Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 819

If he and Qingqiu want to go further, then watching Qingzhi die should be a better choice.
Unexpectedly, Chen Feng was silent.
He is also thinking, if everything is as Qingqiu said, then the illusory possibility may really be more biased towards the closest two of him and Qingqiu.
The realm of a master, the desire of many martial artists, and the unremitting pursuit of countless people in the martial arts world.
But is it just the competition for the number of twelve in exchange, which is like a joke that lies in the mind of every martial artist.
But fortunately, no one knows that they will continue to pursue what they desire, and they may not have time to reach the summit until they really have contact.
After a dozen steps, Chen Feng responded.
“I don’t want to take advantage of others.”
It seems that Qingqiu knew this answer a long time ago, and he smiled easily.
“What are you laughing at? If you really think so, you won’t come out looking for agave.”
Chen Feng was surprised.
“Do you trust me so much, if this agave will only make her die faster? Or I didn’t think about saving her from the beginning, but was delaying time, maybe now we go back, she is already dead .”
Qingqiu turned around and looked at Chen Feng, and Chen Feng was also stunned. He hadn’t really thought about this possibility.
But Qingqiu smiled again.
“Wuwei Dadao, I am pursuing.”
But Chen Feng no longer knew what he said was true and what he said was false.
There was only such a conversation along the way, and the two of them returned to the silence again.
And Qingqiu was really just joking with Chen Feng. After returning, he grinds the herbs into juice and evenly smears them on Qingzhi’s wound.
Put the bandage on her again, everything ended, and even the sun began to set.
But at this time Qingqiu suddenly said that he wanted to leave.
Looking at the time, Chen Feng asked unexpectedly.
“You leave now, but it’s about to get dark outside.”
“It’s not in the way, that’s how I came when I came, and I naturally go back like this when I go back.”
Qingqiu carried his sword on his back and started to walk outside.
“Is there something urgent for you, and her situation is not stable now, if something goes wrong, I can’t take care of it.”
Naturally, Chen Feng still hoped that Qingqiu could stay. They had been unhappy before, he had already taught him, and now it was also when he was needed, and Chen Feng naturally did not consider it.
But Qingqiu walked out the door.
“If it hasn’t been saved, it’s her life. When that time comes, the legacy will be gathered on you. It is also the choice of heaven. Naturally, you don’t have to bear any burden.”
Qingqiu’s words seemed to be a joke, but Chen Feng knew that he was talking about his true thoughts.
In the end, Chen Feng did not save Qingqiu. He walked into the forest before the sun set and walked on the narrow path down the mountain.
What was not kept was not only Qingqiu, but also the setting sun. It was like a little bit of darkness encroaching, and there was no light at all without knowing it.
Chen Feng lights up the oil lamp on the table, which is the only tool used for lighting in the room.
He didn’t know how long he would stay here, but Qing Zhi had also helped him once, and he felt it necessary to do so.
But sitting there, he suddenly remembered what Qingqiu had said to him in Bairi.
Is the Grand Master really just a fixed number, or this is a joke in itself, when something new is merged, the rock-solid bottleneck will be like the water of a dam, and it will quickly overwhelm everything.
Chen Feng thought this in his heart, but there was always a voice deep in his heart that made him believe what Qingqiu said.
He even unconsciously glanced at Qing Zhi, who hadn’t woken up yet.
The time to take care of the two of them is actually very boring. All he can do is wait, or change the herbal medicine on Qingzhi’s chest at about the same time, and then change the bandage.
Finally at noon the next day, the little girl finally woke up first.
She opened her eyes and saw Chen Feng, but she was terrified, as scared as seeing a stranger.
Chen Feng thought she was frightened and comforted.
“It’s okay, no one will hurt you.”
But the girl’s reaction, Chen Feng was like a bad person who wanted to hurt her, she didn’t know Chen Feng completely.
Every time Chen Feng approached her, she yelled frantically, making Chen Feng back again and again, afraid to approach.
Regardless of what Chen Feng used to seduce or comfort, it didn’t help, and the two of them were in a deadlock like this.
It was not until the evening, during dinner, that Chen Feng brought a roasted duck to the girl, and she was a little moved.
When she looked at Chen Feng, who had been tearing off his duck legs and gnawing from the side, she cautiously stuck out a little foot, trying to come over, but she was very scared. Chen Feng glanced at her, and she immediately Withdraw your feet.
It’s really easy for a kid to understand.
Chen Feng smiled in his heart.
After he finished eating the duck leg, he tore the duck into many small pieces again and put them on the plate, as if he had suddenly remembered something.
“By the way, I have to go to chop wood. I can’t wait, otherwise there will be no firewood tomorrow.”
After speaking, he hurried out.
As for everything in the house, he didn’t care.
After half an hour, he piled up the hard wood in the yard neatly before returning to the house.
He walked very slowly, deliberately increasing the sound of footsteps when approaching the door, and when he entered it, he still saw the girl hurriedly retreating towards the corner.
Some of the duck meat disappeared from the plate, but not much. Chen Feng peeked at the greasy corners of the girl’s mouth and smiled.
In this way, in the days when Qing Zhi never woke up, Chen Feng seemed to lead a daily life with a baby, boring but interesting.
It’s just that she has to fight her wits and courage with the girl from time to time. She has always been afraid of Chen Feng. It seems that after waking up, even the memory of meeting Chen Feng before has disappeared.
Other times, it’s okay. The girl sits quietly in the corner, but when helping the little girl to take a bath, it’s like persecuting her. Shouting is not counted, and she scratches and scratches. Chen Feng doesn’t dare to use force. Let the girl scratch him.
But when everything was over, she put on clean clothes, and when she sat on the bed again, she curled up and lay there contentedly like a docile kitten.
It’s just that this day didn’t last long, and the secluded cottage once again welcomed his guests.
There were three people in the house, two men and one woman.
Both men are getting older, with white sideburns and wrinkles on their faces.
That woman is slightly better, but she may also be in her thirties.
Chen Feng didn’t know them, and they were a little surprised when they saw Chen Feng.
“who are you?”

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