Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 86

Bai Guangyi shook his head and said, “No, Uncle Liu, they are two hillbillies from Cangzhou, I can handle it.”
“Well, that’s good.” Liu Zhizhou nodded slightly.
Came from Cangzhou?
But when Liu Yiyi heard this, his face couldn’t help but become weird. The young man Qiao Xiaoyue greeted just now seemed to be from Cangzhou. Wouldn’t it be such a coincidence?
Probably not, Liu Yiyi comforted herself in her heart, but for some reason, she had some faint expectations. The two hillbillies that Bai Guangyi said were really the two she saw on the train…
“Broadly speaking, after you’ve dealt with the things in your hands for a while, take Yiyi out to play. You young people also have common topics.” Liu Zhizhou smiled.
“It depends on whether Sister Yiyi is willing to go with me.”
Bai Guangyi looked overjoyed and looked at Liu Yiyi who was aside. He is still very satisfied with Liu Yiyi, who is the school flower of Jinling University. Not only is he beautiful, but also from a good family background, enough to be worthy of him.
Liu Yiyi smiled reluctantly, just about to say yes.
At this time, an anxious voice came over, “President Liu, someone outside said to look for Young Master Bai.”
“Oh?” Liu Zhizhou glanced at Bai Guangyi and asked with a smile: “Guanyi, the two hillbillies you said came from Cangzhou have been found. Would you like uncle to help you drive them out?”
“Uncle Liu, no need, let them in, I’m worried that I can’t find them.” Bai Guangyi smiled faintly, a fierce look flashed across his face.
“Let them in.” Liu Zhizhou waved his hand and ordered.
Afterwards, Chen Feng and A Hao strolled in.
The moment he saw the two, Liu Yiyi’s pupils suddenly tightened, and his breathing was a little short, it turned out to be the two on the train!
Liu Zhizhou only glanced at Chen Feng and A Hao with a look that looked like a dead person, and then withdrew his gaze and started tasting tea. In his opinion, he had offended Bai Guangyi and could already sentence the two to death.
Bai Guangyi stood up abruptly, looked at Chen Feng and Ahao coldly, and asked, “You two who do not live or die are here to save Gu Dongchen’s old dog?”
“What’s wrong with Master Chen?!” A Hao stepped forward and asked sharply.
“Master Chen? Hahaha.” Bai Guangyi laughed twice, then closed his smile fiercely: “That old thing, I’ve chopped it up to feed the dog!”
Hearing this, A Hao’s forehead was instantly violent with blue veins, furious: “You! Find! Die!”
As soon as the voice fell, Ahao stepped forward to Bai Guangyi’s face, and his iron fist slammed into Bai Guangyi’s front door like a cannonball.
Bai Guangyi’s face was aching with a knife-like fist, but Bai Guangyi’s eyes did not blink.
The next moment, a tower-like figure stood in front of him.
A big hand stretched out and easily blocked Ahao’s angry cannon punch.
Chen Feng’s eyes narrowed slightly, and for the first time an unexpected color appeared on his face. This tower-like man seemed to be a warrior?
A Hao’s pupils shrank, and he felt like he had hit steel with his punch.
The tower-like man gave a grinning laugh, turned his palm into a fist, and slammed into A Hao’s temple.
This punch is about to hit, I’m afraid Ahao’s temples will burst open!
However, Ahao is also a ruthless man who wanders on the edge of life and death all year round. Between life and death, his reaction is extremely fast!
With a flexible twist, he dodges the punch of the strong man in the tower dangerously and dangerously.
Seeing that his inevitable punch hadn’t killed the little bug A Hao, the strong man in the Tower looked a little ugly. He roared, and directly hit the top of his knees, toward A Hao’s belly.
At this time, a crisp voice sounded that surprised everyone in the venue.
When everyone turned their heads, they saw that the person who made the noise turned out to be Liu Yiyi!
Bai Guangyi looked at Liu Yiyi in surprise. He didn’t understand why Liu Yiyi wanted to stop. She wanted to save Ahao?
“Yiyi, what are you shouting nonsense!” Liu Zhizhou yelled majesticly.
Liu Yi glanced at Chen Feng irresponsibly, and said bit the bullet, “Dad, these two people are my friends.”
“Naughty! What friend! Why haven’t I heard you have this number of friends before!” Liu Zhizhou said angrily.
Bai Guangyi’s face also became a little ugly, but Liu Yiyi was his internal wife, and now he actually speaks for other men.
“Dad, they…really are my friends, can you let Shao Bai let them go.” Liu Yiyi begged. She is in trouble now, but it’s not that she really wants to save Chen Feng and Ahao. But I was afraid that Chen Feng and Ahao died here, and the people behind Chen Feng would not let them go, and would treat the Liu family as accomplices.
Bai Guangyi obviously didn’t know the true identity of Chen Feng, but that person even Qiao Xiaoyue would treat him respectfully.
She longed for Bai Guangyi to die, but she didn’t want Bai Guangyi to hurt Liu’s family.
“Sister Yiyi, I can promise you everything else, but this matter, no! You two friends, you must pay the price today!” Bai Guangyi said with a gloomy expression. He hadn’t planned to kill Chen Feng and A Hao, but Liu Yiyi’s behavior aroused his murderous intent.
“Shao Bai…” Liu Yiyi wanted to intercede again, but Liu Zhizhou said coldly, “Shut up! If you dare to say one more thing, you will get out of here!”
Although Liu Yiyi was wronged, she didn’t dare to say anything more. Now she can only pray in her heart. Chen Shanfeng saw her pleading for him, and let Liu’s family go afterwards.
Chen Feng smiled, this little girl is not as stupid as he thought.
“Gu Xiong! Do it!” Bai Guangyi didn’t think so much, and directly ordered the tower-like man to do it.
Gu Xiong, who was nearly two meters tall, gave a grinning laugh, slammed the floor, and slammed into A Hao with his force. His huge skeleton, coupled with a strong body of tendon meat, created a collision that was no better than a brute The collision force formed by the cow running at full strength is small.
If Ahao was hit directly by him, he would probably fall apart!
A Hao’s expression changed, compared to strength, he was indeed not Gu Xiong’s opponent!
But at this time, he can’t hide either. Once he hides, he will fall into the rhythm of Gu Xiong’s attack. Then, he will lose!
Just when Ahao was in a dilemma, a lazy voice sounded behind him.
Chen Feng only said two words, but Ah Hao’s eyes suddenly brightened.
Gu Xiong’s weakness is in the bottom plate!
Chen Feng saw it!
Ah Hao didn’t have time to think about how Chen Feng had seen it, so he hurriedly took action to focus on Gu Xiong’s weakness.
The weakness was discovered, and Gu Xiong’s moves began to become daunting, and he was no longer as open and close as before.
His strength was not much higher than A Hao, but he was able to overpower A Hao with his natural power.
But after being attacked by Ahao’s weaknesses, his advantages disappeared, so he must always guard against Ahao’s attacks on his weaknesses.

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