Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 805

After leaving the house in front, there is a nine-fold bridge, a green hill can be seen in the distance, and the sound of birds can be heard in the quiet.
The lotus leaves piled up in the pond, covering the entire lake.
“This is a good place for vacation and leisure. If Chen Shao likes it, I can let Chen Shao join in as an introducer.”
The fat man introduced.
“The place is good, but the smell of some people makes it smoky. I think it’s fine. I’d rather go outside alone.”
“Chen Shao is really different.” The fat man praised again.
Soon a few people came to the foot of the mountain, where there is a dojo.
There were some houses beside the dojo, and from afar, Chen Feng saw someone sitting in the corridor waiting for Chen Feng and them.
When he walked in, it was Wang Luobing and his party.
But one of them surprised Chen Feng.
“Dao Master Qingqiu, why are you here?”
Qingqiu, who was only a one-sided bond that day, was also here.
“It turned out to be you fellow Daoist! I didn’t expect us to meet again.”
Qingqiu looked at Chen Feng again, and Chen Feng had to pay back.
“I ran into Master Wang on the banks of the Luoshui River two days ago. I saw that he was also aloof with force, so I discussed some martial arts. But I didn’t want him to say that there was a competition at the peak of strength in the past two days. I was itching for a while, so I asked Master Wang allowed me to wait and see.
It’s just that I didn’t expect that the person in the competition was actually you. ”
He was still dressed in the Taoist robe, with the long sword on his back.
“The Daoist Master is really a good martial artist.”
“Little brother knows Daoist Qingqiu?” Wang Luobing asked.
Chen Feng nodded, but Qingqiu’s arrival would not change their upcoming competition.
“I have already brought the things that Master Wang wanted. I don’t know where you put the bluestone.”
When Chen Feng finished speaking, Wang Luobing clapped his hands, and three or four guys carried a box and walked to the side of the dojo.
“Little brother can inspect the goods. Then the “Ji Dao Zhen Jie”?”
Chen Feng did not hesitate, and took out the thread-bound book from his wide sleeve.
“This is it.”
Putting him in his hand, Wang Luobing was a little greedy and wanted to grab it, but Chen Feng was quick to move. After giving way, he smiled.
“Master Wang, don’t be so anxious. Only when Master Wang wins can I get this “Ji Dao Zhen Jie”.”
Wang Luobing touched the top of his bald head and smiled reluctantly.
“That’s natural.”
Both parties have seen the promised things they brought, so the next step is the beginning of the competition.
“Shao Chen, although it’s a gambling fight, it’s not a death fight, so I still pay attention to the point. In the dojo, as long as someone lands with both hands and feet first, or is forced out of the dojo, this competition Even if you lose. What do you think?”
The fat man and Chen Feng explained that Chen Feng nodded as he felt that there was no problem.
When Chen Feng was about to walk towards the center of the dojo, Qingqiu spoke to Chen Feng.
“The Taoists are merciful.”
After saying this, even Chen Feng felt a bit inexplicable. He hadn’t beaten him yet, but he let his men be merciful because he saw that Wang Luobing was actually not his opponent, or he had something with the opponent.
However, Chen Feng didn’t think much about it. If the other party is really good at it, he can consider staying aside.
Then, there were only Chen Feng and Wang Luobing in the entire circular dojo with a diameter of more than ten meters.
The two got together seven or eight steps, and each took a look. Although they didn’t move on the surface, they had already begun to prepare secretly. When the whistle was remembered, they would seize the opportunity.
Immediately after the whistle fell, the figures of the two moved.
Both of them are fist martial arts, so there is no such thing as a weapon at all, but the movement is fast and the footsteps are fast, only Qingqiu can experience one or two off the field, and the others just watch the excitement.
The two collided and fought for ten or twenty times, and they seemed to be evenly matched.
Chen Feng is only a test, and Wang Luobing is also a test, each is still looking for each other’s flaws.
Their respective strengths have already reached the peak of transformation strength, so it is impossible to directly crush by that kind of force, so it is especially important to be able to directly hit the weak points or flaws without a single blow.
And this can also lay the foundation for winning the game.
At this time, Chen Feng kicked again and took Wang Luobing’s face, and Wang Luobing quickly raised his hand to block.
With one move to the ground, Wang Luobing pinched his ankle, with the other hand actually trying to take out his heart.
This is already a killer move.
Chen Feng took advantage of Wang Luobing’s power to fly directly into the air, letting his ultimate move fail.
But the opponent’s moves are fierce, and the desire to kill him is already obvious.
Naturally, Chen Feng couldn’t be more reserved. He forcibly increased his speed by another 10%, only to see the two shots between them, and the speed at which they took over could no longer be seen clearly.
Qingqiu frowned slightly, and he naturally saw that the competition had deviated from the starting direction.
“Sure enough, I have some strength, I haven’t played such a fun fight in a long time.”
Wang Luobing retreated two steps, his long, knotted beard was also raised, and Chen Feng had to change his breath, so he did not catch up.
The moves for just a few minutes were just in one go.
The two sides have not yet used their true strengths, and they are just temptations, but even so, they are extremely dangerous and should not be underestimated.
“Come again!”
After changing in one breath, Wang Luobing shouted and rushed over again.
No more than just now, the two of them are really moving.
The punch that came to his forehead seemed to have a thousand pounds of force.
This is the power of the Huajin period, but also Huajin no longer pays attention to the move, but in the transformation, no one can physically bear the punch on the body.
So through evasion, through the use of force to change the direction of force catharsis.
At this level, the peak period is more comfortable than others.
Therefore, Chen Feng easily escaped.
The shadow of the grand master can already be seen in his body technique, which is also benefited from the experience in the true understanding that he saw.
Therefore, in the face of Wang Luobing, no matter how fierce and violent the opponent’s boxing moves, he can easily escape.
In this contact, the two exchanged a hundred and ten moves, and after the real fight, some gaps appeared.
At least Wang Luobing’s current strength is impossible to truly break through Chen Feng’s defense.
When Chen Feng changed from defensive to offensive, he would also endure this pressure.
But just when Chen Feng felt that the winning ticket was in his hands, Wang Luobing’s moves suddenly became evil.
Actually completely lost the sturdy style just now.
The sudden change surprised Chen Feng.
This is somewhat unreasonable, after all, a person’s martial arts habits cannot be changed so easily.
Therefore, it was only a momentary surprise. Wang Luobing ripped the clothes on his arm, and at the same time tore the panel, revealing a deep hole.

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was there a jump? I thought Chen Feng was in mid-Huajin. suddenly he is at peak Huajin about to break into grandmaster level. also, what happened to him not using the book of transformation because he wanted to rely on his own strength. suddenly he has been practising and doesn’t understand some of it. this was a big jump, seems like there is a lot of lost story.

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