Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 85

But the young woman interrupted: “Baby, Mom knows what you want to say, but which man is not good? Your dad was like Young Master Bai when he was young. He always messed with flowers outside, but when he got married, he was honest. It’s the same for Young Master Bai. After you get married, just take care of him.”
“Okay.” Liu Yiyi looked helpless. Born in a big family like her, she couldn’t control her life’s major events.
Qiao Xiaoyue sent Chen Feng to a five-star hotel.
Chen Feng didn’t wait much. After a brief wash, he took Ahao directly to Bai’s house by taxi.
The Bai’s villa was built by a lake, and the taxi was stopped outside the villa’s gate.
Chen Feng and A Hao got out of the car, and several security guards stopped them directly.
“This is a private domain, you two, you are not allowed to go in!” The security guard headed by the triangular eyes stared at Chen Feng coldly, and looked at Chen Feng and A Hao’s clothes, obviously not like guests of the Bai family.
“I’m looking for Bai Guangyi.” Chen Feng frowned and said.
The triangular-eyed security guard looked at Chen Feng suspiciously and said, “Do you know Young Master Bai?!”
“Yes.” Chen Feng smiled.
“Then you give Shao Bai a call, if Shao Bai agrees, I will let you in.” Security Triangle Eye said.
Chen Feng sighed, “I don’t have a call from Bai Guangyi.”
The triangular-eyed security snorted coldly, and said, “There is no white young phone, you can’t enter this door!”
“What if I have to enter?” Chen Feng’s face was calm.
The face of the security guard with triangular eyes changed: “You can try!”
As soon as the voice fell, Ahao flashed his figure and made a bold move!
The security guard at the corner of the three eyes felt dark in front of him, and was thrown out by a big iron fist.
The alarm went off.
More than a dozen security guards came from all directions with electric batons, and Chen Feng stood aside with his hands shouldered. These little guys didn’t need him to act.
Like a tiger entering a flock, Ah Hao almost punched one, and within a minute, a dozen well-trained bodyguards lay on the ground.
The movement here naturally attracted the attention of the people in the villa.
Soon, a middle-aged man wearing casual clothes with a big back rushed over.
Seeing a dozen of his own bodyguards lying on the ground groaning, but Chen Feng stood aside calmly, the middle-aged man’s expression suddenly became gloomy.
“Friend, do you have hatred with my Bai family?” the middle-aged man asked coldly. His name was Bai Fu, the chief steward of the Bai family.
Chen Feng smiled, did not answer, but asked, “Where is Bai Guangyi?”
“You are from Cangzhou?!” When Chen Feng came to Bai Guangyi, Bai Fu instantly reacted.
“I’ll ask again, where is Bai Guangyi!” Chen Feng’s tone was already a little impatient.
“Young Master Bai is out, not at home.” Bai Fu suppressed the anger in his chest.
“Ahao, go in and search.” Chen Feng frowned. He didn’t fully believe what the middle-aged man said. It’s better to search.
“No entry!” Seeing that Chen Feng and Ahao wanted to enter the Bai’s house, Bai Fu was immediately anxious. There were a lot of white family’s female relatives living in the villa. For sure.
Chen Feng smiled disdainfully and said, “If you can’t go in, I won’t go in?”
“If you dare to go in, the Bai family will never let you go!” Bai Fu looked threateningly.
But Chen Feng didn’t care about it at all, and he was about to step into the door of Bai’s house.
Helpless, Bai Fu could only stop him personally.
Then he was kicked by Ahao lightly.
“Don’t go in, let me tell you where the young master is?!” Bai Fu who fell on the ground hurriedly said, let Chen Feng and Ahao enter the Bai’s house, then his butler would stop there.
“Where?” Chen Feng said lightly.
“Young Master is in Liu’s house now, and Miss Liu is going on a blind date!” Bai Fu said helplessly. He could only drive Chen Feng and A Hao to Bai Guangyi’s side, because Bai Guangyi had been carrying a master with him for the past two days, hoping for that master. , Can deal with Chen Feng and Ahao.
Liu Family…
“Ahao, go to Liu’s house.” Chen Feng groaned a little, but he didn’t feel that Bai Fu was lying.
As soon as Chen Feng left, Bai Fu took out his cell phone and dialed Bai Guangyi’s number.
“Master, it’s not good, someone from Cangzhou is here.”
At this moment, Bai Guangyi was sitting in the living room of the Liu family, chatting happily with everyone in the Liu family. Hearing Baifu’s panicking voice on the phone, Bai Guangyi said with some dissatisfaction: “When someone comes, come here, what are you worried about!”
“Master, the group almost broke into Bai’s house.” Bai Fu wanted to cry without tears.
“What?!” Bai Guangyi’s face changed, and he knew the security forces at home, and he was almost broke in. “How many people are they here?”
“Two…two!” Bai Fu was weak.
“Two?! Two of them almost broke into the Bai’s house. Are you all a bunch of eateries!” Bai Guangyi cursed, “Where are they now?”
“Master, they are looking for you now.”
“Okay! Very good! Actually dare to come to me!” Bai Guangyi gritted his teeth and sneered, two old hats, really taking a metropolis like Jinling as a place like Cangzhou! Dare to come and find yourself!
“Master, what should I do now? Do you want to call the police?” Bai Fu asked tentatively.
“Policeman! You still think my Bai family is not embarrassing enough?” Bai Guangyi cursed, really wanting to let people know that their Bai family was forced to report to the police by two dumplings, and the Bai family’s face was lost. .
“Don’t worry, since they dare to come, this young man will definitely not let them down. I want to let them know what is coming or not!” Bai Guangyi said gloomily. He is not without support, and will follow Gu Dongchen. After Cangzhou brought it back, he was ready to come to Cangzhou, so he paid a lot of money to hire a bodyguard from the Jingang Martial Arts Hall.
This bodyguard is not like the second-rate guy hired at home, but the second disciple of the master of the King Kong Martial Arts Hall. He started martial arts at the age of seven. This year he is a 37-year-old martial artist who has practiced martial arts for thirty years!
It is conceivable that the strength will be terrifying to what kind of situation.
With one enemy and one hundred, it is no problem!
Bai Guangyi once saw this with his own eyes, punching through the thick steel plate of his palm.
Such a fist, how can the flesh be blocked by the mortal womb!
Bai Guangyi hung up the phone, smiling again on his face.
“Guangyi, but what trouble did you have?” Liu Zhizhou asked with a smile. The matter between Bai Guangyi and his daughter Liu Yiyi is pretty hard to say, so it is not an exaggeration to say that Bai Guangyi is his prospective son-in-law.
Bai Guangyi smiled, and said: “Uncle Liu, it’s nothing, just came across two blinding things and wanted to come over and die.”
“Oh? Do you need Uncle Liu’s help? Just say if you need it. Uncle Liu still has a few people who can use it.” Liu Zhizhou smiled. Naturally, what he said was just a polite remark. He knew the strength of the Bai family. In front of the Bai family, the ordinary three religions and nine liu can’t make waves at all. If they run into something that even the Bai family can’t cope with, their Liu family will just make a joke.

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