“Elder Wu, I want to chat with Chen Feng alone.”
“Okay, President Luo.”
Wu Zhizhou turned and left. In my heart, I was secretly saying: Xiaofeng, this kid is really capable, and even people like President Luo come to him personally.
“Bang” “bang”
Luo Haotian reached out and knocked on the door. The intensity is not great, but there is a sense of rhythm.
After a while, the door of the room opened from the inside, and Chen Feng appeared in front of Luo Haotian.
While Luo Haotian was looking at Chen Feng, Chen Feng was also looking at Luo Haotian.
Chen Feng looked at Luo Haotian in front of him, and said to himself: Is this the President Luo Haotian that everyone often mentions? What a strong breath!
Although both of them had known the name and deeds of the other party from the mouth, it was the first time to meet like this, and each was full of curiosity about each other.
“Hello, Lord Luo, please come in.” After regaining consciousness, Chen Feng took the lead and made an inviting gesture.
“Sure enough, the hero was born in a young age, neither humble nor overbearing, young and promising.”
Luo Haotian smiled and praised Chen Feng for several consecutive sentences, then walked into Chen Feng’s room, and finally sat down on the sofa.
Chen Feng quickly offered Luo Haotian a cup of tea.
“President Luo, after flying on the plane for so long, I’ll have a sip of tea before talking.”
“Okay!” Luo Haotian was not polite, holding up his teacup and taking a sip slowly.
“Xiaofeng, Pope Zeus is still waiting for me in the Holy See. Apart from seeing you when I came here today, I also want to tell you two things.” Luo Haotian went straight to the subject.
Chen Feng, who was sitting opposite Luo Haotian, said with a serious look, “Chairman Luo, please say it!”
“The first thing is that the Chinese martial arts community has been paying attention to this world martial arts organization competition. Your performance can be said to be perfect, and it has been recognized by many people! And you have shown us well to the world The demeanor of Chinese martial arts demonstrates the unique spirit of our Chinese martial artists, and defends the glory of the Chinese martial arts academia and the military! On behalf of the Chinese martial arts community, I would like to express my gratitude to you!
As soon as the voice fell, Luo Haotian stood up, clasped his fists in both hands to express his gratitude to Chen Feng.
Luo Haotian’s move scared Chen Feng hurriedly got up from the sofa, and immediately clasped his fists in return.
“Chairman Luo, this is what I should do. I believe that every warrior of China, standing on the field of the world competition, will do his best to maintain the dignity and glory that belongs to China. It is better than saving his life.” Chen Feng’s voice is firm and powerful.
“Good! Good! Good!”
Luo Haotian said three things in a row. I am more and more satisfied with Chen Feng’s performance, not very happy, modest and polite.
“The second thing is that in this martial arts competition organized around the world, you defeated many young generations of talents and won the championship. This is your personal glory, and you can be proud of it.” Luo Haotian turned his face and looked serious. Chen Feng said: “However, the wood is beautiful in the forest, and the wind will destroy it. This glory also pushes you to the forefront of the storm, making you the focus of everyone’s attention. Therefore, whether it is your former enemy or your current enemy, Their response is to get rid of you and kill you in the cradle regardless of all costs.”

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