Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 81

“Yes, Chen…Brother Feng.” Ahao exclaimed with a look of joy. He wanted to call Chen Shaochen, but he swallowed when the words reached his mouth, because when he came out this time, Chen Feng told him not to call him Mr. Chen Shaochen.
“No, you can’t let him sit here!” Before Zhuang Haoren spoke, Liu Yiyi’s face was cold, and he spoke first, and let the old farmer sit opposite her. Isn’t it disgusting to her?
Chen Feng frowned slightly, and said coldly: “This is your seat?”
Liu Yiyi choked, this is naturally not her seat, but immediately she stared at Chen Feng angrily again: “But it’s not yours either. Why do you let your friend give up your seat? Why don’t you give up your seat? , Selfish ghost!”
A Hao’s face became cold and he wanted to say that he likes to stand, but Chen Feng waved his hand and said: “Why explain to her, A Hao, let this old man come and sit down.”
“Yes, Brother Feng.” Ahao nodded.
“I can’t do it, little brother, I just have to stand up.” The old farmer hurriedly waved his hand. He was very moved by how Ahao and Chen Feng helped him, but he also knew that Liu Yiyi and Zhuang Haoren had both backgrounds. Not simple, he didn’t want Ahao and Chen Feng to offend Liu Yiyi and Zhuang Haoren because of him.
“Old man, it’s okay, come here and sit, I’m standing.” Ahao frowned and said.
“I’ll say it again, you can’t let him sit here!” Seeing A Hao going to help the old farmer, Liu Yiyi suddenly became anxious, blocking in front of A Hao, she didn’t want to be smoked all the way.
“That is, why do you want to pretend to be a good person?” Zhuang Haoren also said to the side.
“You say one more thing, believe it or not, I will throw you out?” Chen Feng glanced at Zhuang Haoren coldly and said.
Directly facing Chen Feng’s icy gaze, Zhuang Haoren couldn’t help but tremble, but still insisted: “Dare you!”
“You can try I dare not!” Chen Feng sneered.
Zhuang Haoren opened his mouth, still wanting to speak a few more words, but when he saw A Hao who was eager to try, he stopped speaking. He found that neither A Hao nor Chen Feng was normal. Maybe he could really do it. He threw out this kind of thing.
This time, Liu Yiyi stopped being savage and self-willed, and let Ahao walk over.
Although she has not experienced the baptism of society, she is not stupid. She knows that Ahao and Chen Feng are two adult men after all, and they are really going to conflict. She is a weak woman, and she is fighting against them.
But after getting off the bus, she must teach Chen Feng a lesson!
The old farmer was pressed into a chair by Ahao, but he was very frightened, and he was restless all the way, and he didn’t even dare to lift his head.
“Old man, what are you doing in Jinling?” Chen Feng glanced at the black cloth bag that the old farmer was holding tightly in his arms and asked lightly.
“My son is sick, I’m going to give him medical expenses.” Seeing Chen Feng looking at his black cloth bag, the old farmer was immediately prepared and held the black cloth bag in his arms again, but his tone was still very cautious.
Chen Feng smiled, and did not pay attention to the old farmer’s guarded eyes. As soon as the old farmer got on the car, he could see that the old farmer’s black cloth bag contained at least five to six thousand yuan, five to six thousand yuan, and Chen For Feng, it wasn’t a lot of fifty or six cents, but for this old farmer, it was his life’s savings.
The reason why Chen Feng allowed the old farmer to sit here was that he couldn’t understand Zhuang Haoren’s bullying behavior, and secondly, he discovered that as soon as he got on the car, he was spotted by some gangsters walking between the cars. .
Although this old farmer had a strong sense of anti-thief, he was holding a black cloth bag from the moment he got on the car, but Chen Feng dared to pack the ticket, and the stealing methods of those thieves were definitely more clever.
Mastering the stick, but aiming for the yard.
If the old farmer is standing in the crowd, at most ten minutes, the money in his bag will turn into a pile of paper.
I’m afraid he will find his money is missing until he gets to the hospital.
Letting the old farmer sit next to him is also a kind of protection in disguised form. Chen Feng doesn’t believe that there are thieves who can steal things from under his nose.
When the train was approaching the station, it traveled very slowly.
At this time, Zhuang Haoren’s phone rang.
“Brother Zhuang, the brothers have arrived at the train station, and now they are waiting for the two little boys to get off.” A vicious voice came from the other end of the phone.
“Let the brothers wait, the car will arrive at the stop soon.” Zhuang Haoren gave Chen Feng and A Hao a triumphant glance and smiled.
“Have you heard? My people have arrived, you two, it’s still too late to kneel down to Lao Tzu begging for mercy.” Zhuang Haoren raised his nostrils and said arrogantly.
Chen Feng and Ahao didn’t even look at Zhuang Haoren, but the old farmer looked at Zhuang Haoren anxiously and pleaded: “This boss, my two little brothers, they didn’t mean it. Let them go.”
“Old stuff, shut up! Do you think I will let you go for a while?” Being ignored by Chen Feng and A Hao, Zhuang Haoren’s anger was even worse, and he had to take the old farmer out of anger.
“Old man, don’t be afraid, after getting off the car, it’s not necessarily who kneels and begged for mercy.” Chen Feng lazily comforted. Some people must die, and he can’t stop him.
“Cut! I’m scared to death, but I’m still bragging here.” Liu Yiyi rolled his eyes disdainfully, feeling that Chen Feng was still pretending to be forced. Since Zhuang Haoren knew the foreman, he called him, and he was naturally on the construction site. Workers in China, these people fight, but they are all good at fighting, just Chen Feng and Ahao, the two are as thin as a monkey, I am afraid they can be kicked to death with one kick.
Chen Feng ignored Liu Yiyi.
Liu Yiyi didn’t want to be bored anymore, took out his cell phone and made a call: “Mummy, I’m here, where are you?”
“Fortunately, I ran into some disgusting men in the car.”
“Love you mommy, mua!”
“Jinling Station has arrived. Please take care of your luggage and leave the station in an orderly manner…”
The radio inside the carriage sounded, and Chen Feng opened his eyes fiercely.
Jinling, here it is!
“Little brother, run quickly. This is the train station. There are police officers. Go to the police.” The old farmer looked at Chen Feng anxiously.
“Look for the police? Huh, can the police protect you for the rest of your life?” Zhuang Haoren smiled disdainfully, he didn’t believe that Chen Feng and A Hao would always live at the train station.
“Old man, you don’t care about us, we have a way, you can go first.” Chen Feng smiled lightly.
“It’s nothing, old man, let’s go, your son is still waiting for you.” Chen Feng said.
The old farmer stomped his foot, gave Chen Feng a helpless look, and then turned and left.
“Boy, dare you take a trip with Lao Tzu?” Zhuang Haoren asked Chen Feng provocatively while holding a briefcase. The old farmer left after leaving, but Chen Feng and A Hao, he must not Let it go.
Chen Feng smiled faintly: “Why not dare.”
Liu Yiyi licked her little cherry mouth, it’s this time, still pretending. Men are really stupid creatures.
“I’ll see my brother in a while, I hope you can still pretend like this!” Zhuang Haoren snorted coldly.

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