Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 836

“Father, here are people, why don’t you give them tea, you two do it, my dad has this temper, you don’t mind.”
With that, Yang Xingyi took out the stool and handed it to Chen Feng.
Chen Feng also took the stool with a smile, but Qing Zhi just looked at the old man coldly, as if he was still waiting for the old man’s answer.
Yang Xingyi glanced at Qingzhi blankly, not knowing what to say, a little embarrassed.
The old man also felt Qing Zhi’s gaze, and he said to Qing Zhi.
“Sit down, I always have to think about it.”
“I hope you will think about it. I will give you one day, and I will come again tomorrow.”
In the end, Qing Zhi did not sit on the stool that Yang Xingyi handed over.
She faced Chen Feng who was sitting aside.
“let’s go.”
Chen Feng, who was sitting there just now, was also startled, but still looked at Yang Xingyi with a similarly apologetic expression, and then followed Qing Zhi, who had already left.
After going out, Chen Feng asked curiously.
“What are you doing? You are all masters. Do you still need to gather together for something?”
Grandmaster, from the very beginning, it was an existence that everyone looked up to, and if they even started to worry about something, it would be unimaginable how terrifying it would be.
Everyone may be curious, and Chen Feng is no exception.
But like most Qingzhi’s reaction to Chen Feng’s question, it was the same this time.
Without saying anything, she walked to where they parked.
But shortly after walking out, Yang Xingyi yelled from behind and chased him.
“Two, wait.”
Chen Feng stopped, but Qing Zhi didn’t seem to care, and she went to the car anyway.
When Chen Feng waited for Yang Xingyi, he asked.
“What’s wrong? Does your father have anything to say over there?”
Yang Xingyi’s breath was long, and he trot over, not breathing much. It is estimated that he has also practiced some martial arts.
When Chen Feng asked, Yang Xingyi replied.
“My dad asked me to tell the girl just now, he said one day is enough.”
Chen Feng didn’t understand what this meant, and such a sentence needed to be specifically said, but only for this sentence, Yang Xingyi went back.
Chen Feng pondered the meaning of this, thinking about everything he had just heard, it seemed that he couldn’t understand it, so he walked back to the car like this.
Get in the car, Qing Zhi is already sitting in the co-pilot, she leaned there, as if closing her eyes to rest.
Chen Feng said.
“Just now he said, his father said that one day is enough.”
When Qing Zhi heard it, he didn’t open his eyes, but said lightly.
“Sure enough, this old man is getting better and better.”
In the end, Chen Feng didn’t understand the mystery between them, but he still drove Qingzhi to find a place to stay tonight. They may still need to come here tomorrow.
They are still some distance away from the nearest city, so Chen Feng found a hotel for them in a nearby town. Although it looks like a good place here, it is still a little run-down.
But it was originally going out, so I can only pay attention to it.
Qing Zhi didn’t care much. She could even live in the mountains and forests, and there would be no problems in this kind of place.
There was still a room for two people, and there was no cliché that there was only one room left.
Each rested, and waited for the next day to find Old Man Yang.
But when Chen Feng had just washed, the door of the room was knocked.
He was curious, could it be that Qing Zhi wanted to talk to him.
But before the door was opened, many small papers were stuffed in from the door of the room.
Chen Feng naturally knew what it was, so he ignored him.
But within a minute, the door of the room was knocked again.
Chen Feng thought it would stop immediately, but this time it lasted for several times without breaking, which made him curious and walked over.
It is unlikely that it will be anyone else except Qingzhi, Chen Feng thought.
But when he opened the door, he didn’t expect it to be such a guy.
Hong Mao might also be taken aback. He looked at Chen Feng and paused for several seconds before reacting.
“Brother, why are you here?”
He called enthusiastically.
Chen Feng asked.
“why you?”
“Brother, we are really fate, we will actually see you here.”
It seemed that the 300,000 yuan made red hair happy, so it was effortless to get close to Chen Feng.
Chen Feng didn’t want to talk to him, but asked with a more serious tone.
“What are you going to do?”
Redhead also felt that Chen Feng was not happy, and immediately talked about his own situation here.
“Brother, it’s not that a person on this night will be too lonely. I came here to relieve some people’s sense of loneliness, but I didn’t expect to meet you, big brother here.”
Chen Feng sneered. He didn’t expect Red Hair to do this kind of thing besides Poppy.
“However, I think the eldest brother is definitely not needed anymore. The sister-in-law I saw today is definitely a rare beauty. The eldest brother is not a superficial beauty!”
As he said, he looked towards Chen Feng’s room curiously.
Chen Feng turned his head and said.
“Do you think you will see something when you look inside?”
Red hair rushed to admit his mistake.
“Brother, I’m sorry, habit, habit, I know it’s wrong.”
Chen Feng ignored him and planned to close the door until tomorrow morning.
But the red hair said curiously.
“Brother, sister-in-law is not in there!”
“Does it have anything to do with you?” Chen Feng asked impatiently.
The red hair seemed to be about to care about his elder brother, he said.
“I know, eldest brother, this woman is not as important as clothes. If you take them seriously, then they will take you lightly.
If the eldest brother feels bored, I have a few days to come in today. If the eldest brother likes it, I will let them all come to accompany the eldest brother. ”
What he said seemed very loyal, but Chen Feng knew that he was only thinking about Chen Feng’s money again.
“I’m not interested. Just go wherever you come from. Don’t disturb my rest here.”
As he said, he didn’t care what the red hair wanted to say, so he closed the door.
Going back to the room, maybe the red hair felt boring, and there was no sound outside the door.
Chen Feng was lying on the bed, still thinking if the old man answered Qing Zhi tomorrow, what kind of plan would actually involve the two masters.
But maybe it hadn’t been half an hour before the outside door was knocked again.
Perhaps this was one of the shortcomings of such a place. The knocking on the door kept making Chen Feng stand up again and open the door.
“Brother, save me.”
Chen Feng didn’t expect that after opening the door, the person asking for help would be red-haired.
“what’s the situation.”
Chen Feng asked.
“Big brother someone wants to kill me, he has a knife, you let me hide.”

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