Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 796

There is a table of wine on the table. These wines are the personal treasures of the owner of this bar. They will only be brought out when entertaining distinguished guests. Usually, if someone buys one or two from the boss, they will be politely rejected by the boss.
In fact, this card holder for the best VIP on the third floor is indeed not something that ordinary people can order.
In Yanjing, if the family is not a super-family, or has real power in some places, and has a net worth of more than 10 billion yuan, you don’t have to think about ordering a card package on the third floor of Yuefei Bar.
In the card bag, there are six young people sitting. These six young people were dressed in high-end custom-made brand-name clothes. It’s just that there are no female partners around them, and the atmosphere is suppressed and silent.
When just sitting down, when the young man in the middle picked up the wine glass to drink, the other young people quickly picked up the wine glass in front of them and toasted to the young man in the middle.
He bowed his posture and said flattering words on his face.
However, the young man in the middle did not pay attention to them at all, and was drinking for himself.
The owner of Yue Fei Bar once walked over halfway and wanted to toast to them all, but was rejected by the organizer of the wine bureau tonight. As long as he can build a relationship with any young person here, he can benefit from it.
Especially the one sitting in the middle of the card package, if you can have a good relationship with him, even if he kneels on the side and pours for him, it won’t be a problem.
The young man mentioned by the owner of the bar Yue Fei is Chen Yingcai, the son of Chen Boyong of the Chen family.
Today, the person who started the wine bureau is Chen Yingcai’s future brother-in-law-Hua Yu.
At that time, the reason why Chen Yingcai’s good career was ruined by Chen Feng was because of Huayu himself. And Huayu was also arrested by the police for that incident, and finally punished in accordance with public security management and detained for fifteen days.
In this box, apart from Huayu, the other young people are also remarkable second-generation leaders.
Some of them, Lao Tzu is an official in Yanjing, Lao Tzu is a big man in the business world, and another is “Northeast King” Jia Wanhao’s son-Jia Dong.
Jia Dong is also a super rich second-generation, and he has known Huayu early. At the wine bureau tonight, he just wanted to get to know Chen Yingcai through the line of Huayu.
It can even be said that everyone present is holding this idea.
Unfortunately, Chen Yingcai did not give them a chance to introduce herself. After coming to the card package, he drank himself, ignoring everyone.
“I said Huayu, Chen Shao looks like he is in a bad mood. He was drinking boring wine by himself, and the atmosphere was very embarrassing. How about we find a few women to accompany the wine to cheer up and liven up the atmosphere?” Jia Dong Approaching Huayu, he lowered his voice and suggested to Huayu.
“Do you want me to die? Let my sister know that I took her husband, and my future brother-in-law came out to find a young lady to accompany him for a drink. Her old man must interrupt me with a third leg!”
Hua Yu’s face became very ugly, and she felt scared when she thought of his sister. The reason why he didn’t organize those places today is because Chen Yingcai is his future brother-in-law’s relationship.
“Oh, I just called over to have a drink and chat, and don’t do anything. Besides, I yelled, not you. Even if you know it, you just push things to me and it will be over! What’s more Your sister doesn’t necessarily know,” Jia Dong said thiefly.
“Okay.” Jia Dong said that at this point, Huayu was too embarrassed to refuse, and then asked again: “However, my brother-in-law is definitely not a girl who can’t accompany wine on the court. At this point in time, I don’t Good people from outside come here.”
As soon as Huayu’s voice fell, Jia Dong stretched out his finger to the first floor. The deck pointed by the finger was Lin Wanqiu and the others. “The four chicks are all top-notch, especially the chick in the tight purple V-neck jumpsuit and hip skirt. It is simply the best of the best, and it will definitely satisfy your brother-in-law!”
Hua Yu also felt his eyes shine.
“Then you go and call them up.” Hua Yu said.
“Okay.” Jia Dong responded to Hua Yu and nodded respectfully to Chen Yingcai. Then turned around and went downstairs.
Chen Yingcai didn’t seem to see it, and continued to drink there.
Jia Dong knew very well that if Chen Yingcai couldn’t make Chen Yingcai happy tonight, it would be unlikely that he would want to fawn on him in the future. So he was more determined, no matter what method he used, he must let the four of Lin Wanqiu and the others go upstairs to play with Lin Yingcai!
While thinking, Jia Dong confidently walked towards Lin Wanqiu’s booth.
“Four beauties, I’m very glad to meet you here.” After a while, Jia Dong walked up to Lin Wanqiu and the others with a glass of wine, and smiled: “Meeting is fate, shall we have a drink?”
Lin Wanqiu and the four of them have been used to this kind of common chatting, and they didn’t say anything, but out of courtesy, they clinked a glass with Jia Dong in the air.
“Four big beauties, I’ve seen sitting here for a long time. It’s quite boring. I don’t want the card holder on top of me. Sitting inside? There are five friends on top of me, everyone. Get to know each other, have a drink and chat together.”
After a brief conversation, Jia Dong explained his intentions.
“Thank you, go back and tell your friends, we understand your kindness, and we won’t pass it.”
“Yes, before you, we have all received seven or eight invitations, but you see, we are still sitting here.”
Two of the girls in the same seat refused Jia Dong separately.
Jia Dong’s complexion changed slightly and became a little embarrassed. He continued to ask Lin Wanqiu persistently, “We really have nothing else to do. We just want to get to know you, have a drink and chat together.”
Lin Wanqiu shook her head and said, “I’m sorry, I’m not interested.”
“Beauty, think about it again, my friends are very good.”
Jia Dong emphasized the meaning of their friends are excellent. Although he was rejected twice, he was patient and continued to send out invitations.
“Ho ho, what does it matter to me?”
Lin Wanqiu frowned impatiently. After learning that Chen Feng was coming to see her, her mood became particularly good. This is why she is willing to accept Jia Dong’s toast.
As the sentence says, the days waiting to meet you are shining before and after.
It’s a pity that this beautiful mood was ruined by this annoying.
Lin Wanqiu’s words made Jia Dong’s face extremely ugly as the son of the Northeast King. ! All the time, only women have posted on him, but today he was looked down upon after being rejected twice in a row.

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