Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 84

Before Chen Feng had spoken, Lin Dayong had already knelt on the ground with a puff of tears, and said, “Young Master Chen, please be forgiving, I have an 80-year-old mother and a three-year-old child. I have no eyes…”
Chen Feng rubbed his eyebrows, he didn’t say anything yet, why did Lin Dayong be like this.
“Let’s go, I’m not planning to trouble you either.” Chen Feng waved his hand and said. He really didn’t intend to trouble Lin Dayong, it was too cheap.
“Thank you Chen Shao! Thank you Chen Shao!” Lin Dayong left almost stumblingly, and even greeted Zhuang Haoren’s ancestors for the eighteenth generation.
Zhuang Haoren on the side was pale, and his calves began to tremble.
Zhou Jingwen’s face is so good that he can’t see where to go. If Chen Feng is really the chairman of Dalong Real Estate, he might be better off because he has not contributed to Dalong Real Estate for so many years. There is no credit and hard work, so let him go.
But the point is that Chen Feng is not the chairman of Dalong Real Estate!
His status is even higher than the chairman of Dalong Real Estate! Chen Feng wants to run him without any reason at all!
“Boss Zhuang, look at this street lamp…” Chen Feng ignored Zhou Jingwen, but looked at Zhuang Haoren with a smile.
Zhuang Haoren wanted to cry, but he couldn’t even think that he would be killed. He would meet a man like Chen Feng on a train. Obviously, the unattainable Dalong real estate in his eyes was Chen Feng’s property.
And he even boasted about going to Haikou, asking Chen Feng to report his name and find a job for Chen Feng.
“Shao Chen, be forgiving…” Zhuang Haoren also knelt on the ground with a thud.
“My dog ​​sees people low, your lord has a lot, so just let me as a fart…” Zhuang Haoren said and started to fan himself, really hard, with no mercy, and his voice was very loud.
“President Qiao, I am also at fault. I shouldn’t indulge my cousin so much that he would be so timid, even Chen Shao dare to provoke him, and I will ask Mr. Qiao to punish him.” Zhou Jingwen said in a deep voice. Take care of yourself, stay out of things, and only proactively admit your mistakes can you have a chance.
Qiao Xiaoyue ignored Zhou Jingwen, but turned her attention to Chen Feng. Only Chen Feng could call the shots.
“Forget it, get out.” Chen Feng said lightly. He didn’t bother to care about Zhuang Haoren. I believe that after this incident, he wouldn’t dare to be so mad again.
This kind of villain is difficult to live long.
“Thank you Chen Shao! Thank you Chen Shao!” Zhuang Haoren was grateful, thinking that Chen Feng would remove at least one of his legs as punishment today, but he did not expect Chen Feng to be so generous.
In fact, what Zhuang Haoren didn’t know was that it was not Chen Feng’s generosity, but Chen Feng’s feeling that it would be a loss of status to care about little people like him.
“Zhou Jingwen, after you go back, you should report to the logistics department yourself.” Qiao Xiaoyue glanced at Zhou Jingwen lightly and said, Chen Feng can not care about Zhou Jingwen, but she wants to give enough face.
logistics department? What is the difference between kicking him out of Dalong Real Estate? Zhou Jingwen’s face was as gray as death, but he still said, “Thank you Dong Qiao.”
“Chen Shao, let’s get in the car. I have ordered someone to clean up your villa in Jinling.” Qiao Xiaoyue smiled.
“No, just find a hotel near here and take us there.” Chen Feng shook his head and said, he still has to find a way to save Gu Dongchen, he shouldn’t be too high-profile, it would be bad for the Bai family to notice.
“Yes, Chen Shao.” Although doubtful, Qiao Xiaoyue did not dare to ask more.
Immediately, Chen Feng and Ahao got into the Rolls-Royce with the license plate number four and eight.
Liu Yiyi in the distance, watching the Rolls-Royce team leave, was relieved like a sigh of relief. She was very afraid, afraid that Chen Feng was a careful person and would make trouble for her.
But fortunately, she thought too much, and Chen Feng didn’t even look at her from beginning to end.
At this moment, thinking of Chen Feng’s ignorance to her before on the train, Liu Yiyi was immediately ashamed and annoyed, and she didn’t play any jokes at all, she was narcissistic there alone.
Ten minutes after the Rolls-Ross team left, another Porsche arrived on the square.
Seeing the Porsche, Liu Yiyi’s pretty face regained her spirit.
“Baby, are you okay.” A young lady dressed as a lady got out of the car and hurriedly walked to Liu Yiyi.
Liu Yiyi shook his head and said, “Mom, I’m fine.”
“My dear, didn’t you say that you met some disgusting people on the train? Did they do anything to you? Tell mom, mom clean them up!” the young woman asked with concern.
Liu Yiyi blushed and said, “Mom, no, I misunderstood others.”
“Really?” The young woman gave Liu Yiyi a suspicious look.
Liu Yiyi hurriedly shook his head, “Really not.”
“By the way, Mom, do you know who is standing behind Qiao Xiaoyue?” Liu Yiyi asked, she wanted to know what Chen Feng was.
“Qiao Xiaoyue?!” The young woman’s face changed, and she hurriedly asked: “Daughter, what do you ask this woman to do, will you not offend others?”
Liu Yiyi smiled bitterly: “No, I just saw her bring a group of people and pick up people here…”
“Qiao Xiaoyue’s background, Mom doesn’t know, but I heard your grandfather mention that her background is terrifying, and the family standing behind her is among the top five super giants in China.” The young woman looked solemn, and at the same time she was curious, could it be that someone from the family behind Qiao Xiaoyue has come to Jinling?
“The background is so big?” Liu Yiyi was frightened. She had overestimated Chen Feng’s identity as much as possible, but she still underestimated Chen Feng’s identity. In the entire Huaxia, they can be ranked in the top five, and the Liu family is not worth mentioning in front of such a family.
“Daughter, don’t think about it so much, no accident, our family will never have a relationship with that kind of family in this life. Go back with Mom quickly, Young Master Bai is still waiting for you at home.” The young woman hurriedly said.
“Bai Guangyi?” Liu Yiyi said with a bitter expression, “Mom, I don’t want to see him.”
Bai Guangyi is the marriage partner arranged for her by the family, but Liu Yiyi really has no good feelings for Bai Guangyi. Bai Guangyi is a well-known dude in Jinling. In their Jinling University alone, dozens of girls have been made up by Bai Guangyi. After losing his stomach, Liu Yiyi hates this kind of lecher the most.
“Baby, what are you talking about! Your dad finally introduced you to Young Master Bai. If you don’t go to see him at this time, didn’t you make it clear to embarrass your dad? And Young Master Bai’s face is too bad.” Dao, the Liu family is only a small third-tier family in Jinling, while the Bai family is a second-tier family. Even in the second-tier family, the Bai family belongs to the stronger group. It can be said that it is their Liu family and is in the Gao Panbai family.
“But, Bai Guangyi he…” Liu Yiyi pouted, trying to say that Bai Guangyi was lustful.

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