Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 826

The temperature was cold, and there was still some fishy smell, but he didn’t care, he just felt the sensation in his stomach when he ate the meat with almost no taste.
At this time, Qingqiu walked in.
“He asked me to tell you that your life is only temporarily in your hands, and he will definitely come and take it away.”
He said directly after sitting down.
Chen Feng knows who he is, but he doesn’t care at this time. If he can live an extra day, he will earn it. Other things will be considered when he comes again.
Qingqiu saw that the bowl of chicken soup on the side was gone, so he asked Chen Feng if he wanted it.
Chen Feng nodded, and Qingqiu soon brought in a bowl of hot chicken soup.
“Does he have hatred with you?”
After sitting down again, Qingqiu asked.
Chen Feng thought for a while, it seems that this grudge has nothing to do with him.
It was inexplicable enough that the Nie brothers came to trouble him, and when they died, the grandmaster came again, making Chen Feng even more depressed.
He was just trapped in this vortex, and he didn’t even know how to fall into it.
“I know someone is harming me, even he was planning from the beginning. I don’t know who it is now, but I will definitely get him out.”
Chen Feng said viciously.
“You should probably think about how to save your life.” Qingqiu said.
Chen Feng smiled bitterly, it was not easy to survive from the master.
“If I can step into the master, it might be easier.”
This is just Chen Feng’s self-ridicule.
But Qingqiu thought seriously.
“Then a grandmaster must be killed, and the number of twelve must now be full.”
“But if you want to step into a grandmaster, you have to kill a grandmaster, and if you want to kill a grandmaster, you must become a grandmaster. You are like the story of a chicken and an egg. An insoluble paradox. ”
Chen Feng sneered.
Qingqiu stopped talking, he might think so too.
After a period of training, Chen Feng’s body has almost recovered.
There are not many things that can be done, so Qingqiu is helping to take care of him, and Chen Feng is also very grateful to him.
In the afternoon of that day, someone stepped into this mountain forest, and his purpose was very clear to be the hut where Chen Feng was.
This person is nearly two meters tall, has a face and a beard, and his muscles seem to contain infinite strength.
He walked to the hut and asked when Chen Feng was sitting there.
“Is there a grandmaster here?”
Chen Feng saw him from a distance, but at a glance he could tell that he was not Nie Huafeng, so he didn’t even move.
When he asked, he knew that the other party was looking for Qing Zhi, but Qing Zhi was not there, he replied.
“No, you are looking for the wrong place.”
The big man didn’t seem to believe it, and asked again.
“But I heard that there is a female grandmaster here, don’t you know?”
Chen Feng ignored him, he came to look for Qing Zhi, probably wanting to learn something.
Seeing Chen Feng ignoring him, he was a little boring, maybe he was thinking of looking elsewhere.
Qingqiu walked out from inside, he said.
“I used to think of a grandmaster here, but it’s been a long time since he came back.”
He must have heard the big guy’s question just now.
The man gave Qingqiu a grateful look.
“So, do you know when she will be back?” he asked again.
Qingqiu couldn’t answer him this time. He was also waiting for Qing Zhi’s return.
“I don’t know.” He shook his head.
The big man lost the message, took a look, and finally left here.
“What are you doing waiting for Qingzhi to come back?”
After waiting for two minutes, Chen Feng asked.
Qingqiu didn’t answer, but just kept doing his own thing.
Chen Feng was boring and ate the pomegranate fruit in his hand.
Qingqiu was waiting for Qingzhi, but Chen Feng didn’t know what he was waiting for. He didn’t dare to return to the city. He was afraid that Nie Huafeng would find him. But if he stayed here, he would become a savage.
Maybe he will try to find some way.
Two days later, a person who did not expect came to the forest.
Chen Feng was actually a little frightened when he saw the beautiful woman in the palace dress bringing a little girl to the door.
But unlike Chen Feng, the little girl was very happy when she saw Chen Feng. The smile on her face was particularly conspicuous. If it weren’t for the woman to pull her, he might have rushed over.
“Why are you still here, I didn’t tell you to leave.”
As soon as they met, the palace lady said with a cold expression.
“Because of something…”
Chen Feng didn’t know how to explain it. Fortunately, the woman didn’t really want to listen. She interrupted Chen Feng.
“Fortunately, you are still here, this kid wants to see you, you can talk to her.”
When she finished speaking, she let go of the girl’s hand.
The girl rushed over like a wild horse that had taken off its rein.
Chen Feng actually felt okay. The girl’s memory was once lost, so the second time they got along was actually only a few days, but I don’t know why the girl felt so sticky to him.
Perhaps Chen Feng was the first person the girl saw after she woke up, and she was naturally a little closer in her heart.
Chen Feng placed the girl in front of him and looked at her carefully.
She is much healthier than then, at least not skinny and skinny.
When Chen Feng looked at her, the girl was also looking at him.
She smiled, smiling very caringly.
“Do you miss me?”
Chen Feng asked.
The girl seemed to be so talkative, she just nodded.
“are you doing okay?”
Chen Feng asked again.
But it seemed that this question made the girl somewhat silent, she hesitated for a while before shook her head.
But after hearing this answer, Chen Feng had nothing to do.
He was silent, and just when he wanted to say something to comfort the girl, the palace woman said.
“Okay, now you have seen him, go back with me!”
She said it to the girl, it seems that she came here to let the girl see Chen Feng one side, only one side.
Chen Feng couldn’t bear it, he looked at the woman, dissatisfied.
“You are not her, she can do whatever she wants?”
He knew that this would definitely arouse the woman’s anger, but the girl’s aggrieved face gave him courage.
“How dare you talk to me like this.” The woman looked at Chen Feng, her cold eyes could freeze everything.
“I said, today I won’t let you take her away again.” It may be because there is no one else around the woman, or it may be the girl holding his hand, but no matter what the reason, Chen Feng said it.
As if hearing the quarrel outside, Qingqiu also walked out. At this time, he was mostly meditating. This was his homework.
When he came out, he saw the imperial costume woman, he was surprised.
“Auntie Bai, why are you here?”
The lady in the palace replied coldly.
“Because of this guy.”
Following Aunt Bai’s gaze, Qingqiu looked at Chen Feng, but it was still strange, so he asked.
“Friend Chen Feng?”

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