Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 850

However, Chen Feng’s martial arts practitioners are also very quick to get acquainted with.
After a while, he jumped with the rhythm of other people, just like one of them.
The constantly approaching body allowed Chen Feng to smell the faint scent of Li Ziyue’s body, and the lightly fluttering red dance skirt continued to tease his limbs.
For a moment, Chen Feng felt that he was in a fascination.
Li Ziyue closed her eyes as if selflessly, and didn’t care about Chen Feng’s contact with her at all, and even intentionally or unintentionally let herself fit Chen Feng, following the rhythmic music.
After a long time, everything slowly calmed down, and the rhythm of the music began to slow down.
Li Ziyue can see Chen Feng’s face when he raises his head, but for some reason he does not dare to look again.
Chen Feng didn’t pay attention, just wondering why these people didn’t feel tired.
He didn’t feel it because his body was harder than ordinary people, but it seemed that even Li Ziyue was full of stamina, so Chen Feng felt more and more strange.
He pulled Li Ziyue over and pulled her into his arms.
However, Li Ziyue did not resist at all, just let Chen Feng hold her in his arms.
And this was strange enough. Even though she and Li Ziyue were already familiar with each other a lot, he didn’t believe that Li Ziyue could be pulled into his arms without refusal.
Looking at her carefully, her face was obviously red, as if she was drunk.
Chen Feng could feel that this was definitely not the red reflected by the bonfire, but that her body was constantly heating up, and Chen Feng looked like other people again, and found that they were the same, but no one noticed it.
Could it be that there was something in the air? After having this idea, Chen Feng wanted to take Li Ziyue out of here immediately.
But he found that his body actually started to heat up, and when he looked at Li Ziyue, he felt very satisfied. As long as he looked at her in this way, it seemed that he didn’t care about anything.
Chen Feng shook his head in a hurry, so that he could wake up a little bit.
They were definitely being drugged, and when he was bewildered, he felt that one of his hands was holding him tightly, and that was Li Ziyue.
He wanted to break free and flee here with Li Ziyue. Perhaps he could smell the scent of Li Ziyue, which made Chen Feng instantly unable to resist.
His hands also hugged the body in his arms again, it was so soft and so petite.
And what happened after that, he didn’t remember anything.
As if awakened from a nightmare, Chen Feng sat up abruptly, but he saw the same place yesterday. It was Li Ziyue who fell asleep next to him, and because of his actions just now, Li Ziyue was also awakened. Up.
This left Chen Feng still in shock. If anyone wanted to disadvantage them, Chen Feng seemed to be unable to resist even.
There were other men and women who woke up one after another beside them, but they didn’t seem to care at all, stood up to see that there was nothing wrong, and then left here.
It seems that this kind of thing seems to be accustomed to them.
Chen Feng thought for a while, and confirmed that there was nothing in his body, and Li Ziyue who was on the side was also all normal, so he was a little relieved.
But naturally it is impossible to let go of it completely.
Pulling Li Ziyue back into the car, he sat in the driving seat, thinking about all the details I saw last night, or what made him strange.
It’s just that no matter how he thinks about it, he can’t recall the strange places, and even most of the memories in his mind are occupied by the warmth of being with Li Ziyue.
Even when I think of it, it’s Li Ziyue’s smiling face, or the faint scent of her body and the gentle touch.
Chen Feng was about to put it down temporarily, he looked at Li Ziyue, maybe because of the situation last night, Li Ziyue is always avoiding Chen Feng’s eyes now.
Chen Feng also felt a little awkward, so he let go of what he wanted to say, and drove away with such a strange silence.
But when the car was halfway through, he felt that things might not be that simple, but he didn’t even think about going back. After all, they didn’t seem to have received any harm.
But by that night, the situation changed.
At about the same time as last night, Li Ziyue, who was sitting behind the car, seemed to be fascinated. She was sitting there, but wanted to constantly dance her body. The space in the car restricted her, but she seemed Don’t care, even want to stand up.
“What are you doing?” Chen Feng asked.
But Li Ziyue ignored it, just doing his own stretch.
“Hey! Li Ziyue.” Chen Feng shouted, “Stop playing, this joke is not funny at all.”
But Li Ziyue seemed to be completely unable to hear Chen Feng’s words.
Chen Feng was also very scared in his heart. He hurriedly parked the car aside and opened the rear door to inspect Li Ziyue’s situation. But when she went to see her again, she was lying on a chair, her body twitching constantly, and the saliva from the corner of her mouth was dripping. It fell on her red dress, stained with imprints.
Chen Feng would never think that Li Ziyue was just joking.
He lifted her out of the back seat and let her lie flat on the ground, trying to keep her airway as smooth as possible to stop her twitching body.
This made her feel a little more stable. After a long time, Li Ziyue finally calmed down and her breathing became calmer.
But Chen Feng still didn’t let her go.
Li Ziyue seemed to wake up from sleep. She saw Chen Feng right in front of her and controlled her arms. She suddenly thought of something bad and screamed out loud.
“Ah! What are you doing?” As he said, he struggled hard to break free of Chen Feng’s control.
Chen Feng looked at her as if she was really awake, and then slowly let go.
“What did you do to me?” When Chen Feng released Li Ziyue, she shielded herself in horror and looked at Chen Feng in surprise.
Chen Feng breathed a sigh of relief in his heart, but still disdainfully said: “I’m saving you, can’t you tell?”
“How can you save people like this?” Li Ziyue also retorted.
But Chen Feng didn’t want to argue with her now. He felt that Li Ziyue’s current situation must be related to the weirdness that happened yesterday.
Paying attention to Li Ziyue’s current state, wanting to see something from it.
But it was strange to be seen, Li Ziyue angrily said: “You still see, you are a big villain, I will ignore you.”
With that, she got up and ran into the car.
Chen Feng didn’t care, he thought about it, and felt that he still had to go back to check the matter.
When he wanted to understand, he stood up and returned to the car.
Li Ziyue was sitting there with her knees on her knees very aggrieved.

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