Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 866

But he can easily feel that the girl’s mood is very low, like a fallen flower, losing its color.
But he didn’t know how to comfort him, so he could only stay here quietly.
Seeing Chen Feng not speaking, Qian Xiaoyun seemed to realize that she was a little too emotional. She lowered her head and apologized, “I’m sorry.”
Chen Feng wanted to stretch out his hand to comfort the girl, but he let it go before he lifted it up. This is just a stranger, too much care will only cause misunderstanding.
He said, “I didn’t care. Maybe there was something wrong with what I said, which made you so miserable.”
Qian Xiaoyun shook his head and said, “No. I just… remembered something bad. It’s my own problem.”
As she said, she stood up, no one wanted to show her loss to others, let alone a stranger.
When she left, he was the only one left in this quiet garden.
Chen Feng was about to get up, but someone came over.
Qianning didn’t bring a sword, and was wearing casual clothes. He walked in front of Chen Feng and said, “Can you talk?”
Chen Feng had to sit down again, and he said, “We don’t seem to be very familiar with each other.”
But Qianning didn’t care, he just wanted to find someone to talk to, anyone could do it.
“I’ve always been in pain these days.” Chen Feng looked at him and didn’t care about him at all. He wanted to leave like this, but when he heard Qian Ning’s words, he sat down again curiously.
“I know something, but I can’t change it. I can’t even tell anyone I want to do.”
Chen Feng wanted to ask something, but he still didn’t ask it directly. He just said, “You live in a thousand families. Is there something that a thousand families can’t do?”
Qianning shook his head and said, “Maybe it is because of Qianjia that I can’t help it. I have been practicing martial arts for fourteen years, and since I was four years old, I soaked my body with liquid medicine.
This kind of life lasted for a whole year before I had the capital to practice martial arts. Only then gradually was able to practice family martial arts. ”
“Since you are practicing martial arts, you always have to endure hardships, and your realm is so high now, in addition to talent, these efforts are also needed.”
But Qianning smiled bitterly, “Boundary! What’s the use? It’s not that I didn’t do nothing.”
The sweet-scented osmanthus falling on his shoulders, the tips of his hair and his face, he didn’t care, but his eyes seemed to be desperate, and the painful look made him hang his head, as if he was in great pain.
If you don’t know anything, naturally you can’t say anything. Chen Feng is more like an invisible person.
Qian Ning didn’t care, and just said: “He thought I didn’t know, how could I not know? The way she looked at me, what she said to me, only revealed a little bit, I would feel strange. .
When I feel strange, I will check and ask. When I know, I seem to be crazy. I want to get her back when I am crazy, but soon I calm down. , This is Qianjia. ”
Speaking of Qianjia, his whole person was slumped, and he couldn’t breathe like a mountain.
“I hate my incompetence, my cowardice. I practice swords all my life, but I can’t swing the swords for my important people. What good is it for me to practice this sword?”
He leaned back, his whole body filled with despair.
Chen Feng didn’t intend to say anything, but looking at his pain, he still said, “Are you still a man?”
Qianning raised his head to see Chen Feng and said, “I am naturally a man.”
“Then since you are still a man, you should do the things that men should do. What pain and despair are all you can’t let go of. You never thought about what important person it is. You always think it is important. It’s just yourself. Don’t find any excuses for your selfishness, that’s ridiculous.”
Qian Ning stared at him angrily, squeezing his fists tightly, as if Chen Feng continued, he would rush to him without mercy.
“You can’t let go of the status of Qianjia. You can’t let go of the comfortable life now. You don’t dare to face the wind and rain that Qianjia has sheltered for you. You just want to live by yourself…”
Before he finished speaking, Qian Ning rushed over, grabbed Chen Feng by the neckline, raised his fist, and hit Chen Feng’s face at any time.
But Chen Feng didn’t fight back. Qianning couldn’t beat him. If he was prepared early, Qianning would not even be able to grab his collar.
Qianning no longer had any courage in his heart when Chen Feng’s eyes looked straight through his heart.
He slowly put down Chen Feng’s clothes, sat back in his position, and muttered, “You are right.”
He shook his head: “Why are you right. Are you selfish? Probably so. But I can’t do anything.”
He is still suffering, and this cannot be changed.
Chen Feng persuaded: “Since you want to give up the pain, it is better to be completely selfish. Although it can’t change much, at least you don’t have to be like this.”
People in the world always persuade others to be kind and generous, but Chen Feng persuaded Qianning to be selfish, but Chen Feng didn’t feel that there was any problem.
It is better to change yourself than to be painful, rather than to change nothing.
But Qianning looked at Chen Feng with a sneer.
“You are a demon. You are making people fall.”
Chen Feng was stunned, and then smiled: “Devils never exist, demons only live in everyone’s heart. It depends on how you do it.”
“It makes sense.”
Chen Feng didn’t know how Qianning would choose, he just left here alone again, and the flowers that fell on him were also taken away by him.
And encountering these two strange families of thousands made Chen Feng no longer have the idea of ​​staying here, he was afraid that there would be thousands of families coming over, this feeling of being surrounded by other people’s painful emotions was uncomfortable.
Back to his guest room, Chihiro Yi came to see him once for dinner, but said some polite words and didn’t stay much.
By the next day, it really became lively. From yesterday, I could see some signs of busyness, and today I was completely overwhelmed.
There are people coming and going everywhere, the things they prepare, the hanging red thread, and the red carpet, everything is very lively.
The guests haven’t arrived yet, so I haven’t seen any important people.
However, Chen Feng still saw Chihiro Art in the hall.
“Mr. Chen, how did you sleep last night?” Chihiro Yi asked.
Chen Feng smiled and said, “It’s rare to sleep so comfortably. Thank you for your hospitality.”
After a few more casual chats, Chen Feng remembered that he didn’t know the new couple, and asked, “Who is the new couple?”
Chihiro Yi smiled and said, “I forgot to talk to my husband yesterday, but this couple is really a perfect match for men and women.”

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