Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 842

After Qing Zhi listened, there was not much reaction.
“What are you going to do?” Qing Zhi asked.
Although Qing Zhi said it was simple, Chen Feng knew that she was asking how to deal with this guy.
Chen Feng smiled and said, “I won’t move the soldiers for now. After all, this is not my place, and he didn’t succeed. I don’t need to waste more time here.”
Qing Zhi nodded, not saying anything.
The two left the villa and just walked out the door, when someone chased them behind them.
The girl named Yue’er who broke in suddenly ran over.
Chen Feng stopped curiously and looked at her.
Sure enough, she came out after Chen Feng and the others.
“You are grandpa’s guests, are you leaving now?”
Chen Feng nodded politely.
“Can you do me a favor?” Yue’er asked, asking a stranger for help. She was a little bit embarrassed.
Chen Feng glanced at her, then looked at Qing Zhi, wanting to ask her for her opinion, but Qing Zhi was just indifferent to this face and looked at Chen Feng.
Chen Feng had no choice but to say to Yue’er: “We may not be able to help you, but you can talk to us. If you can, you will naturally take action.”
Although she didn’t get a clear answer, Yue’er still smiled on her face.
After that, she led Chen Feng and the two into the villa again, but not in the hall just now, but in a bedroom.
Entering the door, I smelled a refreshing fragrance, the fragrance of a woman, and this place should be the woman’s boudoir.
Chen Feng didn’t expect Yue’er to bring them here, so after learning about it, he didn’t dare to look around, just followed Yue’er to the position and sat down.
There was only one chair in the bedroom. When Chen Feng sat down, he realized that he wanted to give it to Qing Zhi, but Qing Zhi stood there and didn’t want to do it.
Chen Feng had to give up and set his eyes on Yue’er who was sitting on the bed, he asked.
“Let’s talk, you have nothing to do with me?”
Yue’er was obviously not ready yet, so she hesitated when she spoke, and Chen Feng was not in a hurry, just waiting.
On the desk next to Chen Feng, there are several novels, which are European and American classical literature, and a notebook with a pen in it, which is probably used by the girl to make notes when reading.
Probably this girl likes literature and art, Chen Feng guessed.
But at this time Yue’er had already spoken, “Actually, this matter has something to do with my grandfather, but I don’t know what to do.”
“You can be more detailed, otherwise I can’t help you.” Chen Feng said.
Yue’er seemed to have made up his mind and said, “I found that Grandpa seemed to be doing bad things, but I didn’t dare to tell him, I was afraid he would scold me and don’t want me.”
Chen Feng was surprised. He didn’t expect that the girl didn’t know what the old man did, or that the girl was cheating on him.
With a little vigilance in his heart, he carefully watched the girl’s expression.
When she said this, her expression seemed to be hesitant, as if she was embarrassed by betrayal.
“But why did she say this?” Chen Feng thought to himself.
Yueer quickly explained the doubt in his heart.
“I don’t know if you believe it or not, but I look at you as if it was the first time you talked to my grandpa about things, so there are some things, so don’t believe it.”
Chen Feng just looked at the girl calmly. He understood what the girl meant, but he couldn’t explain it clearly, and he didn’t even know how to help her.
“Thank you for your reminder, we know how to do it. But there are some things for you, um, if you can’t choose, then escape is also a way. Just get out of here.”
She should be the kind of relatively quiet person. Although she looked lively, she did not dare to make any struggles. In this choice, she was the only one who suffered.
After Chen Feng finished speaking, Yue’er immediately understood what he meant.
She seemed to be still thinking about it, and Chen Feng had already stood up. Now that they knew what the girl meant, they didn’t need to stay here.
When she was turning to leave, Yue’er spoke to Chen Feng.
“can you help me?”
Chen Feng was stunned, he turned his head and looked at Yue’er.
“What do you want to do?” he asked.
Yue’er pursed her mouth, seeming to have made a lot of determination. She said, “Can you take me away?”
Chen Feng had a headache, and he didn’t expect that the girl he met for the first time would dare to follow two strangers so boldly.
“Aren’t you afraid that we are bad guys?” Chen Feng asked.
But I did not expect the girl’s answer to be more naive.
“I believe you must not be bad people, and this sister is so good-looking, she must be the most kind-hearted person.”
Chen Feng also looked at Qing Zhi standing on the side. Qing Zhi’s beauty was transcendent and moving, but the slight indifference resisted people thousands of miles away, but this innocent girl actually believed in Qing Zhi so much. .
But Chen Feng still shook his head and said, “We can’t take you. The place we are going will be very dangerous.”
Upon hearing Chen Feng’s words, Yue’er was immediately depressed, and she slumped down.
But I didn’t expect Qing Zhi to speak, she said, “I agree.”
Chen Feng looked at Qing Zhi incredulously, and said, “You agree? Why, it would be very troublesome to bring this girl.”
Qing Zhi did not explain anything, and Yue’er, who was sitting on the bed, had already stood up happily. She seemed to want to come forward and hug Chen Feng, but noticed that Chen Feng was a man, and Qing Zhi’s cold expression , She had to give up in shock.
And now that Qingzhi had agreed, Chen Feng was helpless, but taking other people’s granddaughters away from other people’s homes in this way seemed very whimsical.
“But even if she agrees, it will be very troublesome to take you out. Your family will never agree to it.”
Yue’er said indifferently, “Don’t worry, I’m ready for this.”
After that, she took out a backpack from her closet, bulging inside, and carried it on her back and said, “You follow me.”
She must have been prepared long ago, and Chen Feng and others are just one of the choices. If it weren’t for Chen Feng, you might be someone else.
Chen Feng could only look at Qing Zhi again. This was something she had agreed to.
But Qing Zhi really followed Yue’er behind and was about to leave here.
Chen Feng parked the car on the side of the road, waiting for the arrival of the other two.
After Yue’er planned to leave, she told him the location of the round and asked him to wait here.
Not long after, two figures emerged from the forest. It was Yue’er and Qing Zhi. Yue’er carried a bag and ran out easily. Qing Zhi followed behind, like someone watching her daughter play around. mother.
When they came to Chen Feng’s car, the escape this time seemed to come to a successful conclusion. It was just that Chen Feng was a little uncomfortable looking at this suddenly added partner.

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