Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 811

Jia Manhao is close to half a hundred years old, but his strength is just in the early stage of his vigour, and even his son may surpass him in the future.
But Xuewu was only able to protect himself a little bit. His title of King of the Northeast still depends on the fact that he controls almost the entire Northeast’s economy.
From resources to life, from education to technology, in all aspects, there has never been a shadow of Jia Manhao in the industrial structure of the Northeast.
As the era of industrial capital expansion kits has passed, Jia Manhao is actively looking for the future of financial capital. In less than ten years, the asset is about to be the richest man in Asia.
His money is in the stock market and in the property market. Anyway, as long as money can make money, he will try it.
So relying on starting from nothing, he has already created an empire in just 20 or 30 years of wind and rain.
Even in the Northeast, he is the “king” that deserves his name.
But even if he has reached such a high position, he is still very low-key, at least he is only in the northeast expansion kit, and has not thought of extending his hand to Guanzhong.
Because he knows that there are always people outside the world, and there are heaven outside the world.
But some people don’t think so. Jia Dong may be just one of them, but he is not the only one.
Jia Wanlie has a cousin named Jia Wanlie, and now he is in charge of a large amount of assets in Jia’s family. He can ascend to heaven by himself. Jia Wanlie doesn’t need any special wisdom, he can have wealth that others can’t pursue for a lifetime.
But he was a little dissatisfied.
In the ancestral hall of Jia’s hometown.
Everyone in the Jia family who had just paid homage to their ancestors was going to leave. Jia Dong was stopped by his cousin.
The two came to the corner, Jia Wanlie said.
“I heard that you went to Yanjing some time ago. What did you gain?”
Jia Dong glanced at Jia Wanlie suspiciously. He didn’t know why his whereabouts would be known by this cousin, but he answered honestly.
“Just met a few friends!”
“The son of the Chen family?”
Jia Dong was even more surprised, how did he even know who it was.
“Since my cousin knows everything, I have to come over and ask me what to do?”
Jia Wanlie smiled.
“I don’t want to watch you either. It’s just that there are some things your father can’t say, but I didn’t expect you to be interested, so I paid more attention to it.”
“Uncle cousin mean?”
“Naturally, the strength of the Jia family has been expanded further. The Northeast is only an inland area, without the coast, even the whole world can’t be seen.”
Jia Dongxin understood.
“The cousin is still advancing with the times. This era is the same as that of not advancing and retreating. Keeping your old line, one day will be swallowed by others.”
Jia Wanlie was about to say something, someone leaned over, Jia Wanlie had to stop, he said to Jia Dong.
“I’ll talk to you again later, and introduce a few friends to you by the way.”
And these friends include that boy and young man.
In the largest private room of the most luxurious hotel in the Northeast, Jia Wanlie was holding a wine glass and toasting to seven or eight people around him.
“Today you can give me the face of Jia Wanlie, I am also extremely happy, I toast everyone.”
After he finished drinking, everyone else immediately took the glass and drank it.
And the people who can sit here are not ordinary people, they are a group of people that Jia Wanlie is particularly fond of. Among them are high-ranking officials, martial arts families, and economic predators, but no matter who they are, they are all in their field. The leader.
Except for one person, that is Jia Dong sitting next to him, the young boss of the Jia family,
Among the seven or eight people, teenagers and young people seem to have the least seniority, so they are also sitting in the lower position, the farthest away from Jia Dong.
However, after the third round of drinking, Jia Wanlie personally pulled Dong to the pair of brothers.
“Xiaodong, do you know these brothers?”
Jia Dong naturally didn’t know him, just shook his head.
Jia Wanlie smiled.
“Then you are really sorry. If you don’t know the two young heroes of the Tianshan school in the northeast of me, there will be too much fun in this world.
Jia Dong was suspicious, but since it was introduced by his own cousin, he wouldn’t take it lightly, and he introduced it politely.
“Brother Yu Jia Dong, I don’t know how to call the two brothers.”
Young people, big and small, naturally recognized that Jia Dong was the one who rescued people at the bar the day before, but seeing that Jia Dong didn’t recognize them, they introduced each.
“Nie Chen.”
“Nie Zheng.”
Jia Dong returned the gifts one by one, and Jia Wanlie introduced again at this time.
“Although you are practicing martial arts, if you really talk about Tianshan School, I’m sure you are not familiar with it yet.”
Jia Dong respectfully said.
“I hope my uncle will give you some advice, is there anything special about this Tianshan school.”
“The number of masters in the world may be no more than the number of hands, but you know that there are only two masters in the Tianshan school, and they are in this martial arts world, and they are also in a situation unprecedented.
But not only that, if there are only two masters, it can also be regarded as a first-class school, but if you look at the Tianshan school sitting down, it is also a lot of talents, masters are like clouds, these two little brothers in front of you are younger than you. Many, but the skill is much higher than you. ”
Hearing Jia Wanlie admiring the Tianshan School, brothers Nie Chen and Nie Zheng felt light on their faces. After all, this was the first time they heard people praise their school outside.
Jia Dong asked quickly.
“I didn’t expect the two to be so powerful. Brother Yu took the liberty to ask about your cultivation skills?”
This is indeed a bit abrupt, but Nie Zheng rarely performed it once and replied immediately.
“My brother is already at the peak of Huajin, and I am also in the late stage of Huajin.”
Jia Dong looked at the brothers in surprise.
Naturally, he had reason to be surprised. The two were not very old, and the older one was only in their early twenties, while the younger one hadn’t even opened his bones.
But the realm of martial arts is more advanced than many people have cultivated for many years.
Sure enough, people and their physique cannot be generalized.
It’s just that this kind of heavenly preference didn’t make Jia Dong any jealous.
He still maintained the posture that the Northeast Wang Shaodong should have.
But this is not because of his behavior, but because he thought of a possibility.
“I’ve been ignorant and ignorant for a long time. There are such martial arts talents in the Northeast, but I have never made friends. It’s a pity.
If I can get to know you two early, maybe we won’t…, hey, forget it, I am happy today, and I can’t say these disappointing words. ”
But in the middle of the story, it was really uncomfortable to dangle people’s appetite, and Nie Chen asked naturally curiously.
“Brother Jia Dong has encountered something? Why is he so sad.”
Jia Dong still waved his hand.
“It’s all a disappointment, not to mention it, not to mention it.”

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