Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 794

That incredible Chen Yingrou was crazy.
Before the start of the world martial arts competition, Chen Boyong wanted to use the Jing family to get rid of Chen Feng, and the Jing family sent Jing Teng to fight Chen Feng. As a result, Jing Teng, who was defeated, was crushed by Chen Feng’s head, and his life returned to the west.
Chen Yingrou, who was receiving treatment in the nursing home at the time, lost her senses after learning the results. She raised her lowered head, her eyes were red and her expression was distorted. She grabbed the nurse next to her and shouted: Chen Feng is dead. ! Chen Feng is finally dead!
Jing Teng’s death became the last straw that overwhelmed Chen Yingrou’s spirit.
Today, Chen Boyong uses the power of his family to send Chen Yingrou to a famous mental hospital in Yanjing for treatment.
However, as long as Chen Yingrou wakes up from the effect of the tranquilizer, she will only shout loudly: Chen Feng is dead! Chen Feng is dead! Hahaha, Chen Feng, you are finally dead!
Chen Yingrou, who has been in a state of madness for a long time, can’t take care of herself at all.
Chen Boyong took out a thick smoke and sighed deeply.
In the eyes of Chen Boyong, the former Chen Feng was just the stronger one among the many ants.
But now, after Chen Feng won the championship of the world martial arts organization, all this has changed. Now if you want to trouble Chen Feng, you have to weigh it. After all, Chen Feng is different now.
“Bang!” “Bang!”
While Chen Boyong was thinking about countermeasures, there was a clear sound after another, followed by the sound of high-heeled shoes touching the ground.
Chen Boyong could hear that the owner of the footsteps was very anxious, and the footsteps came to him from a distance.
The door of the study was pushed open from the outside. The person here is Chen Boyong’s wife-Wang Xiumei.
“Ah!” “Ah!”
Wang Xiumei felt uncomfortable due to the smoke coming from her face. While coughing, she fanned her hand in front of her nose.
“What’s the matter?” Chen Boyong asked, looking at his wife in front of him.
Wang Xiumei covered her mouth with her hand, and said in a puffed voice, “Rouer, she is fine.”
“What? Alright? What do you mean?” Chen Boyong was taken aback. He vaguely guessed what his wife wanted to say, but he didn’t dare to confirm.
“I said, Rou’er’s illness is cured and she is healed.” Wang Xiumei’s tone was full of excitement.
Chen Boyong was overjoyed and stuffed the cigarette butts that he didn’t know when he went out into the ashtray.
“What’s the situation? Why did Rou’er’s disease heal suddenly?”
“Look at what you said, is it that your daughter will live in a mental hospital for the rest of your life to be happy?” Wang Xiumei gave Chen Boyong a faintly blank glance, “Let’s go to the hall outside and say.
After speaking, Wang Xiumei turned and left.
Chen Boyong quickly followed and strode out of the study.
He, who was depressed just now because of Chen Feng’s affairs, suddenly became cheerful. At least there can be a good message.
Sitting on the sofa in the living room, Wang Xiumei took two sips from the tea cup on the coffee table. The smell of smoke in the study made her feel very uncomfortable.
“Old Chen, let me tell you that Rouer’s place is able to heal so quickly, thanks to my credit.” Wang Xiumei saw Chen Boyong sitting down opposite her and said.
“How do you say?” Chen Boyong looked at Wang Xiumei with some doubts.
So many well-known experts in Yanjing said they were helpless with her daughter’s condition. Now she is suddenly healed, but his wife actually said it was her contribution? This is how the same thing?
“Actually, I told Rou’er that that little bastard Chen Feng was killed by someone else in the game.” Wang Xiumei told the truth unhurriedly.
“What?” Chen Boyong stood up all of a sudden, his eyes widened.
“Don’t be surprised.” Wang Xiumei walked to Chen Boyong’s side, helped him sit down, and then said, “Old Chen, just imagine that Rou’er lost her mind because of that little bastard Chen Feng. I just aimed at this point and told Rou’er that Chen Feng was beaten to death during the match.”
“My trial proved effective. Rou’er, who was still struggling and screaming, stopped and asked me if it was true? I was overjoyed and there was a play. I quickly said yes. Now my daughter has slowly recovered. Calm and receive medical treatment.
Wang Xiumei told Chen Boyong about Chen Yingrou’s situation.
“However, this method treats the symptoms but not the root cause. Sooner or later, my daughter will leave the mental hospital. At that time, she will know that Chen Feng is not really dead.” Wang Xiumei said suddenly: “In order to let her daughter achieve a true recovery, so Chen Feng must die.”
After listening to his wife Wang Xiumei, Chen Boyong fell into deep thought.
“Old Chen, the Jing family owed us a great kindness to the Chen family a long time ago, and this time what the Jing family promised us to do was not done, and didn’t Jing Teng of the Jing family also die in Chen Feng’s hands? Let’s stir up the emotions of the Jing family. I don’t believe they can stand this tone.” Wang Xiumei said her thoughts.
Chen Boyong squinted his eyes and gritted his teeth.
“it is good.”
In another place in Yanjing. The depths of the ancestral courtyard of the Jing family.
Jing Yunfeng gathered all the capable core members of the Jing family to hold an emergency meeting. Among these people, there is also a line of Jing Yunlin.
“Today, I called everyone over for this family meeting for only one reason: I want to discuss with you how to deal with Chen Feng’s little bastard!”
“Next, let Shiming tell you about Chen Feng’s current situation.” Jing Yunfeng motioned to Jing Shiming to describe.
“I believe everyone has learned through various means that Chen Feng has won the championship in the world organized martial arts competition. Moreover, in the final match against William, he actually broke through the early stage of Huajin and entered the middle of Huajin. “Jing Shiming paused and said, “This change made our original idea of ​​using the hands of those people in the competition to kill Chen Feng completely defeated.”
Jing Shiming continued: “According to the latest information now, Chen Feng has returned to China. Before Xiao Teng’s death, our Jing family and Chen Feng have fallen into an endless situation. According to the character that the kid will report, Our Jing family will face this huge crisis.”
After Jing Shiming finished speaking, the entire conference room fell into a strange atmosphere.
None of the people in the conference room expressed their opinions. Everyone who can sit here is a human being. After learning that Chen Feng’s strength had entered the mid-phase of transformation, it was very clear that it would cost a great price to kill him.
“Before I called you to this meeting, Chen Boyong of the Chen family couldn’t help but call me. He asked us to use all available means to get rid of Chen Feng.” Jing Yunfeng at this time Suddenly he said: “Presumably everyone here is aware that a long time ago, our Jing family owed a great kindness to the Chen family, so that the Jing family at that time can be saved, and we are today.”

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