Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 861

Called again, and Chen Feng also violently kicked and wiped the lonely cloud’s head, but unfortunately it was still a bit worse.
As soon as the voice fell, both of them withdrew a few steps back, moving away from each other.
“It’s quite trustworthy,” Chen Feng said with a smile.
“Don’t talk nonsense, there is wasteland behind, where you and I will be divided.”
Although the two are separated now, Chen Feng is quite sure that he can run away alone, but he has not thought about it, he doesn’t want Li Ziyue to be caught back, thinking that the girl will be with him all the way, he is a little reluctant to bear it. .
After saying hello, he ran in the direction he pointed first.
And the place he went was really a quiet and good place, in a remote location, overgrown with weeds, and the sun was slanting to the west, pulling out a long shadow of a big tree not far away.
The evening breeze that blows, swaying the weeds, the ups and downs are quite spectacular.
“This is a good place for you to die.”
“It’s not always true whether you or I die?”
The two had just finished speaking, and they fought together again.
Although Duguyun’s strength is slightly strong, it is not easy to defeat Chen Feng in a short period of time, and there are no restrictions around, and the two moves have become open and close, without any hesitation.
This made Chen Feng a little bit more pressured. Duguyun was originally good at this kind of sturdy and powerful moves, and this kind of open space allowed him to play to his fullest. It was a bit difficult for Chen Feng to dodge.
But I don’t know why, Xianglan and Qian Xiaoyun also chased up, standing not far from Chen Feng and them, just watching.
“Who will win between them?” Xianglan looked very haggard now. Looking at the two Chen Feng in the fight, she asked Qian Xiaoyun curiously.
Qian Xiaoyun shook his head: “I can’t tell, both of them are very powerful.”
Pandan said: “It’s really amazing, at least it’s in the late stage of Huajin.”
Qian Xiaoyun said: “It may be more than that. There are a few elders in the late stage of Huajin in my family, but they seem to be unable to achieve their speed.”
Xianglan was surprised: “Is it the realm of Grandmaster? This is impossible, there are many masters in the world.”
Qian Xiaoyun shook his head again: “Although I don’t know how powerful the grandmaster is, it seems that they are not smooth enough, and they are even still in the structure of moves.”
Qian Xiaoyun could say so clearly, but Xianglan didn’t look surprised. She knew that although Qian Xiaoyun didn’t have any martial arts, but in the final analysis, her knowledge was much higher than her. There were so many masters before and after Qianjia, and she was naturally affected by them. Also know many things.
“It’s a pity, no one is watching such a fierce duel between two people.” Pandan said on a whim.
Qian Xiaoyun smiled and said, “Aren’t you or me? Wouldn’t such fighting help you in any way?”
Xianglan shook her head and said, “Since I joined the cabinet, I have not liked these things very much. Even if I saw these two people in the pinnacle realm, I would not be interested.”
Qian Xiaoyun said: “It’s your tired and lazy character. When you meet a real master, you can’t even escape for your life.”
As he said, he seemed to blame Pandan, so he added another sentence.
“But if you really practice martial arts according to your temperament, you may not be able to do this.”
Pandan happily said, “You still know me best. I didn’t even understand our two moving and quiet personalities, so that we can be friends like this.”
Qian Xiaoyun thought for a while and said, “Perhaps it is because of the complement of personalities. You and I are lacking in their respective qualities.”
And while they were talking, the fighting over there seemed to be getting more and more intense.
Chen Feng’s aura can’t keep up with Duguyun’s rhythm a bit. If he doesn’t keep up, then what is waiting for him is defeat.
And he is also struggling to avoid this.
However, Duguyun saw that Chen Feng’s back strength was not enough, and he increased his strength with excitement, and smiled: “I see how long you can support it?”
Chen Feng also smiled and said, “Wait after you die.”
“Hmph, your mouth is stiff. You won’t be able to laugh after a while.”
A Bengshan fist chased Chen Feng’s chest, unable to dodge, Chen Feng could only resist, crossed his hands in front of his chest, and forced his move.
After taking three or four steps, Chen Feng still couldn’t hold back the force of the impact in his chest, he only felt the pain.
Duguyun seemed to have known that this would be the case after Chen Feng took over, and his figure followed closely behind. When Chen Feng was weak, he was most suitable for falling into the hole.
However, Chen Feng was now in a difficult position, and he almost didn’t mention it in one breath, but fortunately, he was also well-versed in battle, and he was prepared as early as when he received the punch.
With the strength just now, his body quickly retreated, making Duguyun’s attack seem to hit the cotton, weakened.
But when he changed his breath, next time, he would only fall into the constant rhythm of Lonely Cloud.
“What do you think it is?” Pandan suddenly exclaimed.
Qian Xiaoyun looked in the direction pointed by Xianglan, a figure flew towards the two of Chen Feng, and in front of that figure, there was even a cold light.
I don’t know which of Chen Feng his target is.
However, even though the two of Chen Feng were in the melee, they were not unresponsive to the outside world. When the long sword struck, the two immediately fought off and escaped the swift assassination.
After he stabilized his figure, he went to see the master of the long sword, but he was a childish young man.
But the two of them didn’t dare to have any slightest contempt. It was just that sword, and they already had the meaning of fusion. I was afraid that the realm was not much different from that of Chen Feng.
Such a young cultivation level is indeed rare, and it may only be compared with the dead Nie Zheng of the Tianshan Sect.
“Little Wawa, where did you come from?” Duguyun was bothered by plainly speaking. Although he was not angry in his heart, he spoke outrageously towards that person.
And the young man was extremely angry as he called it this way, and the anger on his face was obvious, I was afraid that the two would fight together without Chen Feng’s intermingling.
“Since you dare to move our young lady, you are naturally ready to be taught by my thousand family members.” The young man seemed to be pretending to be cold, but at this age, he couldn’t help but be contrived.
Dugu said, “Miss your family? Could it be that you are from a thousand family?”
Chen Feng was confused when he heard it, and he didn’t know what this Qianjia was.
But the young man shouted, “Since you know, you won’t be able to catch it without your hands.”
Although Duguyun was afraid of thousands of families, he couldn’t be bullied like this, and said angrily: “Baby, you were still in your mother’s womb when I came out to wander the rivers and lakes.”
Although this is the truth, he is not so happy when he listens. The young man’s face is cold and he is about to do it.

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