Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 887

If this is the case, Chen Feng is afraid that if these two items go on, Feng Qi will faint directly.
He really couldn’t think of any attention that could make Feng Qi sober, and Feng Qi was slowly watching the insertion of a gold needle into the acupuncture point at this time, her eyelids felt like closing, she was already very tired and tired. Hours of non-stop concentration.
Chen Feng saw a pair of scissors in the corner of the table and thought of a stupid way.
He picked up the scissors and drew a knife in the palm of his hand, suddenly pulled out a wound, blood flowed out from the mouth, it seemed to be very deep.
He took a bite, the taste was a bit fishy, ​​but it was irritating and sobering.
Chen Feng didn’t hesitate anymore, put the palm of his hand to Feng Qi’s mouth, and said, “You taste it, this should make you clearer.”
Hearing Chen Feng’s words, Feng Qi seemed to trust him very much. She didn’t even look at it, so she just tasted it, and maybe because of some loss of water, she has been sucking Chen Feng’s blood after she tasted it. This kind of fishy sweetness really improved her spirit.
Chen Feng only felt itchy palms, and the sore spots that had just broken open, it became a very strange feeling.
After this lingering for a minute or so, Feng Qi stopped. The wound did not heal easily. When Chen Feng took his hand away, he was still bleeding.
The blood dripped to the ground, naturally no one paid any attention. Chen Feng just took a piece of cloth from the side and wrapped it up as a hemostat.
Feng Qi was a little better, and couldn’t even see what the red liquid hanging from the corner of her mouth was. He only gave the needle again, two consecutive needles, and finally exhausted all her energy, making her groggy. Falling into Chen Feng’s arms.
Chen Feng hugged her, moved her to the seat aside, and looked at it. She looked like a tired person, and fell asleep.
As for the golden needle inserted into the body of the old man, it was naturally up to him to close the needle. This kind of manual work that did not require skill was done by Chen Feng.
Taking advantage of this time, Chen Feng walked to the door and walked out alone.
At this time, there were two people standing at the door, it was Qianqiu and another Qianjia’s children.
Chen Feng said coldly, “Who let you be here?”
The two were also taken aback. They also realized that this was not right, so they waited anxiously at the door, but because they could never enter without a call, they could only do this in a hurry.
But now looking at Chen Feng’s indifferent tone, the other Qian’s child is a little unhappy.
“You haven’t come out for so long, and there is no message. If there is something wrong with the two of them, it will not hurt our old lady. When the time comes, something goes wrong, you can be held responsible.”
Chen Feng was very angry because of Fengqi’s affairs, but now he was agitated by this guy, and immediately lost his patience.
Qianqiu didn’t even react. When he saw Chen Feng do something, he could no longer stop him. He could only beg for mercy after catching the brother of his clan, “Brother Chen, why are you doing this? It’s good to let my brother go.” ”
Chen Feng also glared at him and said: “Go away, otherwise I will teach you together.”
It seemed that someone over there heard the movement here, and Chihiro Yi walked in the forefront.
Seeing Chen Feng’s action, he immediately stepped forward to stop him. Compared with Qianqiu, Qianxun Art could naturally comment on Chen Feng.
When someone made a move, Chen Feng immediately let go of the son of the thousand family in his hands, and fought with Qianxunyi instead.
Chihiro Yi didn’t know what was going on, so naturally asked, “Mr. Chen, what are you doing?”
Chen Feng snorted coldly, “I’m upset.”
He didn’t give an explanation, just kept throwing punches and entangled with Chihiro Art.
Because of Chen Feng’s identity, Chihiro Yi just blindly defends, but the difference between the two is not big. Such defense is naturally easy to lose, and from time to time he will get hit or two punches behind him.
Without asking Chen Feng about the situation, Qianxunyi hurriedly asked Qianqiu who was on the sidelines, but Qianqiu naturally didn’t dare to hide it, so he told the matter one to five to ten.
After listening to Qianqiu’s words, Qianxunyi immediately shouted to the young people of Qianjia who were a little frightened by that side: “Qianxing, don’t you admit your mistake to Mr. Chen.”
As he said, he also apologized to Chen Feng: “Mr. Chen, this is because of the lack of strict discipline in the thousands of families. He also hopes that Mr. Haihan, I will take care of him and give him an explanation.”
Chen Feng vented his anger, and after two laps on Qianxun Yi, he also calmed down a bit.
Pushing Qianxunyi away, the two separated. He still had a cold face and said, “Forget it this time, don’t have another one.”
Chihiro Art is also responding again and again.
Chen Feng ignored the thousands of children who had been apologizing, turned around and re-entered the ward.
It was almost time to close the needle, and he was also worried about Feng Qi’s situation, but fortunately she still slept soundly.
The thousands of people stood outside the door and waited until Chen Feng came out again, with Feng Qi who had fallen asleep on his back, they still waited without saying a word.
Back in the small courtyard, Feng Qi’s underwear was already wet with sweat. He helped Feng Qi wipe her body, fed her some water forcibly, and then let her sleep on the bed.
When everything was over, he stood by his side.
When it was time for dinner, Chihiro Yi came to this small courtyard again, and he took the son of the Qian family who had been filthy with Chen Feng.
“Don’t apologize to Mr. Chen yet.”
As soon as he came up, he asked the man to apologize to Chen Feng. The guy was also tamed, and he respectfully admitted his mistake when he came up.
However, Chen Feng just looked at him without saying forgiveness, so he bowed in embarrassment.
Chihiro Yi couldn’t say anything on the sidelines, but accompanied him quietly.
After a while, Chen Feng said, “Go away, don’t let me see you again.”
But the guy still didn’t move, until Chihiro Yi scolded him, he straightened up and left here.
Chihiro Yi smiled and said: “I really can’t help but, my Qian family has recently made big and small things, which is really irritating.”
He said a lot, but Chen Feng didn’t listen to it, and looking at Chen Feng impatiently, Qianxunyi left with knowledge.
When the sun rose, Feng Qi woke up early, her mouth was dry and she just wanted to drink water.
As soon as there was a movement, Chen Feng, who had been there for the whole night, woke up.
When he saw Feng Qi wake up, he hurriedly leaned in and asked, “How are you feeling.”
Feng Qi’s spirit was much better at this time, but a pair of originally red lips turned white due to loss of water, and even the skin lost its color.
The pale face that seemed to be able to squeeze out the water was lost. Looking at Chen Feng, he felt distressed, but when he heard Feng Qi yelling thirsty, he hurriedly poured a lot of water on the table.

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