Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 809

Unexpectedly, the security guard still insisted on his opinion.
“I really can’t leave. We have regulations. I am only responsible for checking who can enter and exit. If anyone comes, there is no way to let him in without notifying me.”
He said so, but annoyed the other party, and the gentle and calm middle-aged man also flicked his arm and walked to the back.
But someone came over shortly thereafter.
“You said that you can’t let people in, but why are the two hillbillies inside. Are you deliberately acting favoritism.”
When the slightly thinner woman pointed at Chen Feng and the others, Chen Feng didn’t even react to them.
The security guard also looked at Chen Feng. He knew Chen Feng, but he didn’t know that Chen Feng was now the owner of this club. It was just that Chen Feng was approved to enter, and he had no choice but to truthfully speak to that person.
“They are members here, so I will let them in.”
But these words directly exploded the pot.
“What are you talking about, these two old-fashioned guys will also be members here, are you kidding me. Haha, I have never heard of such a funny joke.”
She pretended to be dizzy, acting as if she really felt like a joke.
Chen Feng was disgusted, saying that he was a hillbilly might be because he really didn’t like to dress up, but Lin Wanqiu was a bit too much.
Lin Wanqiu’s cool swimsuit now has a specially made-to-order style, and the temperament is about to be thrown off the door. Those aunts who don’t know a few streets, white and beautiful, with long legs, Lin Wanqiu takes everything.
Chen Feng walked over unhappily.
“Who did you talk about the hillbilly? Don’t come in if you don’t come in. This is a private club. You are not allowed to enter without permission, but no hillbilly can come in.”
Chen Feng’s words were even more pungent, the woman raised her hand and pointed at Chen Feng and said.
“Who do you think you are? This is still Yanjing. There are no people in Yanjing who have the face and face that I don’t know. But I have never seen you. You are not a hillbilly.”
The statement is reasonable and well-founded, and the logic is rigorous.
Chen Feng sneered.
“The hillbilly is at the door, and the hillbilly is in the door. Isn’t that obvious at a glance?”
The woman’s mouth was open, her body was shaking, and she was about to rush in.
It was the security guard who stopped her.
“You let me in, do you know who I am? If you dare to stop me, I will make you go around without eating.”
I just don’t say who I am, but I keep clamoring about who I am.
Chen Youhao hugged Lin Wanqiu in his arms and sat back on the chair in the rest area, just looking at the people who were stopped outside.
“You did a great job, I remember you.”
The other person was also angry, so he said to the security guard.
But even so, the security guard did everything he could.
In the end, there was no way to get in. Several people stood outside, and one of them started calling, not knowing who he was calling.
It took a long time to hum and harp there before it seemed to be done.
Looking at him with a proud look, Chen Feng seemed to be able to come in soon, and Chen Feng asked Lin Wanqiu in a low voice.
“You said who he would call for help. If he sees me here then, will that guy pee his pants in fright.”
Lin Wanqiu squeezed Chen Feng, and groaned.
“how could you do this.”
Chen Feng defended.
“I didn’t do anything, I just watched here all the time.”
“But if you just look at it, it’s already very fast.”
Someone really came over between the two of them joking.
When Chen Feng looked at the person, he really made him happy.
It turned out to be that fat man.
He was sitting there, and the fat man saw Chen Feng there from afar, and he also saw a few people outside the door, but he seemed to be reluctant to ask for help from others, so he turned his head and ran away.
“come here.”
Chen Feng shouted at the fat man.
The fat man, who knew he couldn’t run away, turned around and walked towards Chen Feng again.
His expression is ugly, just like a dead relative.
Maybe he was still cursing at the few guys outside why anyone was not easy to provoke, but Chen Feng was a catastrophe.
But he came to Chen Feng honestly.
“Young Master Chen, you are looking for me!”
Chen Feng smiled.
“What are you going to do here?”
The fat man waved his hand hurriedly.
“No, I’m not even ready to come over. If it weren’t for Chen Shao to call me, I’m planning to go back.”
He was quick to quibble, but someone just recognized him outside the door.
“Boss Sun, you don’t know me anymore, I am Zhou Xing.”
Fatty even wanted to wave his hand to stop him from screaming, but the other party just looked at it and didn’t really understand what Fatty meant.
“Boss Sun, why have you forgotten, the last time we were eating together? We won’t just forget it like this.”
Chen Feng also chuckles.
“your friend?”
Fatty refuses without thinking about it.
“How come, I don’t know them at all.”
“You really don’t know them? How come I don’t look like them! Actually, it doesn’t matter, if it’s really your friend, I’m not a villain, I’m still very good at talking.”
But the fat man was determined to deny it.
“Shao Chen, I really don’t know, so just let me go. I have something to do over there. If you don’t have any other instructions, I will go ahead and get busy.”
He looked like he wanted to go.
“Wait a moment, I won’t really do anything to you. These guys are too annoying here. Go and chase them away. This is a private place. You can always do this.”
The fat man knew he couldn’t escape, so he could only bite the bullet and said.
“Yes, Shao Chen!”
He walked to the door, and the guy who had just greeted him said again.
“Boss Sun, you came here to let us in, right? Did you know the hillbilly just now?”
The fat man’s face was green, and they are still drawing hatred on him, and sternly scolded him.
“What kind of hillbilly, who is the owner of Xuanyuanzhuang, you really don’t know when you return the hillbilly.”
As soon as the fat man finished speaking, several people were completely stunned.
It was as if the sun had gone out, I couldn’t believe it at all.
But it’s impossible for a fat man to joke with them on this matter.
The slightly thin woman asked carefully.
“You are not lying to us.”
The fat man has no good air.
“I lie to you, why should I lie to you, what good is it for me.”
After speaking, he made a posture of driving away.
“What are you doing?”
Someone asked.
“Shao Chen is not happy to let you in, so you should go. This is a private place, it is Shao Chen’s place. He doesn’t want people to come in, and I can’t help it.”
There are still people who want to struggle a bit.
“This…, even if it’s a private place, in Yanjing, he always wants to build relationships. We know a lot of people…”

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