Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 885

He said, “Maybe we’d better go back. This is really not where your sisters should stay.”
Chen Feng couldn’t help but want to back down. He was not afraid of himself, he was just worried about the sisters. The two of them had never been soaked in snow lotus in the mountains, so they shouldn’t have been tainted by this kind of thing.
Unexpectedly, Feng Qi also refused this time: “I think my sister will never agree to leave when she wakes up. My sister is a very stubborn person. If someone doesn’t want her to save people, then this person’s sister will be dead. I will try my best to rescue him.”
Chen Feng knew that Feng Qi must know Long Ling best, and if she said that, then it must be true.
Standing next to Chen Feng, Feng Qi’s face was a little pale. As soon as Chen Feng noticed something was wrong, Feng Qi fainted to the side.
Chen Feng hurriedly pulled her in front of him to prevent her from falling to the ground.
Holding Feng Qi in his arms, Chen Feng whispered Feng Qi’s name.
“Feng Qi, wake up. What’s wrong with you?”
Only for a moment, Feng Qi opened her eyes leisurely, and saw Chen Feng in front of her, but she did not push her away immediately, as if she was unwell, she knew it too.
“I’m fine, I’m just a little tired. Help me go and sit down.”
Chen Feng did what he said and helped Feng Qi walk to a chair in Long Ling’s room and sit down.
Feng Qi’s body was very soft, with a faint medicinal fragrance on his body, but it was not as strong as Long Ling, and it was more mixed with a woman’s body fragrance.
When the nephrite was out of his arms, Chen Feng was a little bit reluctant, but now it’s not the time to care about this. After he put Fengqi steady, he also sat on the chair beside him and asked hurriedly, “How are you now? feel better now?”
Feng Qi leaned on the table and said lightly, “It’s nothing, don’t worry about it.”
As if trying to make a smile, he said to Chen Feng: “You look like this, but it’s tempting. Girls can’t stand this the most.”
When Chen Feng saw that she could still say some jokes, he felt a little relieved. It should be just too weak, so he also joked with Feng Qi: “It’s good to be tempted. At least I still know that I’m still attractive.”
Feng Qibai glanced at Chen Feng and said, “I’m just a rude person. If my sister knows, she will scold you as an asshole.”
Chen Feng wanted to help Feng Qi back to her room, but she refused. She estimated that Long Ling would almost wake up. She felt that if she was not seen when her sister woke up, she would be worried.
Chen Feng couldn’t help being touched by the sisterhood between them.
Sure enough, as Feng Qi said, there was movement from the edge of Long Ling’s bed, and it seemed that Long Ling had woken up.
“Come over and take a look.” Feng Qi said to Chen Feng hastily.
Naturally, Chen Feng didn’t need Feng Qi to say that he had passed.
And the first thing Long Ling saw when she opened her eyes was Chen Feng, just as Feng Qi thought, the first thing she said was to ask: “How is Feng Qi?”
“She’s okay, people are there.”
Chen Feng pointed to Feng Qi’s location to show her. Long Ling tilted his head and looked at it. Sure enough, she saw Feng Qi sitting there. Although her complexion was not good, she could tell at a glance that she was just a little weak, and she felt relieved. a lot of.
Then he talked to Chen Feng: “Can you pour me a glass of water?”
She was very polite, Chen Feng hurriedly went to the table, got a glass of boiled water, and then brought it to Long Ling. It was inconvenient to lie on the bed, and because of the wound, she could not sit up on her own, so she had to face Chen Feng again: “Help me up.”
Chen Feng sat on the edge of Long Ling’s bed and reached out to stop Long Ling’s back. His slender body was only half of Chen Feng’s arm.
Chen Feng slowly lifted her up, and he could see the white, delicate skin on Long Ling’s thin neck, and the faint hairs squirming along with the skin.
Chen Feng hurriedly looked away, and Long Ling, who was sitting up, was naturally not aware of it, but just went to drink the water in Chen Feng’s hand without notice.
But without my own control, I can’t just drink the glass of water with my mouth, I can only continue to stretch my head.
Chen Feng also noticed, and slowly raised the water glass so that Long Ling could drink all the water.
When the water was finished, Chen Feng took the water cup back, and Long Ling seemed to be still a little bit unsatisfied.
But she didn’t continue to ask for it, just went to see Chen Feng next to her, because now Chen Feng also lifted her up, so the two were very close.
Even the man’s peculiar breath continued to penetrate into her nostrils, and this smell made her unknowingly remember what happened that night, and immediately blushed with shame.
I could only whisper to Chen Feng, “Okay, let me lie down.”
Although Chen Feng felt that this soft body was very comfortable in his arms, he didn’t want Long Ling to misunderstand him. There was a bit of grudge between the two of them, so he naturally put it down after she said it.
And now it’s okay to see her sister. Feng Qi, who was already depressed, feels a little better. She also disturbed Long Ling’s rest. After speaking with Long Ling a few words, she left with Chen Feng.
Just after going out, I saw Chihiro Art coming in.
Because something like this happened in Qianjia, he was naturally very apologetic. In fact, he kept apologizing last night, but it was only Feng Qi who was present and still awake, and Feng Qi was also worried about Long Ling, so naturally he was unintentional and Qianxun Yi said. so many.
Now that I came again, I was naturally sorry, and Chen Feng was also very angry.
In Qianjia, it is natural that Qianjia would be safe, but here is the strongest family in the desert, but Chen Feng is not angry because of this kind of thing.
Therefore, the first sentence with Qianxunyi is to curse: “Thousands are known as the ancient family, the emperor in the desert, but they came to the door like this, and they hurt people easily. I think you are just in vain.”
The cynicism, Qianxunyi naturally knew that Chen Feng was angered when he heard it, but it was their fault. He was really hard to refute, so he could only let Chen Feng speak.
“It is indeed our fault. Several people came to my Qianjia to treat my father’s illness, but fell into this situation. It is really my Qianjia’s inadequate care. This should be a confession.”
Chen Feng said a lot of harsh words, but Qianxunyi just listened, not daring to refute, even Feng Qi couldn’t stand it.
“Well, it’s not Qianjia’s fault, and they don’t want us to be really hurt.”
Chihiro Yi hurriedly thanked, “Thank you for your understanding, but this is indeed a problem with my thousands of families. I have mobilized people from my thousands of families to protect this small courtyard. It is impossible to encounter the previous things again. Please rest assured. ”
Chen Feng didn’t look at him as a fake, but because he was angry, he didn’t really agree to anything.
Feng Qi thanked me again.

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