Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 87

Under the circumstances, Ahao gradually gained the upper hand.
Ah Hao kicked Gu Xiong’s calf bone again with another kick. This kick directly split Gu Xiong’s calf bone!
With a cracking bone, Gu Xiong screamed and fell to the ground, his face turned into pig liver color.
Bai Guangyi’s eyes widened and his face was full of disbelief.
Gu Xiong is the second disciple of Jinguan Master, and it is rumored that he has become a warrior!
How could he lose to a hillbilly from Cangzhou!
Bai Guangyi suddenly remembered that this battle started from the lazy young man, who said the word laydown, and then began to turn. At that time he didn’t understand what laydown meant, but now, he has reacted. come.
These two words are the key to reversing this battle!
Bai Guangyi stared at Chen Feng fiercely, the solemnity in his eyes revealed no doubt, could this young man be the master? !
“Who are you?” Bai Guangyi asked with fear.
“Chen Feng.” Chen Feng said lightly.
“Who is Gu Dongchen from you?” Bai Guangyi asked. Obviously, this Chen Feng is definitely not Gu Dongchen’s younger brother and his like. His status is definitely much higher than Gu Dongchen.
Chen Feng smiled and said, “Friend.”
“Are you going to stand up for Gu Dongchen? Did you know that this would provoke my Bai family?” Bai Guangyi asked two questions in a row. For people like Chen Feng who can’t see the truth and truth, he must first test out Chen Feng’s details.
Chen Feng smiled disdainfully, and said, “Are you Baijia… very awesome?”
Bai Guangyi’s face flushed. This was the first time that someone mocked Bai’s incompetence in front of him.
“Where did you jump out?” It took a long time before Bai Guangyi came out of his mouth. There are hundreds of wealthy families in Jinling, but there is not a wealthy family named Chen.
“You don’t deserve to know.” Chen Feng said lightly. After he finished speaking, he glanced at Bai Guangyi and said: “I know that Gu Dongchen is still alive. If you are acquainted, take me to him.”
“What if I don’t know each other?” Bai Guangyi insisted. He really didn’t believe that what happened to Chen Feng in front of so many people.
“I don’t know you?” Chen Feng smiled, then his face suddenly became cold: “Then I will hit you today!”
Bai Guangyi’s face changed. Indeed, Chen Feng may not be able to kill him here, but it is still possible to beat him.
If he was really beaten by another man in front of Liu Yiyi, then he wouldn’t even want to raise his head in front of Liu Yiyi in the future.
In the end, Bai Guangyi gritted his teeth and said, “Gu Dongchen’s old dog is indeed not dead, but he is now in Jiulongzhuang. Do you dare to go?”
“If you don’t dare to go, you can lead the way.” Chen Feng said lazily. Although he didn’t know where Jiulongzhuang was, he was not afraid of Bai Guangyi’s tricks, which could threaten him in the Jinling boundary. There are only those old monsters, but those old monsters are not accessible to people like Bai Guangyi.
“Huh, I’m so courageous!” Bai Guangyi sneered in his heart. Chen Feng, an idiot, didn’t even know where Jiulongzhuang was, so he dared to follow him. I really don’t know if he should be confident or conceited.
“In this case, you can take a trip with me.” Bai Guangyi squinted and said, Jiulongzhuang is his base camp. When he gets there, Chen Feng can’t fly out even with wings!
“Good.” Chen Feng’s answer was as simple and concise as ever.
“Broadly speaking, bring Yiyi with you. If there is anything on the road that can let her run errands for you.” Liu Zhizhou said with a smile. Chen Feng didn’t know where Jiulongzhuang was, but he knew. If Liu Yiyi could take this opportunity to follow The people in Jiulongzhuang build relationships, which will bring unimaginable benefits to the Liu family.
“Sister Yiyi, what do you mean?” Bai Guangyi smiled and looked at Liu Yiyi.
“I… don’t have any opinion.” Liu Yiyi smiled stiffly. She wanted to say that she had an opinion, but Liu Zhizhou, anxious to hold the thigh of the Bai family, would never give her this opportunity.
“Then follow me, I will take care of you.” Bai Guangyi smiled faintly. It just so happened that he could also take this opportunity to let Liu Yiyi understand that Chen Feng and Ahao, two of her so-called friends, In front of real connections, how ridiculous!
Then the driver of the Bai family drove the four people to a manor called Kowloon International.
At the beginning, Chen Feng didn’t know what kind of Dragon Lake and Tiger Lair the Jiulong Village was. It was not until the driver drove the car into a deep mountain that Chen Feng knew that the so-called Jiulong Village was a holiday manor.
Similar to the farmhouse, but more advanced than the farmhouse.
There are not only orchards and vegetable gardens, but also hunting grounds and shooting ranges, as well as entertainment facilities such as KTV bars and cinemas.
Orchards and vegetable gardens provide some ordinary urban white-collar workers with leisure activities on the farm, while shooting ranges for hunting occasions are only open to senior members.
If your membership level is high enough, even protected animals such as black bears and tigers and wolves can be your prey in the hunting grounds. Of course, whether you can hunt bears and tigers depends on your ability.
The closer to the inside of Jiulongzhuang, the more confident Bai Guangyi’s expression is.
The interior space of the manor is very large, even if it is a working day, there are many tourists in the manor.
Private cars are not allowed in the manor, but the security guard at the door, seeing that Bai Guangyi is sitting in the car, let him go directly. Obviously, Bai Guangyi has a very high status here.
“Yiyi, what do you think of this place?” Bai Guangyi asked with some complacency on his face.
“It’s… not bad.” Liu Yiyiqiang laughed. In fact, the Kowloon International Villa is well-known in Jinling and is a native of Jinling. He will come here for leisure and entertainment.
But the consumption here is very high, and you need to apply for a card. The most common silver card costs one hundred thousand yuan.
The gold card needs 500,000 yuan.
As for the more advanced platinum cards, one is even more expensive than one million.
Moreover, the money in this card cannot be used for consumption. If you consume, you need to recharge it separately.
The sole function of the membership card is to determine the level of certain items you can play.
For example, shooting ranges on hunting occasions are only accessible to platinum card holders.
Liu Yiyi also has a membership card here, but it is the lowest-level silver card.
“I will send you a platinum membership card in a moment. You can bring your classmates and friends to play here in the future.” Bai Guangyi laughed. He is a shareholder here and holds 10% of Kowloon International’s shares, even if it is one million. For him, his platinum membership card is no big deal. As long as he can please Liu Yiyi, it will be given away.

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