Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 833

Chen Feng knew what he meant.
After the world was corrupted by money, Wu Xuebian also carried the stench of money.
They exchange resources with rich bosses, provide them with protection, or use them as tools to conquer, use the money they get to enjoy the convenience of the world, or expand their team again. People in these links are just commodity.
These are the current martial arts world, and there is no such thing as chivalrous spirit anymore.
“Good and evil will eventually pay, and the way of heaven is reincarnation, didn’t that guy still die because of greed?” Chen Feng said.
“Perhaps. But he is only the one who fell, and soon a monk will rise again in this desert, perhaps even more vicious and more cruel than the one he came.
He looked very pessimistic, and Chen Feng was silent. When the pain of others was incomprehensible, all persuasion was in vain.
Soon the three left the desert and returned to the edge of the city.
“I can only send you here.” The black man said.
Behind them is the bus station. From here, they can go directly to the city. If they are a little earlier, they can take the nearest train and return to the forests of Qingzhi.
Seeing the man in black preparing to leave, Chen Feng asked.
“What are your plans behind? Now Xue Ping is dead, and your hatred is gone. You don’t need to stay in such a desolate place anymore. If you want, I can find a living for you in Yanjing. local.”
But he refused.
“I’m used to here. If I leave, I might not get used to it.”
He smiled.
“As for the future, I think I will work hard to make the desert a little cleaner. Maybe my strength is not enough, but I’m still willing to make my own efforts.”
Chen Feng admires him, at least he is a person who is willing to fight for his own ideas.
“Before I go back, I want to go to a place.”
Suddenly Qing Zhi said to Chen Feng.
Chen Feng was a little surprised. Ever since he came out of that place, Qing Zhi has been silent, walking in front alone, ignoring Chen Feng and the man in black.
But I didn’t expect to take the initiative to speak with Chen Feng now.
Chen Feng asked curiously.
“Are you near here?”
“Yeah!” Qing Zhi nodded.
“Do you need me to accompany you?” he asked again.
But Qing Zhi glanced at him strangely, and then said.
“Are you better than me?”
Originally it was just kind, but he didn’t expect that it seemed to offend Qing Zhi.
Chen Feng almost made him think that Qing Zhi was a very good person because of Qing Zhi’s silence along the way.
He hurriedly apologized.
“No, I just…”
Qing Zhi interrupted him.
“Although it doesn’t matter if you go or not, it’s better to follow me.”
As a result, after going around, Chen Feng still had to accompany him, although this kind of accompany was more like forced.
Driving a rented car from a car dealership, Chen Feng glanced at Qing Zhi, who had been silent all the time. He wanted to ask them where they were going, but he still didn’t dare to ask.
Every time a storm hits, a large area of ​​yellow sand will be brought up. When the yellow sand hits the ground, you can see someone in the distance slowly walking by with a few cows.
After driving along this avenue for an hour, Chen Feng could no longer stop his curiosity, he asked.
“You always have to tell me where to go. Do you just keep driving like this? I’m afraid I will have to go to another city.”
Qing Zhi glanced at him coldly.
“When the place is reached, I will naturally tell you.”
After being looked at in this way, Chen Feng could only shut up and became a tool man who drove silently.
After ten minutes, Qing Zhi finally said something.
“Go in from here.”
“But it looks like there’s no way out here?”
Chen Feng asked suspiciously.
But what he got was still Qing Zhi’s indifference.
It didn’t take long to open, and I saw a village in a desolate mountainous area.
An old man stood at the intersection of the village. He was crocking his back, and when he heard a car coming in the distance, he raised his head and looked here with some difficulty.
Chen Feng parked the car beside the old man, he asked.
“Old man, what is this place?”
And since Qing Zhi didn’t tell him, Chen Feng had to find someone to ask.
The old man raised his head and looked at Chen Feng, and said with a mouth that was almost missing a tooth.
“This is Yang Xutun, who are you guys!”
Watching the very old man speak but full of anger, he suddenly shouted against Chen Feng’s ear, which frightened Chen Feng.
“Oh, thank you old gentleman. We are here to play, just take a look.”
“Look for Yang Xingyi, he is not at home, he has gone to the city.”
Chen Feng didn’t know how the old gentleman heard that they were looking for Yang Xingyi, but he still smiled and said thank you.
“You’re not really here to find this Yang Xingyi, are you?”
Chen Feng asked on their way into the village.
“No,” Qing Zhi replied.
“I’m here to find him.”
Chen Feng just wanted to say that it was not so coincidental, but then Qing Zhi said something.
“Who are these two people? You actually want you to come and find them yourself.”
But this question, like many questions asked before, was once again ignored.
Chen Fengji moved his lips and didn’t say anything. He just parked the car on a clearing in the village.
When he got off the bus, he didn’t know where Yang Xingyi’s house was. He thought Qing Zhi would know, but she didn’t seem to be familiar with it.
Maybe the time is too long, or the changes here are too big, she is not familiar with it anymore.
Two or three children leaned on a stick and ran to Chen Feng and them.
“You are from outside?”
The headed fat boy asked Chen Feng.
Chen Feng looked at this chubby guy and found it fun, so he took a few from the car and delivered them to the gas station. He squatted in front of the children and said to them.
“If you can take me and this sister to Yang Xingyi’s house, these candies will be given to you.”
The fat man looked at the candy in Chen Feng’s hand particularly greedy, and the other kid beside him volunteered.
“I know where his house is. I’ll take you there. Can you give me one more candy.”
But as soon as he finished speaking, he immediately aroused the dissatisfaction of the little fat man.
“I also know that I can take you there without him.”
Chen Feng smiled.
“Well, one piece of sugar per person, all share.”
Qing Zhi glanced at Chen Feng strangely.
“You really are not a good person.”
Chen Feng was stunned, he didn’t know why Qing Zhi said that.
Just about to ask, Qing Zhi had already followed a few children.
He had to hurriedly followed, he was already in the village, so it was only a few steps from Yang Xingyi’s house.
After passing the curve in front of him, the child actively told Chen Feng that he had arrived.

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