Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 874

Chen Feng was forced to the corner with a punch. He steadied his body and looked forward. Two people stood up beside the man again.
The three of them are dressed normally, with hooded cloaks draped over them.
The man who led Chen Feng to retreat was sturdy, with strong limbs and a pair of fists still clenched tightly, so he could give Chen Feng another punch at any time.
He said to Chen Feng: “The sinners should be judged.”
He didn’t give Chen Feng time to react. He went up with a punch, weighing a lot, as if he was about to hammer Chen Feng into a meatloaf, but at this time Chen Feng was not easy to provoke.
A pair of eyes were flushed, and the body was radiating heat, and they also punched directly at them.
The two fists collided with each other, and Chen Feng didn’t move at all, but the man had already stepped back seven or eight steps before his figure was able to stop.
The two of them watched their companions lose, and joined them together.
But before the three of them took the initiative, Chen Feng rushed forward, his eyes were full of violence, and he just wanted to find a place to vent.
The three people in front of him happened to hit him.
In less than two or three rounds, the three of them had collapsed to the ground, but Chen Feng still could not vent the bloodthirsty emotions in his heart. He pressed on one of them, constantly hammering his unconscious body.
Suddenly, blood and blood became blurred, and a pair of fists were stained with the blood of the other party or Chen Feng himself.
Chen Feng stopped until the person was completely breathless, raising his bloody fist, Chen Feng trembling, and skimming the blood from his hand.
Fortunately, there is reason in his heart to tell him to leave here.
Continuing to run, finally saw the exit, the huge metal iron door closed tightly.
The metal iron door was very tall and huge. It was bolted with a metal rod. Chen Feng walked to the front and picked up the metal rod, and then pulled the iron door forcefully, finally slowly opening the iron door.
Outside is the sky, blue and cloudless.
However, Chen Feng didn’t have time to appreciate it. The sequelae of the reversal of the exercises would soon explode. He didn’t want to be caught here.
However, the surrounding area was desolate, like an abandoned factory. The concrete floor was occupied by weeds, and the neat floor was broken through cracks, and they thrived from the cracks.
The original device on the roadside has long been disassembled, leaving some things that seem to be difficult to take away. Only some of the remaining metal is also rusted and spotted, and large pieces of iron filings will fall when touched.
The body was about to reach its limit, and his strength couldn’t stabilize. Chen Feng knew that he had to find a place to wait for the physical discomfort to pass.
But here, I’m afraid it will be difficult even to live, let alone survive the discomfort period of these few days.
But the body still seems to be reaching its limit, I’m afraid it will fall down in the next moment.
Chen Feng gritted his teeth, he must get out of here, at least not to faint here.
But human will can’t always conquer everything. He hears someone’s voice, it seems to be very close, and he doesn’t care to see where the other person is coming from. At least leave here and find someone with someone, so he might be a little bit close. Be safer.
The physical pain has become more and more obvious, and he is supporting it desperately, like countless ants and insects crawling over from the grass beside him, gnawing on his body.
He restrained himself from shouting, but the pain tortured him, forcing him to shout out his pain, it seemed that he was willing to let him go only in this way.
The voice seemed to be closer, but the weeds were too high to be easy to see. Chen Feng was already unable to walk forward, holding his hands on his chest, his veins appeared, hoping to resist the pain with pain.
But it has never survived, this time it will be fine.
When the man stood in front of Chen Feng, just blocking the distant sunlight, looking up from the ground, he felt that the other party was so tall, like a giant, as long as he lifted his foot gently, he could be trampled to death. .
And then, he cried out in pain, never holding back the torture, and then, he didn’t know anything, and the pain made him lose consciousness.
When he woke up, a faint fragrance of herbal medicine permeated, and there was a white gauze tent, covered with a thin quilt, embroidered with red peonies, and he felt that he had returned to this very ancient aesthetic 20 or 30 years ago.
Chen Feng can’t feel any pain in his body now, and he also feels strange, as if everything that happened before hasn’t happened at all.
But those people wearing cloaks, the dark basement, he still clearly remembered.
There is incense on a table of the Eight Immortals in the room, and it is estimated that the scent of herbs that Chen Feng smelled is also emitted from there.
Looking at the other furnishings in the room, it is not too strange. The notebook on the desk made Chen Feng not think that he had suddenly passed through.
At least people are still in modern times.
He stood up and got up with only one shorts on him. The other clothes were gone. After looking around, he still found nothing.
At this moment, someone opened the door and came in.
Chen Feng looked towards the door, and what came in was a delicate woman with a face in her face. She was radiantly long and looked at the age of only twenty-seven, with some maturity.
The woman also saw Chen Feng sitting by the bed, and even when she saw Chen Feng just wearing a pair of underwear, she had no particular reaction.
“Don’t you think this is indecent?” the woman said.
The voice turned softly, Chen Feng listened to the voice as if he knew her temperament, restrained and showy.
He thought about it for a few seconds before repliing, “But I don’t know where my clothes are?”
Chen Feng’s body is actually very strong because of martial arts. A few muscles are obvious, but not so amazing. It feels that it matches his body shape just right.
At least Chen Feng is confident of them.
But the gentle woman would not pay attention to them. She walked to the table, put her face on it, and then said to Chen Feng: “Your body hasn’t fully healed yet. It’s better to cultivate for a while. You Don’t take it to heart. Thanks to you, you can endure the pain. If it were on ordinary people, it would have died of pain a long time ago.”
“Did you save me?” Chen Feng asked.
The woman said, “It’s not me, it’s a very strange man. He wears a cloak and seems to be very reluctant to let people see his face. After sending you here, people left. Don’t say whether it is right or not. Let us save you. There is nothing to say. If it weren’t for you to still have a breath, we would definitely throw you into the forest.”
Chen Feng immediately remembered the group of people in the abandoned factory, but they had no reason to save themselves anyway.

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