Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 838

How could such words satisfy Qing Zhi, she looked at Old Man Yang with anger, but perhaps it was also because of their mutual acquaintance that she did not act immediately.
“I don’t know why you did this, but the twelve Buddha Lotus was not something we could act rashly from the beginning. You lost him. Do you know what their choice would be if they were known by the others?”
“I knew it a long time ago.”
Old man Yang gave a wry smile a little lonely.
“However, I have never regretted it.”
I don’t know why, Qing Zhi’s delicate and clear face also returned to its usual appearance, she just said plainly.
“I will not tell what I know, but this information will certainly not be kept for too long. Some of them can ascertain the movements of the twelve sons. And the piece you lost will definitely be known to them. By then, everything It’s only up to you.”
After Qing Zhi finished speaking, Chen Feng felt that she really suppressed all her dissatisfaction, but in the words, Chen Feng still heard disappointment.
What made Chen Feng more curious was the twelve buddha lotus seeds that Qing Zhi said.
He had never heard of it, but the twelve reminded him of the number of Qingqiu and the grandmaster he mentioned. If they correspond to each other, then the twelve sons should be owned by the twelve grandmasters.
But what kind of effect was it? Chen Feng looked at Qing Zhi, he didn’t dare to ask, but even if he asked, he would not get an answer.
And since Old Man Yang had given up Qing Zhi’s request, there was no need for them to stay here.
Just about to leave, Yang Xingyi left Chen Feng.
Brought aside by him, Chen Feng asked.
“What do you want to tell me alone?”
Yang Xingyi said seriously.
“What happened last night?”
Chen Feng didn’t care about it.
“It has nothing to do with me, I generally don’t care about it.”
But Yang Xingyi’s face suddenly turned pale, and it took a while to say a little bit depressed.
“Sure enough, you already guessed it, huh, I’m still thinking about how to make you…, forget it.”
Chen Feng looked at him. What Yang Xingyi was talking about was the death of last night or this morning. Perhaps after knowing that the red hair died, Chen Feng hadn’t thought that Yang Xingyi would do it, but waited until he noticed it. When Yang Xingyi saw his deliberately avoiding eyes, he thought of this possibility.
But as far as Chen Feng said, things that have nothing to do with him, he generally wouldn’t care about it, not to mention that the red hair is not a good person.
Yang Xingyi couldn’t believe what Chen Feng said, he said after a few seconds of silence.
“I can tell you where the Buddha Lotus’s twelve sons went, in exchange for you to keep it secret for me.”
Chen Feng looked at the opponent in amazement. He didn’t expect to do anything, but now that Yang Xingyi took the initiative, he could only be disrespectful, and he shrugged.
“This exchange is reasonable, but how can I believe that what you are saying is true? Even the things your father Yang is unwilling to say, it seems that you shouldn’t do it either.”
Although Chen Feng asked this, Yang Xingyi did not answer directly, he said.
“I told you it was also for my father. This shouldn’t have been something he needs to undertake, but because of a promise, he may get it to the end and die.”
Chen Feng was silent, but he couldn’t know the reason for this, and he couldn’t say anything.
“But after I told you, you won’t be able to say anything about me anymore. Second, you and that woman had better not try to find it. My father told me that the person who got his lotus seed is very powerful. .”
Chen Feng nodded and agreed. He hadn’t thought about Yang Xingyi’s matter before, and as to how to do the lotus seed matter, he might explain to Qingzhi that perhaps he was hiding in his heart by himself, but anything would be fine.
“I know.”
“At the bottom of the sea lion, Daoxuan is a real person.” Yang Xingyi said.
When Chen Feng heard it, he wanted to ask more clearly, but Yang Xingyi said first.
“I hope you can keep your promise.”
After speaking, he turned around and went back, leaving Chen Feng alone.
After thinking about it, Chen Feng didn’t ask any more questions. He returned to the car.
But as soon as he got in the car, Qing Zhi unexpectedly asked him in a rare voice.
“What did he say to you?”
Chen Feng just sat down and looked at Qingzhi curiously, he said.
“About the twelve sons of Buddha Lotus.”
Chen Feng said casually, but Qing Zhi was not surprised, and she didn’t know what could make her change her facial paralysis.
Waiting for Qing Zhi to ask again, she didn’t respond.
Chen Feng asked strangely.
“Don’t you want to know where that lotus seed is?”
“Want to know.”
“Then why don’t you ask me?”
“Because you will take the initiative to tell me.”
Chen Feng looked at Qing Zhi as it should be. He wanted to be stubborn not to say it, but after thinking about it, he still said it.
“I will tell you the whereabouts of the lotus seeds. Tell me about the twelve buddha lotus seeds.”
This was a very reasonable transaction. Chen Feng also felt that Qing Zhi should have no reason to refuse, but Chen Feng was also surprised when he heard Qing Zhi said that it was no good.
“Why, don’t you want to know the whereabouts of that lotus seed?”
Qing Zhi said.
“This is something that has nothing to do with you. If I say it, you will also be implicated in it. It is not good for you.”
Chen Feng was stunned for a moment.
“If you say that, I became more curious.”
Qing Zhi looked at Chen Feng.
“You really want to know that this is likely to cost your life.”
Chen Feng felt that it didn’t matter, his strength had been suppressed for too long at the pinnacle level. He had long wanted to climb to the top of the Grand Master to see another world.
And maybe these twelve buddha lotus sons will be an opportunity, a chance for him to see another world.
“People always have to find some fun while they are alive, don’t you think?” Chen Feng asked wittily.
But Qing Zhi did not answer, but looked at the world outside the car window again.
“Since you want to know, I have done everything I can, and I hope you don’t regret it.”
As she said that, she thought for a while, as if she was looking for a place to start, and then she said.
“The great harmony between heaven and earth is an extremely lofty ideal, and a dream that saints and ancients have always pursued, but Huaxia Guwu lost himself in this dream-seeking process.
You may think that the master of cultivation may never pursue anymore, that is the highest state of martial arts, but in fact that is not, Datong is. ”
“Datong?” Chen Feng was puzzled. He didn’t understand what it meant. He knew a city of Datong, which was in Shanxi.
“Datong originally came from the Book of Rites, the chapter of ritual luck. It means great harmony in the world, an idealized utopian world, but no one would know that he is also a martial arts realm, a kind of ability to let his body fully unfold without any restraint. A state of no shackles.”

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