Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 882

Long Ling was originally a cold temper. Even if Qianqiu said ten sentences, she would not necessarily say the first half. Feng Qi was not in a good mood because of the cold poison, except that when Chen Feng spoke to her, she had some reactions. , Even more reluctant to talk to other people.
“Thousands of families have a very large family background, and in the desert here, they are even more omnipotent. The various family forces in the desert, large and small, are all looking forward to my thousands of families…”
“If you talk about the generation of my thousand family, except for the one who doesn’t open my eyes, I will be a thousand years old…”
He always brags there, and the Chang’s sisters don’t have any expressions. He even thought that they were fascinated by them and had already admired him.
Only Chen Feng looked at him contemptuously, but he hadn’t noticed Chen Feng at all, so naturally he couldn’t notice Chen Feng’s expression.
When he arrived outside the ward of Mr. Qian, Long Ling said, “You don’t need to follow in. Our sister is treating the illness, and it is inconvenient for outsiders to watch.”
Qianqiu was naturally a little disappointed, but Qianxunyi told him that he was helpless, but he just saw Chen Feng followed in and asked curiously.
“Why did he follow in?”
Chen Feng laughed first and said, “That’s naturally because I’m not an outsider. Why don’t you have such a vision.”
After speaking, he ignored Qianqiu’s expression and followed Long Ling and the others into the ward.
In fact, it’s just the same process. It is necessary to stimulate the acupuncture points of the old man with gold needles, suppress the cold toxin on his body, and so on. When the body’s function is restored, it can be delayed by supplementing with other herbs, but it is still impossible. A permanent cure.
And Chen Feng still helped to hold on, but now that the old man Qian is getting older, he can still be a martial artist before. His body frame is large, and it shrinks later, and he is still heavier than ordinary adult men. Physical work is really not suitable for Chang’s sisters.
After doing this twice a day, after a week of recuperation, Old Man Qian’s complexion actually improved a lot.
During the period, Qianqiu was still accompanied, but it was the same as nothing. The Chang’s sisters only asked him to prepare some herbs when needed, or asked him to buy things. At other times, she didn’t even bother to talk to him.
But he also insisted, always trying to find ways to get close, and even approached Chen Feng once.
“Brother, what is the relationship between you and these two beauties?” He approached Chen Feng and asked curiously.
Chen Feng was unwilling to talk to him, but thinking of Qianning, he has no information so far, so he said: “I will ask you a few questions first. If you answer me, I will tell you my relationship with them.”
Qianqiu still said cautiously: “If it wasn’t for my Qianjia Mixin, I could talk about it, but if it was for Qianjia, I would never say anything.”
Chen Feng didn’t have much interest in the secrets of the Qianjia: “Naturally, it is not the secrets of the Qianjia. It’s just something I heard recently, gossip, and I want to find someone to confirm it.”
Qian Qiu was very enthusiastic about the Chang family sisters, so when Chen Feng said this, he immediately agreed.
Chen Feng asked, “Qianning is your thousand family members, right?”
Speaking of Qian Ning, Qian Qiu seemed to be slapped in the face, his face immediately became ugly, and his eyes seemed to have killing intent. This made Chen Feng curious, even if Qian Ning did something terrible, he didn’t. Maybe it’s just that Qianqiu’s peers hate so much.
He angrily said: “He is not a thousand family members now, just a traitor.”
Chen Feng didn’t have too many doubts. He took Qian Xiaoyun away on such occasions. If he had not been expelled from the house by Qian Jia, it would be too lenient for Qian Jia.
And Qian Qiu continued: “How do you know him? Did you meet him? If that’s the case, tell me, I will thank you very much.”
Chen Feng shook his head hurriedly, he didn’t want to get involved.
“How could it be? I heard that he did a lot of things at the Qianjia engagement banquet. If I knew him, I would have said it earlier. I think Qianjia would not spare a sum of money.”
Qianqiu didn’t doubt either, just said, “If you know, please keep telling Qianjia. I just don’t know what you want to ask Qianning for?”
Chen Feng said, “I have seen him once. Although his martial arts are very good, if it is the Wu family and the Qian family, if they want to come to Qianning, they can’t even escape the desert, but why hasn’t he been caught up to now.”
Qian Qiu suddenly became serious. He looked at Chen Feng as if he wanted to see through Chen Feng’s heart.
“Do you want to inquire about the decision of my thousand family? Are you trying to undermine my grandfather?”
After he asked, Chen Feng was stunned, then looked at Qianqiu like an idiot, and said, “If I want to harm your grandfather, I don’t have the opportunity every day. I still need to find out the information here.”
And Qian Qiu, who seemed to have only reacted at this time, said with a face: “Uh, I really didn’t think about it, but since you are not trying to murder the old man, why do you want to ask about this kind of thing? This is the last thing I can’t touch in Qianjia recently. ”
Chen Feng said: “Then naturally it is because of curiosity, why, can’t you say it? If you can’t say it, just forget it, and naturally I don’t have much to say about the Chang family sisters.”
Qianqiu was really fooled. He said, “Actually, it is not impossible to say. Since you are also the person who treats the old man, there is actually no secret to you about this matter.”
Chen Feng became curious, and it seemed that this matter had something to do with that old man.
“I want to come that day when Qian Ning took away the woman from Qian’s house. It was very lively. Both Qian’s family and Wu’s family have agreed that Qian Ning must be found. The masters sent by them have almost all their strengths. But I don’t want to have something wrong with Qianjia on the second day of the search.”
Chen Feng guessed: “In this way, the old lady was sought out because of the emptiness of the thousands of families, and it became the current situation.”
Qianqiu nodded, as Chen Feng had guessed.
Chen Feng asked again: “Then the murderer was caught?”
Qianqiu shook his head and said, “If you catch it, it will be fine. The things my uncle has been busy with these days are still related to the murderer. Even afterwards, even Qianning’s affairs were put aside, and only the Wu family was looking after. they.”
“Then who the murderer is, you always have to know something, otherwise it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack.”
But Qianqiu still shook his head.
Chen Feng said again, “This is too weird. If so, don’t you even have a clue.”
Qianqiu said: “Uncle and they discussed, as long as the old man is cured, you will naturally know who it is.”

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