Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 841

The girl’s hands are very light, and every step seems to be holding her breath, her mind is highly concentrated, and she does not dare to be slack.
It took a full twenty minutes to finally slowly unlock the tangram lock on the golden box.
When the girl put the disassembled parts aside, and at the same time turned the front of the box, the gem as bright as the stars finally appeared in front of Chen Feng and the others.
If the box is a masterpiece, then this gem is a natural magic.
If you are still wondering what kind of treasure can be contained in such a delicate box, it seems that it can only be such a magnificent jewelry.
The combination of the two is so reasonable and reasonable, without any doubt.
Even Qing Zhi, who seemed uninterested in everything, kept his eyes on it, and was reluctant to take it away for a long time.
“Such a gem has never been known. What a pity it is,” Chen Feng sighed.
But the old man retorted.
“Such beautiful things naturally only need to be appreciated alone. There are more people, but they are not beautiful.”
Chen Feng thought for a while, and seemed to feel right.
“But if this is the case, why are you showing it to me now? You never want me to buy him, but if it is such a gem, two billion is really not much at all. Up.”
The old man waved his hand.
“I’m just willing to share, but I won’t really sell him. The old man doesn’t like many things, but this is one of his favorites. No matter how much money he pays, the old man will not consider it.”
Chen Feng was puzzled.
“If this is the case, then my two billion can’t be used out.”
The old man said.
“Master Chen, don’t be anxious, wait for me to finish talking.”
He persuaded that, Chen Feng stopped to listen to what he wanted to say.
“Although I can’t sell this gem to Master Chen, it’s hard to say whether the two billion dollars can get him.”
Chen Feng asked.
“How do you say this? You are not unwilling to sell him, why do you want to say that again.”
“If I tell Shao Chen that there is more than one such gem in the world, I wonder if Shao Ye Chen will believe it.”
Chen Feng denied it almost without hesitation.
“This is impossible.”
The old man smiled.
“The world is so big, there are no surprises, Shao Ke Chen don’t be so determined, and I want Master Chen to give out the two billion to find such a gem.”
Chen Feng stared at the old man, he said.
“How do I feel that you are lying to me, using such a gem to provoke my sex, and then slowly let me take out the money, in the end I may not get anything, but you get it for nothing To save my money.”
The old man was startled, he didn’t seem to expect Chen Shengeng to think so, he said.
“That’s wronging me, the old man.”
Chen Feng said again.
“I don’t care about this, I just know my money, I don’t want to spend it for unknown reasons, even though it’s only 3 billion.”
The old man’s complexion became a little cold, and for Chen Feng’s refusal to be so cold, he couldn’t afford to persuade him any more.
But just as the old man wanted to say something, the door of the room they were in was pushed open from the outside.
Those who can bother the elderly to meet guests are certainly not ordinary people.
So when they heard the movement, several people looked towards there in unison.
The sound of footsteps stepped on rhythmically, and a seat of red appeared. The long black trousers made the red short shirt extraordinarily pocket-sized.
It was a girl, a very young girl, she was smiling, very brilliant, but when she saw someone, she stopped her expression in a moment of embarrassment, and looked over.
Chen Feng was still curious, when he heard the old man scold him.
“Yue’er! Go out, Grandpa is talking to someone, this is not your place.”
The girl named Yue’er seemed a little embarrassed and didn’t know how to do it. Naturally, when she heard the old man’s scolding, she turned around and left without saying a word.
But it seemed that she saw the gem placed on the table, so she turned her head and glanced again.
“Don’t make trouble, get out.”
The old man ordered again.
Yue’er then retracted her gaze, and ran towards the door in small steps.
But Chen Feng smiled.
“This is your granddaughter?”
“Chen Shao sees and laughs, he’s used to being naughty since he was young.”
“I think she is very cute. If you don’t mind, if you introduce your granddaughter to me, I will take out the two billion. Even if you are playing with me, I am willing to spend two billion to fight. Water drift.”
After Chen Feng finished speaking, the old man’s expression changed immediately.
“Then we don’t have to talk about this business, old man, I have not yet reached the point of betraying my granddaughter.”
Chen Feng sneered.
“You can have no burden on someone else’s ancestral grave, but how come you have become so confident.”
The old man stood up abruptly, he said.
“If this is the case, then I won’t entertain anymore, please come back, please.”
With that, he turned and walked in the direction of leaving with the help of the girl beside him.
“Then let’s go too!”
Chen Feng stood up and said to Qing Zhi.
Qing Zhi didn’t care, she just asked in doubt.
“Why did you suddenly change your temper?”
Chen Feng shrugged and said with a smile.
“This old man is very powerful, and the gems are real. Even the boxes used to hold the gems took a lot of thought. That’s all. If you are a truly greedy person, you must have agreed, but some people will still consider it.”
“Just like you?”
“I’m one of them, but that guy’s method is not just that. I told him 2 billion to buy this gem, but he didn’t agree, but I think if I keep on doing this, he might give in. It gradually made me believe that gems can be mined again.
And if I only believe it, then I can pay any more money later. ”
Qing Zhi looked at Chen Feng, but only said two words.
Chen Feng said helplessly.
“It was the girl who told me that it was just a hoax.”
Qing Zhi was even more strange, but she didn’t say a word, just looked at Chen Feng and asked Chen Feng to continue speaking with her eyes.
Chen Feng also saw Qing Zhi’s eyes, and he had to continue.
“It is already a very strange thing that the girl can come in. Even if it is that guy’s granddaughter, it is impossible that no one is guarding the door when talking to me about such an important matter.”
Qing Zhi agreed and nodded.
Chen Feng said again.
“And if the girl was put in deliberately, but as to whether she knows the secret of the gemstone, it can’t be distinguished, but then when she was scolded out, she deliberately glanced at it strangely, just looking at it. A gem, from this point of view, she should not know.
But her lack of knowledge made me feel strange. The old guy said that this is his favorite gem, so he has more opportunities to appreciate it from time to time. It is absolutely impossible to put a favorite thing in insurance forever. In the cabinet, that’s nothing like that. “

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