Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 828

The big man still said a little hesitantly.
“That girl is actually my daughter. She told me she wanted to see a fairy. Well, my daughter has always regarded you as a fairy, so she wants to see you.”
“Is that so? I’ll go there again sometime, so you can rest assured.”
Qing Zhi agreed directly.
But the big man seems to have something to say.
Qing Zhi frowned. Although this was not a very difficult request, for her, she did not like to do such meaningless things, and now the big man seemed to be unsatisfied.
“Do you have any questions?” Qing Zhi asked again.
The big man may feel embarrassed himself.
“Can you follow me now?”
“Why? Are you worried?”
Qing Zhi asked strangely.
The big man lowered his head and said in a low mood.
“Actually, that kid may not have much time. I didn’t find you last time when I came here. I didn’t think there was much hope at first, but I went to the door again. I really didn’t expect to meet you.”
Time is short, which means that this child may not have much life.
Qing Zhi was also silent, she didn’t expect it to be such a story.
But it was originally what she promised, and it didn’t make any difference whether it was earlier or later.
The train hummed loudly, and Chen Feng, who was sitting in his seat and looking out the window, did not expect that it would be such a reality that he set foot outside again.
“I tell you, as long as you listen to me, I promise you can make money, don’t say too much, just count it a year.”
The man sitting opposite Chen Feng gestured to the guy beside him.
“Three hundred thousand?” The other party asked in surprise.
“What 300,000? It is 3 million. It’s not me. You don’t know how big a company I am now. If it weren’t for my fate, I wouldn’t tell you such a good thing. , Listen to my words, I promise to make you rich.”
Chen Feng was not very willing to pay attention to this kind of fraud, but was amused by this guy’s performance.
But fortunately, the liar’s objects still had a certain sense of anti-fraud, and he finally shook his head and did not agree.
Immediately after hearing Chen Feng’s smile, the liar in a formal suit turned his target on Chen Feng again.
“What kind of brother, do you have any ideas?” He said to Chen Feng.
Chen Feng shook his head directly.
The liar looked hopeless, so he went to other places.
“Beauty, are you interested in adding a WeChat!”
The liar had just left here, and a man with exaggerated clothes walked up to Qing Zhi.
But Qing Zhi didn’t even look at him.
“Beautiful, my brother is rich. If you are willing to be your brother’s lover, my brother will buy you a suite in Yanjing. How about it?”
He said again.
Chen Feng thought that if a house could be bought for Qingzhi, he would rather use Xuanyuanzhuang for it.
Qing Zhi was still so reluctant to talk to him, and Chen Feng also thought that he was annoying on the side, so he took the initiative to move forward to help this guy away.
“Are you not willing to see her?” Chen Feng said to him politely.
But I didn’t expect that the young man with some fashionable clothes would curse at Chen Feng.
“Poor, is there a place for you to talk? At first glance, it’s a guy who has never been in a big city. You are embarrassed to talk.
Chen Feng smiled instead of being angry.
“I just think your bid is too low. Such a beautiful woman is just worth a house in Yanjing. If you are offering a higher price, maybe she will agree.”
Speaking of Chen Feng, he took out the watch Lin Wanqiu gave him.
“Look at my watch. You can almost buy two sets at Tomson’s first product. I think this may be almost worthy of such a good-looking woman.”
That guy has been staring at the watch in Chen Feng’s hand. It really looks very high-end, but listening to Chen Feng saying that he can change the two houses of Tomson’s first grade, he didn’t believe it, but it was the most expensive in Yanjing. One of the places.
“You’re so fucking good at blowing it, even if this broken watch is worth two houses, how can you not be a god!”
Chen Feng smiled. Sometimes the gap was too big, and there was no chance to show it. The other party couldn’t understand it anyway. Maybe in their eyes, his watch and floor stand were not much different.
“Since you don’t know, let’s forget it, but a house is really worthless. I think you should go home and save money again, and see if you can buy more. I guess it will make this beautiful woman speak up.”
When Chen Feng was showing off like this, he felt cold eyes looking at him early on, and Qing Zhi naturally didn’t want to be treated like a monkey onlookers.
So when he finished speaking, he closed his mouth immediately, he couldn’t provoke this eccentric woman.
“You wait, a broken watch wants to bluff people. My brother is a watch player. Don’t blame me for not reminding you at that time. Don’t run away if you lose your face.”
Chen Feng didn’t expect this guy to be more real.
After he left, he returned to this carriage again soon.
There was also a young man about his age who came with him, but seemed to be gentler.
“Well, I have the ability to take out the broken watch now. I want to see if he can be worth a few dollars and can afford a Tomson first-class house.”
He ostentatiously seemed to have won.
Chen Feng glanced at Qing Zhi, who was sleeping with his eyes closed next to him, thinking, if this continues to cause trouble, he might not even be able to get off the train.
But the guy who looked at Chen Feng hesitated even more clamored.
“Why, I’m scared, wasn’t it crazy just now? Why did you persuade you when I found someone to come over, aren’t you very awesome?”
Chen Feng thought for a while or showed it to them, so that if this guy kept clamoring, he might not be able to get off the train.
He took the watch casually from his wrist, and threw it at the gentle young man.
“Look at it slowly, as long as it doesn’t affect us. Look at it when you want, and when you change it back.”
The young people were also caught off guard, so some were at a loss before catching the watch.
Seeing Chen Feng’s attitude toward the watch, even the gentle guy who was just curious showed a disappointed expression.
“Hmph, you’ll be bragging even when you die. If it’s so valuable, you dare to treat it like this, for fear that it will hurt you if you don’t just scratch it.”
Chen Feng didn’t bother to pay attention to them, and continued to look out of the window, he was noisy compared to inside.
However, the gentle guy that Chen Feng didn’t see, when he looked at Chen Feng’s watch seriously, he almost dropped the watch to the ground out of surprise, and he shook it again in a panic.
Seeing this expression on his companion, the guy asked curiously.
“How about it, is this watch worth it?”

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