Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 855

But in the end, the two of them didn’t fight, and the woman had returned.
Seeing the two people standing at the door with swords and swords, the woman smiled and said, “What are you doing? You men like to fight and kill, so you can’t be peaceful. Come, come, sit down, and I will tell you something. Say.”
She said so, and Chen Feng had to follow him back to his seat.
After sitting down, he asked, “Where am I looking for?”
The woman sat there with her thighs up, and Chen Feng, who was directly opposite, could vaguely see the mysterious and unpredictable, and the other party seemed to have done so deliberately, not paying attention to Chen Feng’s eyes.
But Chen Feng is not a young man, naturally it is impossible to be seduced by her like this, just looking at her sharply.
The woman still smiled like that for a year, and faintly replied: “It’s a pity that people haven’t arrived yet. But it’s not that we don’t want to, usually we have to wait until the evening to come over.”
Chen Feng didn’t want to pay attention to what she said, and asked coldly, “Where is she now?”
The woman said: “Didn’t we tell you, we don’t care until we get here, if you don’t wait, people may arrive in a while.”
Chen Feng suddenly went violently, and when he came up, he grabbed the woman’s throat. Chen Feng was also slightly surprised. He didn’t expect that the woman did not resist at all. He also easily grabbed the opponent.
“Master, even if you hold me, I can’t change you into a person.”
Chen Feng even had to squeeze it lightly, and the woman would die immediately, but she didn’t seem to be afraid, and even her words were so plain.
Although Chen Feng was a little puzzled, he didn’t need to bother about it. He just asked, “Believe it or not, I just killed you.”
The woman’s expression was a little bit painful. It was caused by the lack of breathing after being pinched in her throat, but she still said, “Believe, that’s naturally believed, but I don’t know why this master wants to do this. We have tried our best. I did as you requested.”
It wasn’t just this woman that Chen Feng couldn’t understand. Even Lin Chengzhi stood there without moving, and didn’t seem to be afraid that Chen Feng would really kill.
Chen Feng still said, “I want to know where she is? If you can’t find her, I will kill you.”
The woman said, “Isn’t it difficult for you to be strong? I think you should kill me. Anyway, it’s just between your thoughts.”
Such resignation caused Chen Feng to pause, but immediately increased the strength in his hand, making the woman more painful and even unable to breathe.
But she never even heard a painful moan, and seemed to have accepted death calmly.
Before she might die in the next second, Chen Feng let go.
After breaking away from Chen Feng’s restraint, the woman coughed violently and panted loudly, and it took a long time to relieve her.
Chen Feng just looked at her coldly.
After she calmed down, she said to Chen Feng, “You were too violent. If you didn’t let go at the end, my small body would be gone. You are really willing to let me become a corpse!”
Chen Feng looked at her but didn’t mean any irritation. Although strange, he didn’t show any pity. He said coldly, “What you’d better say is true. I must see her before the evening.”
Since she can do this with her own life, either her life is actually worthless, or she has no choice, Chen Feng can only choose to believe in one.
After Chen Feng finished speaking, the woman actually smiled at Chen Feng and said, “Don’t worry, now that we have agreed, we will do it. If there is any accident, you still pinch me!”
Chen Feng looked at where she was laughing, but couldn’t understand her thoughts at all. It was like an abyss with no bottom.
Being arranged to wait in the lobby, the woman wanted to take Chen Feng to go around, but Chen Feng directly refused, and he was not interested.
But the woman didn’t just let him go. She sat next to him and posted it, leaning very close and asked, “I don’t know who you are until now? The little girl’s name is Xianglan, who belongs to the Jiuyou Pavilion. A steward dare to ask the uncle Gao’s name.”
Chen Feng closed his eyes a long time ago, neither wanted to look at her, nor did he want to pay attention to her.
But suddenly a finger ran across his arm and gently circling there, Chen Feng felt a little itchy, but it was a matter of face and he didn’t want to talk.
But the woman got worse. One hand had touched her chest, and Chen Feng couldn’t bear to wave her hand off, and said with dissatisfaction: “Don’t use your hands, I just told you!”
The woman smiled and said, “I thought the Lord was not going to lift it?”
Chen Feng glared at her and said, “I’m just an idler, I don’t have a big name, Feng Cheng.”
Upon hearing this name, the woman looked at Chen Feng suspiciously. She said, “You didn’t lie to me, Feng Cheng? But I have never heard of such a powerful person calling this name.”
Chen Feng said, “I never came out, you naturally don’t know.”
When Chen Feng said so, the woman didn’t care about it, but she still asked curiously: “But I think the martial arts you practice has some decent martial arts style, but it doesn’t seem to come out of the corner.”
Chen Feng didn’t answer her, but asked: “But I think your martial arts moves are vicious and spicy, and the things you do are lawless. I don’t think you are good people.”
Xiang Lanqian smiled and said, “The little girl has never said that she is a good person. That is because the master misunderstood. Then Pandan will apologize to you.”
Chen Feng ignored her glamorous seductive means, and just said: “Since you are not a good person, what kind of bad deeds are you doing?”
Pandan said, “Isn’t that what you know, catch some people and swindle some money. We are all small households, so how can we dare to go out and cheat.”
Chen Feng laughed secretly, such a loss of humanity actually carried a miserable tone.
“Then you still want to be stronger and bigger?” Chen Feng asked back.
Xianglan smiled and said, “There are definitely ideas, but I don’t know if they can be realized. If we encounter something stronger like the master, I’m afraid we will have to close the door.”
“You choose those beautiful women and use brainwashing methods to prevent them from calling the police. But if you do this, is it just to play with them once?”
But Pandan seemed unwilling to say anything more, just smiled: “Master, this is not easy to tell you. If you want to know, you can join us.”
“So I think of that kind of person entering the group.”
“That is, the master’s such a great skill, the people who see it are greedy, not only the eyes are greedy, even the mouth is greedy.”
That Meixiao Tiancheng, a pair of eyes are even more appealing, gently opening his mouth, each time, the two lips are constantly fighting together.

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