Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 82

Then Zhuang Haoren walked in front, Chen Feng and A Hao followed behind, and Liu Yiyi also followed Chen Feng and A Hao with the thought of watching the excitement.
The four people left the train station, and from a distance, Chen Feng saw seven or eight big men standing together.
Seeing Zhuang Haoren, a few big men walked towards him.
Seeing the ferocious looks of several people, Liu Yiyi subconsciously stepped back and kept a certain distance from Chen Feng.
“President Zhuang, are these two little boys who provoke you?” The black-faced man headed by him stared at Chen Feng and Ahaodao viciously.
“Dayong, these are these two bastards, today you have to take care of them.” Zhuang Haoren stood beside Lin Dayong and looked at Chen Feng and Ahaodao coldly.
Lin Dayong looked at Chen Feng, crackled with iron fists, and asked with a sneer: “Boy, where did you come from? It’s so crazy, even our President Zhuang dare to provoke him.”
“Cangzhou.” Chen Feng said calmly.
“It turned out to be a hillbilly from Cangzhou,” Lin Dayong nodded slightly, “no wonder he is so mindless.”
“Let’s talk, you want a leg or an arm.” Lin Dayong jokingly laughed.
Chen Feng smiled faintly and said, “I want it all.”
“You want it all?!” Lin Dayong snorted coldly, “I think you don’t want it anymore!”
“Do it!” Lin Dayong waved, and several men behind him wrapped up.
Ahao stepped forward blankly, ready to take a shot.
At this time, the crowd in the square began to make a sensation. Many viewers took out their phones and started filming.
Zhuang Haoren and Lin Dayong couldn’t help being taken aback, what are they taking?
Several big guys who were preparing to act on Chen Feng also stopped their actions and looked in the direction of the sensation.
Then he was dumbfounded.
It turned out that five black Rolls-Royce drove in a row, the first one, with the license plate number of gold B8888, no wonder the crowd would be a sensation.
A luxury car like Rolls-Royce is a teenager, not to mention that there are still five cars together, one of which has a ticket number of four 8, and the license plate number alone is worth more than three million!
The passers-by in the square stood on tiptoe, watching the five Rolls Royce where they were going. It was obvious that these five Rolls Royce came to pick up people at the train station.
Lin Dayong didn’t rush to do it anymore, and Chen Feng could clean up any time, but this kind of excitement was hard to see once in a lifetime.
Liu Yiyi frowned. Isn’t there only one Rolls Royce at home? And the license plate number is not four 8.
Liu Yiyi was thinking about it, but saw five Rolls Royce driving towards him.
Now Liu Yiyi didn’t doubt it anymore. It should have come to pick her up, and besides her, no one else in this square was qualified to be picked up by five Rolls Royces.
As for Zhuang Haoren? Such a nouveau riche may not even be able to afford a Rolls Royce.
An arrogant smile appeared on Liu Yiyi’s face, like a proud peacock, walking towards the Rolls-Royce team.
The Rolls-Royce motorcade stopped in the middle of the square, and several men and women wearing famous brands got off the car.
Liu Yiyi also came to the front, and then he was a little confused. Why didn’t he know these people when he got off the car? It seems that there is no driver at home.
Moreover, all of these people are very powerful and rich, they are not like drivers at all, they are more like successful business elites.
“Who are you looking for?” Seeing Liu Yiyi staring here blankly, a man with the appearance of a bodyguard asked alertly. The people behind him are all the backbone of the company’s elite. It’s rare to get together, so there can be no difference.
Liu Yiyi’s pretty face was embarrassed, and he shook his head hurriedly, saying: “I’m not looking for anyone.”
She didn’t wink anymore, she should have seen that these people were very unusual, they weren’t family members at all, and obviously came to pick up others.
It’s just that, who are they here to pick up? In such a grand pomp, what is the identity of the person being picked up?
Liu Yiyi felt like a kitten was scratching in his heart, itchy.
Zhuang Haoren himself saw this group of people. After seeing the looks of one of them, Zhuang Haoren could not help but exclaimed, “Cousin!”
Why is my cousin here? !
Now Zhuang Haoren is not calm. The reason why he can come to this step, he looks like a dog, is because of his cousin Zhou Jingwen’s promotion.
Zhou Jingwen is the largest real estate company in Jinling City and the general manager of Dalong Real Estate Project Department. In Dalong Real Estate, Zhou Jingwen is regarded as a key figure. Zhou Jingwen can participate in the development of every real estate in Dalong Real Estate.
In the past few years, Zhuang Haoren has been able to stand out because of Zhou Jingwen’s thighs and relying on Zhou Jingwen to divide and run the Dalong Real Estate project.
It can be said that Zhou Jingwen is his food and clothing parents. Without Zhou Jingwen, he Zhuang Haoren is just a fart now!
Seeing Zhou Jingwen, Zhuang Haoren was very excited.
“Mr. Zhuang? Your cousin is from Dalong Real Estate?” Lin Dayong swallowed and asked with envy. Dalong Real Estate is the largest real estate company in Jinling City. The total assets of the company are six. More than tens of billions! It is an aircraft carrier-class company that can be ranked in the top ten of Jinling’s wealth list. If a contractor like him can contract the work of Dalong Real Estate, I am afraid that he will wake up in his dreams.
“That’s not it, my cousin is the project manager of Dalong Real Estate, and the development of Dalong Real Estate’s real estate must not be signed by my cousin!” Zhuang Haoren’s nostrils almost rose to the sky, Zhou Jingwen refused to let him publicize it outside The relationship between them, but today, Zhuang Haoren doesn’t want to keep a low profile anymore. He wants to let Chen Feng and Ahao, two hillbillies, get to know his personal connections!
“Mr. Zhuang, can you give me a chance to introduce your cousin to my brother.” Lin Dayong said with a smile. If he can get in touch with the manager of the Dalong Real Estate Project Department, then the workers under his The number is bound to increase seven or eight times.
Zhuang Haoren looked distressed. After all, Lin Dayong was just a small foreman, with less than dozens of people under his hand. His level was too low, and his cousin might not be worthy of it.
However, I have spoken big words. In any case, I still have to take Lin Dayong to see Zhou Jingwen. As for his cousin’s willingness to know Lin Dayong, it doesn’t matter to him.
So Zhuang Haoren agreed: “Well, I’ll take you to meet my cousin in a moment, but my cousin may not give you a chance.”
“It doesn’t matter, President Zhuang, as long as you are willing to take me over.” Lin Dayong said excitedly.
“By the way, Mr. Zhuang, your cousin seems to be here to pick up people. You know who they are going to pick up. It feels like the cards are quite big.” Lin Dayong asked.
Zhuang Haoren pondered a little. Looking at the positions of the people who got on and off from the car, Zhou Jingwen was obviously the one with the lowest status. He kept his head down, and there were few opportunities to raise his head. It is conceivable that the others must be big dragons. The general manager and members of the board of directors of the real estate should be the chairman of Dalong Real Estate who can let a group of directors come out to greet them.

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