Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 886

After about noon, the two went to see Long Ling again, but because Long Ling was injured, neither of them had too much delay. They just accompany them to say something and left.
As for the assassination, it might have been a bit simpler if there were alive, but it was a pity that Chen Feng killed all of the two because of the practice, and the death was miserable.
Thousands of families searched for the corpse, and again nothing was found. These two people are not like well-known people in the martial arts world, and even less like those who have offended them.
However, it was impossible for Qianjia to stop like this. They checked how they entered Qianjia and how they touched the small courtyard here.
In the end, it only came to the conclusion of defensive omissions. After all, their defensive focus still has to be where the old man of the thousand family is, naturally it is impossible to take care of this place so thoughtfully.
In the afternoon, Chihiro Art came back again.
Chen Feng still accompanied Feng Qi to see Qianxunyi, but Qianxunyi’s expression seemed a little embarrassing.
Feng Qi asked gently, “Thousand Patriarchs, I don’t know what it is, you still speak directly, otherwise it makes us so worried, but I don’t know what to do.”
Fengqi naturally thought it was related to the assassination.
But Qianxunyi hurriedly waved his hand and said, “Ms. Chang, it’s not that. It’s just that I heard from Miss Longling that my father’s disease needs to be injected twice a day for seven days before he can heal. There is no such thing in the morning. ……”
It’s really hard to say this. Qianxunyi looked at Feng Qi and both of them looked a little bad, and hurriedly said, “I naturally know that your sisters encountered this kind of thing is really the fault of my Qian family. Cheeky, but I can’t help it. If Girl Fengqi says that it can be delayed for a day or two, I will naturally not ask the girl at this time.”
What he said was very polite and polite, but Chen Feng was still annoyed when he heard it. He was about to go up and drive him away, but he didn’t want Feng Qi to stop him, saying, “Thousand Patriarchs, this is indeed the case. I need to continuously give needles for seven days in a row. If I give up, I will lose all previous efforts. It is my sister’s injury. I am confused for a while, otherwise I will pass this morning. Fortunately, the day has not passed, even if the remedy is still too late, please Paid Master later, I’ll be ready as soon as I prepare. You go over.”
Chihiro Yi also bowed his bow and said, “Don’t dare, this is already my poor hospitality, but I still have to ask two people like this. When this happens, my Qianjia will naturally thank a few people.”
Chen Feng originally wanted to say a few words. Feng Qi is in fact not in a good state. If she is forced to give the needle, she does not know if she can stand it, but Chen Feng also knows the temperament of their sisters. Swallowed.
After a while, Chen Feng followed Feng Qi with the medicine box on his back, and went to the ward of Old Man Qian.
After a few words of thanks, Qianxunyi also knew that the Chang’s sisters were used to it, and left the room directly.
There were only two people left in the room, and Chen Feng asked, “Without Long Ling, can you do it like this?”
Feng Qi raised his hand and slapped Chen Feng, and said angrily: “Do you look down on me, do you think I am far behind my sister?”
Although it didn’t feel much after the filming, Chen Feng moved his body subconsciously. Knowing that this made Feng Qi unhappy, he hurriedly begged for mercy: “No, absolutely not. I just don’t see you well. I’m afraid you will be tired. where.”
Feng Qi still held Chen Feng horizontally and said, “Everything in your heart is written on your face. You just think I’m far worse than my sister.”
Chen Feng still shook his head, like a misplaced child. Feng Qi thought it was funny and laughed, and then continued: “When I was a kid, I didn’t need my sister at all. The master looked at me strictly. I still have to do a good job, even the master praises me.”
Chen Feng asked curiously: “Then why do you look less powerful than your sister.”
Feng Qi smiled and said: “Later, I saw my sister working so hard, but sometimes she was not as good as I did. The master didn’t praise her, so she hid secretly and cried. I thought that if I was lazy, my sister would be caught by the master. Praise, that’s fine, and then when you get used to it, you don’t want to work harder after you are lazy, and then you will know.”
Chen Feng was also amused by this reason, and said, “You are just looking for a reason for your own laziness.”
Talking and laughing, but I still have to pierce today’s needle for Father Qian.
Chen Feng was still doing the work he had done before, helping to lift Old Man Qian, and then let Feng Qi put the needle.
Compared with Long Ling’s steady and fast speed, Feng Qi is much slower and tidy. Originally, Long Ling only took an hour, but it only took less than half of it in Feng Qi’s hands, but her forehead had already seeped layers of layers. Sweat, and between the moths and eyebrows are all covered by mountain mist.
Chen Feng looked a little worried, only stepped forward and asked softly, “Are you okay?”
Feng Qi didn’t answer, just quietly looking for acupuncture points.
Chen Feng pulled out a tissue from the side and stretched out his hand to wipe off the sweat bead on Feng Qi’s face.
But after two hours, Fengqi was still a little worse, and even the sound of walking footsteps came from outside the door. They must also feel that this was different from usual. Is something wrong? After all, it was them who were lying on the bed. Old lady.
Chen Feng looked at Feng Qi and felt a little irritable. Although he kept wiping off sweat for her, after so long and losing water, Chen Feng was really afraid that Feng Qi would faint here, and he was also heartbroken.
But Chen Feng knew that she couldn’t stop her at this time. At the critical moment when the needle was administered, the few needles were missing is related to whether the previous efforts were abandoned. If it really fails now, Chen Feng is afraid that Feng Qi will not faint from loss of water, but Heart exhausted, heart failure.
He even deliberately wanted to drive away a few people outside the door to prevent them from disturbing Feng Qi, but he didn’t dare to speak out, for fear that it would circumvent Feng Qi’s thoughts.
While Chen Feng was worried, Feng Qi tremblingly shouted, “Chen Feng!”
Naturally, Chen Feng hurriedly agreed: “I am here!”
“I may not be able to sustain it anymore. I haven’t practiced this kind of serious illness for too long.
Chen Feng also said anxiously: “Then what should I do, if I can, let me finish these last few stitches.”
Feng Qi shook his head, “You don’t understand the truth, power, and acupuncture points. You can’t feel it. Such random needle sticking will only make it worse.
Chen Feng looked at Feng Qi for a while, since she said so, there must be a way.
Feng Qi said again, “You find a way to make me more awake. I will try to pierce these last three stitches.”
Although she said so, Chen Feng didn’t know how to make her sober for a while, slap her, or splash her with cold water, but it didn’t seem to work.

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