Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 801

But Lin Wanqiu had disappeared, and Chen Feng smiled and turned to leave.
“Have you heard?”
“What did you hear?”
A man and a woman choosing goods at the convenience store are talking about something.
“Don’t you know? The beauty president of the Xia family had an affair with his secretary. It seemed that someone had caught him in a photo.”
“It’s true, so a beautiful woman has an affair. Doesn’t she have a husband?”
“I can lie to you, my brother-in-law still has photos of her. That woman is so beautiful. At first glance, she is the beautiful president. What’s wrong with having a husband? Maybe her husband can’t satisfy her?”
The woman in her thirties didn’t shy away from speaking at all.
“I seem to remember that her husband is a takeaway. It’s no wonder that a son-in-law has no status. Maybe his wife wore him a green hat early in the morning!”
What the two people said seemed to be getting more and more true, as if this thing had really happened.
Xia Mengyao didn’t know where the rumor came from, but it was spread all over the city for a while.
As soon as she learned the news, she had already made an announcement.
Resolutely refute rumors, and even pursue legal responsibility for those who spread the rumors.
But this kind of rumors, good people never read any of the words seriously, they only believe what they are willing to believe, and the beauty president cheats, this kind of thing happens to be what they like to see.
“Mr. Xia, the matter should be handled coldly. It was originally a rumor. If there is no follow-up after a while, the rumor will be self-defeating.”
Xia Mengyao sat at the desk, she was also irritable.
Since she and Chen Feng left the Xia family, they haven’t stopped for a moment, and now it may be a message spread by those opponents.
“The announcement has already been made. Let’s watch for a while. Those guys must have follow-ups. I know them too much. If they don’t get anything, they don’t even bother to lift their legs. .”
Chen Feng arrived in Cangzhou at 7 o’clock in the morning. It was 9 o’clock when he got the rumored message. Only one hour after Xia Mengyao’s announcement was issued, he hurried to see Xia Mengyao.
Chen Feng asked as soon as the two met.
“Meng Yao, are you okay!”
Xia Mengyao looked a little haggard, but seeing Chen Feng coming over, she still cleared up her mood and made herself look not ugly.
“How did you come?”
“After I came back, I stayed in Yenching all night and came over.”
Xia Mengyao knew what he was going to do in Yanjing, and her heart was a little sour, but she still smiled.
“Just come back.”
Chen Feng was worried about her, so he asked again.
“What are you going to do with the rumors spreading outside?”
“What else can I do, I can’t seal the mouths of those guys, just say what they want. I have a clear conscience.”
“They? Do you know who is causing you trouble?” Chen Feng asked.
“Who else can it be, those people in my family. Since I left the Xia family, they have looked down on us more and more. They thought that we had left the Xia family and soon begged to go back, but they didn’t expect us to be better than them? It’s going to be better, some people won’t be able to pass it.”
At the beginning, Chen Feng proposed the separation of the family. With a project cost of 500 million, he used this as a condition to allow them to agree to the separation of Xia Mengyao.
But I didn’t expect that they didn’t know how to be grateful, and they did this kind of thing.
“I will take you to my home.”
Chen Feng was very angry, and the consequences were serious.
He commanded with a tone that no one could refute, but Xia Mengyao still shook her head.
“They won’t admit it, and they must find someone to do it. We have no evidence, and it’s useless if we go.”
“Just follow me.”
He still said the same thing, and when he finished speaking, he would take Xia Mengyao away.
Xia Mengyao suddenly felt a warmth in her heart. She hadn’t had this feeling for a long time. She was pulled by him, and she looked at Chen Feng.
Let him lead himself.
When he came to Xia’s home, the butler at the door knew Chen Feng, and when he saw Chen Feng bringing Xia Mengyao in, he also showed a surprised expression.
“Where are they?” Chen Feng asked.
“It’s all in the living room.” The butler didn’t know why he said it directly.
The two of them walked to the living room familiarly, just to see Xia Hao coming out of it.
“You…, Chen Feng…”
He is a little incoherent.
Before letting him finish speaking, Chen Feng forced him to ask.
“You did the rumored thing?”
He was taken aback for a moment, and then he reacted.
“Don’t talk nonsense, I don’t know what the rumors are.”
“I haven’t said what the rumors are, what are you doing so anxiously to deny?”
Chen Feng’s words were cold, and the eyes staring at Xia Hao could see through his heart.
“I…, I heard that too, no way!”
He was a little guilty, and returned to the living room after speaking, not knowing what he wanted to do when he came out.
Chen Feng ignored him and was going to go straight in.
Xia Mengyao pulled him.
“Is it bad to go in?”
After comfortingly touching Xia Mengyao’s hand, Chen Feng said.
“It’s okay, I will solve it.”
The door of the living room was opened, and the Xia family sitting inside were all ready for Chen Feng to come in. It should have been what Xia Hao said just now.
“What did you do?”
Someone asked in a bad tone.
Chen Feng didn’t even look at him, scanning the group of old and young Xia family with a solemn expression.
“I came here today only for one thing. What you did to Mengyao I hope you can solve it yourself. I don’t want to wait for me to do it myself. The Xia family is just a Xia family. I don’t have the Xia family of Mengyao. It’s worthless in the eyes.”
Every word and sentence of his words were heard clearly by everyone.
But in the living room of the Xia’s villa, I told all the Xia family members to listen to it, as if someone had eaten a dead fly with their head pressed, and no one had a good-looking expression.
But Chen Feng stood there, and there was no one who dared to question even one sentence.
They knew Chen Feng was great, and they knew he was a ruthless person.
Chen Feng saw what Xia Hao wanted to say, but was stopped by the people beside him.
Everyone looked at Chen Feng and was silent for a few seconds before Chen Feng said again.
“Soon, then I won’t bother you to eat.”
The youngest of the Xia family could not wait to send this plague god away immediately, where he would dare to say nothing.
Wait until the two come out.
“You are so strong, how can you let me let my parents face them in the future!”
Xia Mengyao was soft-hearted, so she still thought about the existence of the possible trace of family affection.
“Do you think they still consider you a relative?”
Xia Mengyao didn’t know how to answer, she was silent.
It could be seen that Mengyao was afraid of what was left of her who had abandoned her family.
Chen Feng comforted.
“Meng Yao, you are never alone, you have me and parents.”

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